Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Time Flies!

Last week of the transfer! Wow, it's gone by fast and slow in parts, but I've loved it. I love being with Sister Robinson! We are hoping for another transfer together!
Monday was pretty normal. We all played wiffle ball at the church together for a while, which was fun. We also got to go up to Anthem to go to lunch with Sister Cummings! Yay! That night we had a really awesome lesson with Eddie, one of our old investigators. We took one of our Ward Mission Leaders with us and he was just what Eddie needed! Eddie opened up to us about feeling like he is stuck and needs help, and our WML was able to help him to recognize that what he needed was the Savior. I'm so thankful for that experience!
Tuesday morning we went and saw Joe. We had a really good week with Joe! I feel like he is my brother. We get to go over there and help him understand the Gospel a little more, but I always feel like he's the one that is helping us. We did exchanges again, and I got to be here with Sister Hope. She is so sweet! She came out with Sister Robinson and is still in her first area in Boulder City. We brought a ton of members out with us, but halfway through the day, Sister Stinnett got sick, and we had to exchange back. That afternoon we got to go to St. Timothy's to feed the homeless! That is one of my favorite things that our ward does! It is so fun and makes us feel so happy. Then we had dinner at the Camadeco's and then a pass off lesson. We have a new investigator named Molly. She is so cool! She is really interested. She's met with missionaries a couple of times and her mom is a recent convert. She wants to know everything before she is baptized, but we think she'll understand that our whole life is a learning process.
Wednesday was District Meeting as usual. After that though, we had to go into pep boys and get our brakes checked because the car missionaries called us and told us to. We were there for what felt like FOREVER! After that it was dinner at Bishop's house, and then went out contacting people.
Thursday was Pioneer Day! Unfortunately Pioneer Day isn't a very big deal here in Henderson... but, Sister Robinson and I celebrated, regardless of the lack of enthusiasm from everyone else, haha! We were debating on if we should pull a hand cart all day, but decided against it... :) We got to have lessons with Joe and our investigator, Jasmine. We had Jasmine's lesson outside, and let me tell you - it was SO HOT. There was a picnic table, and all of the spots except one were in the shade, so I took one for the team and took the spot in the sun... wow. You guys, I was dying by the end. I love Vegas :)
That night we had dinner at Robin's house and Travis (our recent convert), Ryan, and Danielle from our ward came over for dessert after. Travis is going to culinary school, so we always joke with him about him baking for us - so he did! He made us this awesome and HUGE cake! The pieces were the size of my face! It was crazy! We had a lot of fun. Go Chef Kim!
Friday was Christmas in July! We made snow that my mom sent us in honor of it. We met with Travis in the morning, saw Joe afterward, and then had to come back for weekly planning. We had a lesson that night with a new investigator, Clark! He is searching out all religions to find the truth, he says, and then he added, "But, I'm really glad that I'm starting with your church." HE IS AWESOME! We had dinner, and then got to go and see Eddie again that night. We invited Eddie to come to church, and for the first time, Eddie said yes!
Saturday we had a ton of lessons with our recent converts. That night we had dinner with Danielle and Ryan and Travis and a ton of their non member friends! It was really fun, and it was good exposure for them. We got to share a message with them and they asked questions afterwards. It was awesome!
Sunday was fun. It was our District Leader's birthday (Elder Gilstrap), so while they were at church, we went into their apartment and decorated it with Spiderman stuff (he loves Spiderman, and Elder Thomas told us to do anything with the Spiderman theme). There is also a hilarious picture of Elder Gilstrap from a District Meeting picture that we blew up and printed out a ton of times. We cut him out and put the picture everywhere... even in a snowglobe... and a cake topper... it was funny. Then we did our normal church stuff. We were supposed to have like 6 people coming to church, but they all texted us 20 minutes before church started and said they couldn't make it. We were pretty heartbroken, but it was okay! We got a new investigator that morning though! Sadie. We went over and got to talk with her, and she invited us to come back, she even said she'd cook for us! She was sweet.
That night we had dinner at Adrian's house, to celebrate his birthday which is today! One of the best dinners on my mission for sure! Yum. Then we went to see Ivanneth and share a message with her and CJ and his family. We watched the Because of Him video - which, wow, is just so powerful. easter.mormon.org for all of you who don't know what I'm talking about. Watch it.
Hope you all have a good week! HEY, it's my companion's birthday on Saturday, August 2nd... so everyone should send a quick "happy birthday" email to her: jessie.robinson@myldsmail.net :) Do it, please!
Love you all!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson with Chef Kim and the massive two layer cake.

