Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vegas Baby!

I LOVE LAS VEGAS SO MUCH. Seriously, it is the greatest here! I have so much to say, I hope I have time to type it all out! Leaving the MTC was kind of hard, just because it was scary that we were actually going! It was great though, we all had fun together. I love and miss my MTC district. But seriously, Las Vegas is the best. I love my area, and my companion. I am in the Sunrise area, which has the temple in it! I actually am over the YSA Temple View ward! The members are so strong and are willing to help. The people here are GREAT. They love Christ and want to learn more about Him. People are so willing to give out their phone numbers, it's crazy... If someone came up to me on the street and asked my for my phone number after a few minutes, I'd be like, "uhhhhh, yeah right." But it's awesome. We aren't allowed to knock on doors because it's "dangerous" here. I think it's stupid, but I guess I have to be obedient now or something... Haha, just kidding :) We go street contacting though, usually at night when it is cooler. I love street contacting! Seriously.

My companion is so awesome! She is actually a Temple Square missionary and is on her out-bound time here in Las Vegas. She is from Latvia and she knows Blake! Her name is Sister Sneidere (Shh-nay-der-eh). We have so much fun together and work really well together.

We were walking in from the car last night and we found a frog! We both knelt down by it and at the same time we looked at each other and said "Should we get him some water!?"  It was really funny.

We were also walking home and had to cross the street... you know how I am about streets... So Sister S just walks right across (UM CRAZY) and I waited until there were no cars, but then cars started stopping for me, and I would try to wave to them to just go, and that I could wait. It took a while, oh my gosh it was embarrassing. And finally I just crossed the big street. And then we were walking into the drive of our apartment complex, and some guy was like "it's scary to cross the street, isn't it?" like making fun of me, hahahaha…I was embarrassed.

 Okay, so getting to Las Vegas…the airport is CRAZY.  You step off the plane and you're like, definitely and without a doubt in Sin City. But we met our Mission President and his wife, and they are amazing. I love them. We went to the mission home and did training and got to take a nap. And eat. It was a good day. The first two days were like that. The first night we had a dinner appointment and then went to Institute. Then we had more training the next day. And then some lessons. I thought I would be so scared to teach, but I wasn't! It was great. My companion doesn't drive, so it's all me. And yes, we have a car, which is good because it is SO HOT HERE. I take back every single time in my entire life that I have said it was hot outside. It is nothing compared to here! It has already been up to 114! SO SO SO HOT. But that's good because every single person offers us water. Seriously everyone. We always end up with like 17 bottles of water at the end of the day, it's crazy. There are people that ride bikes with carts attached to the back and they sell water, everywhere. And around noon, when it is the hottest, you can dig your shoe into the asphalt and it comes up.  It is so hot here that I don't ever un-make my bed, I just sleep on top of it.

It seems as if everyone here is Hispanic and most speak only Spanish. I wish I was Spanish speaking, it would be so much easier. But that is okay.

Every morning our district meets to play sports, it is so fun! We played football the other day, and we have played ultimate frisbee a lot. It is so fun, even though we wake up a little earlier to do it.

MOM, OH MY GOSH. You are going to die. We switched the CD in our car the other day and the first song that came on was from Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Color Dreamcoat, I DIED LAUGHING.

We are having three baptisms on the 29th! We have really awesome investigators, I love them. They have great testimonies.

I seriously love it here. I love the people. I love my companion. I love teaching people and meeting people and helping them to see what the gospel and their Heavenly Father can do for them.

I love you! So much!


Sister Coltrin

"The Las Vegas Temple from our church parking lot!"

Sister Coltrin and Sister Sneidere

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