Our District

​Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin with the cake they made after decorating the Elder's apartment.
"Please notice the hilarious cake topper..."


​"Best snowglobe ever... hahahaha"

The elders apartment with some of our decorations.
The massive tie says "This District Leader like to PARTY." HAHAHAHA!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Stomach Flu 2.0

Guess who had round 2 of the flu on her mission? Yes, it was me. Hooray for being sick and throwing up all week!
This week was still pretty fun though! Sister Robinson and I pretty much make a joke out of everything, so we were still laughing and having fun all week long.
Monday was SUPER fun. One of the members of our Bishopric loves off-roading and 4 wheeling and all that sort of stuff. He took us and one of our members to go off-roading on Monday morning! I don't even know what kind of vehicle it was, but it looked pretty much like a jeep with a roll cage. HE IS CRAZY AND IT WAS SO FUN! But we were safe, of course. That was probably the highlight of our P-Day. We shopped and played sports at the church with everyone else for the rest of the day. That night we had a super good dinner and then went off to Family Home Evening. One of the counselors of our mission presidency was speaking for FHE, so we were pretty excited to go! While we were sitting there in the chapel, I started to feel super sick. Right after the fireside we ran home and, of course, I threw up. Awesome way to start off the week!
Tuesday we were inside for most of the day, since I was sick. We went out to one appointment and our dinner appointment so that Sister Robinson could eat.
Wednesday was a lot of the same. We had interviews with President and Sister Snow in the morning, so I made it through that, and then we went home. We did what we could at home and tried to call all our investigators and set up appointments for later in the week. Sick days are the WOSRT on a mission because you can't do anything that you normally would when you are sick. You just watch "Finding Faith in Christ" over and over and over until you pretty much never want to watch it again.
Thursday morning was district meeting. I was feeling alright, so we went there and then out to lunch with our district, buuuut of course I had to puke as soon as I even smelled food. So we went home for a little bit, and then went out for a few lessons, went to our dinner appointment, and then headed back in. This was obviously a really exciting week... Sister Robinson wrote me a sticky note in my planner that says, "I love your puking guts!" Hahaha.
Friday was weekly planning. Then we got to see some recent converts and went to contact a bunch of potentials since I was finally feeling better. We got to take Amy Camadeco out with us that night - we LOVE her!
Saturday was full swing! We met with a recent convert in the morning who has just transferred his records into our ward. We tried to see some less actives after that. We had a lesson with our investigator, Crystal. We read from the Book of Mormon with her, which was awesome. She is super duper Catholic and is really having an internal struggle. She doesn't want to believe anything we say, because she was raised Catholic, but you can tell that she feels the Spirit and knows that what we are saying is true. She'll get there. We also met with a new investigator, Jasmine. We had taught her the Restoration, so we went over to read the Book of Mormon with her too. She had one of her friends there, so he came to read as well! Yay for new investigators. It was a really neat experience though, you could tell they felt the Spirit and totally understood the concept of the Book of Mormon. We contacted some more potentials after that. We got to take Amy out with us again that night!
Sunday morning we met with our other new investigator, Tonya. She is awesome! We finally went over and got to talk about the Restoration with her. You could tell she really understood it and the concept of the Priesthood. It was a really powerful lesson, even though we were just standing outside in the hot sun. It amazes me that sometimes those really are the best lessons.
We went to the church after that and I got to see the Johnson's from Michigan! I was so excited to see people that I knew! They are vacationing across the country before their son leaves on his mission to Spain next month. It was so good to see them!
We had church as usual. After church Travis received the Priesthood! What an awesome experience! Then we ate sandwiches quick in the church kitchen and ran off to the “Why I Believe Fireside”! Travis was able to go and our investigator, Jasmine, went! It was incredible as always. I got to see Sister Cummings, which just always makes my week - I love that girl. We had dinner at Adrian's house after that, suuuper late.
Today should be pretty fun! We are heading up to my old area in Anthem to stop at The District and Seagull Book and Zupa's, of course. Then our district is playing Wiffle Ball! Yay!
Have a great week! Love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin


"hahahahahahah this makes me laugh"

Our District minus Elder Keogan

The Johnson's with Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson
This is huge news. Also, I hated it. But now I can say that I hate PB&J and actually mean it."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Crazy Week!

So many ups and down this week! We had a hard week, but Sister Robinson and I just laugh so much and have so much fun!
So Monday morning, we hiked Sunrise and I already told you about that last week. The rest of the day we pretty much slept and shopped and went to Family Home Evening. We had dinner with a girl that is newer in the ward and she was so sweet and SO funny!
Tuesday was SO fun. Well, we mostly just contacted people all day and took different members out with us - BUT, in the middle of the day, it started to POUR. Sister Robinson and I were outside and got DRENCHED. Absolutely soaked all the way through, it was SO fun and we were so happy. That night we had a lesson about the Word of Wisdom with 2 of our investigators. Things got a little heated, they didn't like the Word of Wisdom, but they said that they would read the pamphlet and pray about it. After that we went to a fellowshipping activity with our ward that they do every Tuesday night.
Wednesday was district meeting and district lunch. We went to see Joe and then had a lesson with our new investigator Crystal! She is so sweet and she really wants to come to church - she is just stuck on the Trinity. Whenever we talk about it, she starts to Bible bash. I really hope that she'll pray about it. But as for now, she's mostly in it for the social aspect and new friends. That night we had dinner with Bishop and then we went to see a less active that we found while trying to contact a potential. We knocked on a door and the people had just moved out, and the apartment complex cleaning guy was in there fixing the apartment. We talked to him and asked him what his religious beliefs were. He said, "Oh, I guess you could call me a Mormon." We laughed, then told him that we were the missionaries for the Mormon church. He is SO awesome! So we are meeting with him!
Thursday we saw Joe and contacted people in the morning. At 1:30 that afternoon we did exchanges (our Sister Training Leader's companion was sick, so we only did half day exchanges). Sister Robinson went to Boulder City to stay with the sick sister and Sister Stinnett came to be with me! Yes, this is Sister Stinnett from Anthem at Christmas time! We had a really CRAZY day. We saw tons of miracles! So many people opened the door that we hadn't seen before! We street contacted a family that invited us in right there and practically begged us to teach them! They were so nice, they were offering us food and water and were telling us that their house was ours. We talked to them about the Restoration and about church, and then handed them over to the Spanish Sisters. We got stuck in some insane traffic due to a huge accident on the highway.  Then we had another lesson with our two investigators that we tried to teach the word of wisdom to... and it got really crazy.
Right before the lesson, I felt like I should just make sure that the Elders were in the area (it's a pretty sketchy place, and we are always supposed to let them know when we are there). They told us that they were in the park just around the corner. We went into the lesson and it just felt so wrong to be there. We started, and followed up with the Word of Wisdom - if they had prayed or read. There are 2 guys, one is bipolar apparently, and one is schizophrenic. Yeaaaah. It got super heated and the bipolar one was yelling at us about how we can't just come in there and try to change them, and the schizophrenic one was just sitting in absolute silence, and would say one word every 6 minutes. It was crazy. We were SO scared. I texted the Elders to come and knock on the door. I got us to the point where we could leave, and we got up to go, and then he looked at me and yelled, "NO, I HAVE MORE THINGS TO SAY, WE ARE NOT DONE HERE." We froze. I didn't even know what to do, it was so scary. Just then, we saw the Elders running up to the door in their service clothes, oh my gosh, it was instant relief. They came in, everything calmed down (when a huge Samoan guy walks into a place like that, things tend to calm down... hahaha). We left. After we all got to the car, both investigators came running out, trying to apologize - Elder Riley was like, "Just get in your car and go" so we left. We met them at the park a few minutes later to tell them what happened - oh my goodness it was CRAZY! But we're safe and we're never going there again! We exchanged back that night and Sister Robinson was like, "I can't believe I wasn't there!" Hahahaha!!
So yeah, the rest of the week was not too exciting compared to that!  Friday was weekly planning. We had dinner at Alainya's house with Cody and their non-member friend. It was so fun! Sister Robinson and I brought nutella covered oreos for dessert :) Then we went to a ward activity to see the less actives and investigators that we are working with.
Saturday we started the day off with service. We had some lessons that fell through. We contacted potentials all day. Then we went to the Evan's house for Brother Evan's 60th birthday party! IT WAS A BLAST! We had so much fun. They were our dinner appointment that night. We jumped in the bouncy house, had super good food, and got to talk with all our members.

The highlight of Saturday was when the Lee's came down to see me! It was like seeing my own family, I was so happy! I really needed it. I love them so much, it was the highlight of my whole week.
Sunday was church and meetings and the usual.
I love Vegas and the heat and drinking water all the time and being a missionary! I love you all!

Sister Coltrin
Sister Robinson, Sister Coltrin and a ward member
Caught in the rain - soaked but happy!

You are never too old for a bouncy house

"Off roading - MOST FUN THING EVER"

"Just fist bumping someone's lion lawn decoration."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!!

This has been the longest and one of the best weeks ever! Sister Robinson is seriously the best, we have so much fun, and we just laugh and laugh all day long! All week we were waiting for the 4th of July, which we were way too excited about! WE LOVE AMERICA! Okay, so here is how our week went:
Last Monday, our Bishop and his sweet wife, and two of their cute grandkids picked Sister Robinson and I up at 10 a.m. They wanted to take us to a cute Orchard in North Las Vegas, since we are both from the mid-west and were missing mid-west falls! They drove us the hour long drive there, and as we pulled up, there was a sign that told us that the Orchard was closed on Mondays... of course. We laughed about it and took some pictures.  They took us to Raising Cane's - a really good local chicken place, and then took us home. The girls were so cute on the way back, playing with us and trying to guess our first names. They were interviewing me on everything I had written in my planner, it was so funny. I love the Walton's! We did our normal p-day stuff after we got back, and that night we had THREE investigators at Family Home Evening! It was awesome! At our dinner, we were talking to one of our members and she told us that she went to college in Connecticut. Side note, she loves to plan events and parties and is really good at it. She was telling us about how she ran for student body president there at school, and that during her speech she said, "Hi! I'm Jill, I'm from Vegas, and I like to party!" She then put her face in her palm and told us that that's how she got elected, hahaha, we were DYING!
Tuesday we fasted for one of our less actives. We got to meet with Jason, one of our investigators, who opened up the conversation with, "I hear that you think dark skins are cursed..." oh boy, that was a fun conversation. We contacted people all day and had a ton of members come out with us! We're making new friends. That night we knocked on a former investigator's door, and he came to the door and was super awkward with the door, trying to keep it really closed. I was like, "Haha, are you trying to keep your dog inside?" He laughed and then was like, "Uh, I'm kinda in my underwear." HAHAHAHA SO WEIRD! People, just put clothes on before you come to the door. It was funny. Oh another door we went to, this little kid opened the door, and there were like 8 people asleep on the floor, couches, chairs... it was so creepy, we thought they were dead! Interesting day.
Wednesday was a really long day of contacting potentials. We were a little frustrated. It was hot and we were just being complainers! One guy that answered his door was SO rude to us. He was trying to fight, so we said was that all we could do was to invite him to find answers for himself, and he was like, "Oh, sweetheart, I don't have to, I definitely don't need to" and slammed the door. It was hilarious! We laughed all the way back to the car. We met with Joe and Jason again, and our recent convert Alainya, and a new investigator! We met Crystal the other day while contacting potentials and she and her mom let us in, and we talked with them.  Crystal said that she is looking for something in her life, and better friends, so she said we could come back! It was awesome and she is so sweet. We had dinner at Bishop's that night and then went out with one of our members that night to contact potentials some more, yay!
Thursday was mostly the same... contacting. We called a lot of people that day too! We got to meet with Brian and Stephen that night too (it is SO weird to be teaching a Brian and a Stephen together... I haven't said those names together in like 2 years!). We had dinner with Maddy, our recent convert that night - she is so sweet!

Friday was the BEST FOURTH OF JULY EVER! We treated ourselves to ice cream at Dairy Queen, we went to 5 BBQs that day, and our investigators even came!!! It was awesome! We had sooo much fun with Bishop, the Smith's, the Duck's, Adrian, and the Dow's! At night our district went to the Dow's house to watch the fireworks at Mission Hills Park. They had homemade ice cream and the fireworks were AMAZING! I love fireworks so much! It was the best day ever. We dressed in all red, white, and blue.
Saturday was Zone Training Meeting and we got to meet President and Sister Snow! They are so nice and we love them already! We had our car parked somewhere and we were walking, and when we got back there was a mormon.org card on our car from Elder Thomas and Elder Gilstrap telling us to stay out of their area (which is also our area). That night we were contacting a potential in their apartment complex, so we decided to leave a mormon.org card on their door that said. "We'll see you in Relief Society!" and when I went to tape it to their door, Elder Thomas pulled the door open and screamed, it was SO scary and SO funny, they were home for dinner and we had no idea, hahaha. Funny day.
Sunday was normal, meetings, church, dinner, and contacting people.
This morning we hiked Sunrise Mountain AGAIN!  I haven't done that since I was in Sunrise! It was really fun, really hard, and we went REALLY early. We left at 2:30 a.m! We reached the top for the Sunrise, which was awesome. It is so cool to be able to see the whole valley from the top. I love hiking Sunrise!
I hope you all have a great week! I LOVED the giant letter from the girls at Girls Camp!
Love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin, Travis, and Sister Ena

Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson at the orchard

Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson with Maddy
Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin excited for the 4th

Happy 4th of July from Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin
Watching fireworks at the Dow's
Sister Robinson, Sister Coltrin, Elder Rogers, Elder Beers, Elder Gilstrap and Elder Thomas

Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin at the top of Sunrise
This is our "Everyone do an Elder Latu pose" picture
Our whole District hiking Sunrise

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Brand New Transfer

THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AWESOME TRANSFER. We have had the most fun week! Well, not fun, but funny. I love my new companion! I'm probably just going to rave about her all transfer - we have so much fun together. This week has had ups and downs, but it's been a blast!
Okay, so let’s start with Monday. P-day was actually awesome! We had a huge zone BBQ as our last hoorah. It was bitter-sweet. Super fun to be with everyone and have fun, but sad to have to say goodbye. We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, and the Polynesians made some super good fruit drink with crushed watermelon, pineapple, coconut, and cream. Yuuuuum. We went that night to say Sister Ena's goodbyes, and then had our final goodbye party at Adrian's. So sad. Sister Ena and I were up late that night, packing up her stuff, and writing in people's transfer journals. It was so hard to say goodbye to her, I love Sister Ena!
Tuesday morning was CRAZY. We had to wake up at 5:40 to be in Boulder City for morning sports at 6:00 to give back transfer journals. Then we had to drive all the way out to Vegas to pick up Sister Ena's new car, phone, keys, etc from the Elder's that are getting double transferred out of the Samoan Ward. Then we had to make it back to our house to get her stuff, and get ready, and finish packing, and load up the car. Then we had to pick up a member to be my companion, and then go and drop Sister Ena off with her new companion. It was CRAZY! But on the plus side, I got to see Sister Olsen, who was at the transfer spot dropping off Sister Missionaries! Yay! I took our member home and she helped me clean up our apartment and get things ready for Sister Robinson. We went back to Vegas to meet the Kingman caravan. I got to meet my new companion, Sister Robinson! She is AWESOME! She is from Wisconsin, so right across the lake! We pretty much talk about the Mid-West all the time. She is the youngest of 6, goes to BYU-I for Healthcare Administration, and she just got here from Kingman. She has been out 4 months, was trained by Sister Remund from my MTC district, and then was companions with Sister Arnold who was also in my MTC district! She is SOOOO so funny, we pretty much just laugh all the time. I love Sister Robinson.
That day we unpacked her stuff, stopped by the St. Timothy's ward activity and she got to meet Bishop and Sister Walton. Then we went to a cool little Mexican restaurant with the Taufa family which was super fun! We dropped our investigator, Ken, and then went to have a lesson with Maddy. We brought MJ, one of our members, and at the end of the lesson, Maddy said something about being Chinese, and MJ spoke to her in Chinese! It was so crazy! They just talked in Chinese for like 5 minutes, Sister Robinson and I we're like, "What is going on!?" It was so funny! Talk about insta-BFF's.
I will have to type fast, I'm running out of time!
Wednesday we made transfer goals. Lots of good goals, and then some fun ones. We want to memorize the first vision in Samoan and Chinese, hahaha. And we also want to be healthy... that's started off great (sarcastic). We are totally each others crutch when it comes to dessert. We're working on it... hahaha. That morning we had breakfast at Adrian's and had Oreo pancakes -  SO GOOD. Then had a couple lessons with recent converts! We found out that Travis is going on vacation to Hawaii this week, we totally weren't jealous at all.  We had dinner at the Walton's with Travis and one of our Ward Mission Leader's, then walked around Albertson's trying to find one of our investigator's that has dropped off the face of the Earth. We didn't find him. We had a lesson with Maddy at MJ's house so that they could practice their special musical number for Maddy's baptism (it was in Chinese!).
Thursday was District Meeting. One of the Elder's from my MTC district is my new District Leader! After that we got to go and meet with Jason, one of our newer investigators. That night we had dinner at a recent convert's house with her family. Their missionaries are our Zone Leader's. They were talking about how they saran wrapped their car once, and one thing led to another, and basically we totally plotted out how we could fill their entire car with balloons that night. Soooo, after out lessons, Sister Robinson and I ran to the 99 Cent store and got like 6 packs of balloons. We blew them up in our car until we had about 230 balloons... we were packed in there... Then the plan was that we would park next to the ZLs car (they were teaching a lesson at the recent convert's house) and they were going to unlock their car from the inside of their house. Unfortunately, the ZLs got suspicious, and came outside. Elder McMillian saw us and just yelled, "FAAAAAILURES!" Haha, I was so mad! Suuuuch a bummer. They were so smug. We couldn't let them get away with it, so on the way home we caution taped their door way. Eh, either way, can't go down without a fight.
Friday we had a mega breakthrough with Joe! It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. He gets it.  He knows he has to make better choices. We were SO happy when we left there. We weekly planned and then had some lessons with recent converts. We also have discovered that Oreos dipped in Nutella are, in fact, one of the most delicious treats known to mankind. We had a really little dinner that night at a member’s house and we were still hungry, so we went to another person's house to get some more food. Yay for 2nd dinner.
I'm skipping a bunch of stuff because I'm out of time, but I have to tell you about the weekend:
We walked most of the day because we are pretty much out of miles - IT WAS SO HOT. SO HOT. But we talked to a BUUUNCH of people. Almost all of our appointments fell through. But we saw so many little miracles! We also got to go to Maddy's baptism, which was amazing!!! It was in Chinese, and Sister Ena came, and Maddy and MJ sang "I am a Child of God" in Chinese, and the whole thing was just amazing.
Sunday was the funniest thing of my life. It started off with my companion melting a hole in my shirt. So, I was in the bathroom, and she was trying to iron one of my shirts, and when I came out, she was in a panic. She looked and me and was like, "HOW WILL I EVER REPAY YOU!?" As she held up my shirt, with a melted hole in it. I laughed soooooo hard!!!!! We were dying! I was seriously on the floor cracking up. She was so worried, but I told her not to worry about it. It was so, so, so, so, so, so, so funny. After that, we got in the car to go to the church for meetings. She opened some lotion in the car, and since it's super hot here, the pressure had built up, and it squirted all over her face. We were dying again. Then we had lunch at Adrian's, he said that all food is free game, so we looked and found a ton of ice cream in the freezer. We opened it and took some, and then he came in and told us that that wasn't his, that it was for a ward party after church and we had eaten it... he took the blame for us.  What a nice guy.  Then we had church, and it was amazing and super inspiring, and exactly what one of our less actives needed to hear. Then for dinner we had grilled cheese - WITH MAC AND CHEESE AND BACON INSIDE. It was soooo good, but we definitely felt it later. We got to see some investigators that night with one of our members, Auria. She was driving us, and we almost got into an accident, and she just yelled, "PRAY!!!!!" It was so funny! Sunday was awesome.
Sister Robinson and I have decided that we are getting real with Charity this transfer, we decided we're going to be the most charitable and loving missionaries in the mission.  Also, we're PUMPED for the 4th of July and are trying to get invited to as many BBQ's as possible. We're going all out.
Hope you had a great week! I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

P.S. Sorry, no pictures this week, no time!