Monday, March 31, 2014


Among all of the absolutely insane weeks that I have had on my mission - this one could quite possible take the cake! Crazy week. So many different emotions, good and bad. Ah! Here we go: 

Monday we finished up p-day and went over to the Woodward's for dinner and FHE! The kids taught a lesson and we made green smoothies for dessert! It was really awesome and fun. 

Tuesday we met with Denia in the morning. We went to Anita's later to do some more service. It was a pretty packed day. That night we went to the Woodbury's house for dinner. Their baby was upset and crying, so we were trying to entertain him without holding him, hahaha. We had ward council visits that night and got to meet with Sister Addington and Paulette again. We aren't sure if Paulette is really getting it. There was a spider on the wall, and I jumped a little, and then she laughed during the whole lesson every time that I would look at her... So that was a bit of a distraction. 

Wednesday morning we got a little ambitious and decided to ride bikes. Of course it was the windiest day we've had all month! We did it though and it was fun. We biked to the chapel to have a lesson with Missy and then biked back. And then gave up on biking. We went with Sister Lee to see a sister from our ward that just moved into a care home. She was really sweet and gave us all her nice pots and pans that she wouldn't be using anymore, score for us! Then we went over to Denia's to help her clean out her fridge. We even took all the parts and shelves out and hosed them off. I may have accidentally/on purpose sprayed her giant poodle with the hose...  That night we went to the Denman's for dinner and then had a lesson with the 7 year old son, Michael. We used the Church, Pray, Read lesson with the cups and knives - he loved it! 

Thursday morning was not so swell. We had morning sports, started getting ready, everything was fine - then all of a sudden, Sister Reynolds could feel her stomach coming up against her lungs again. She was in a lot of pain and she couldn't breathe. I ran to the kitchen to get her some water and I heard her choking. My heart dropped and I ran back to the bedroom to her. She got up and ran to the bathroom and said she was going to throw up (which she can’t, since her stomach can't handle that). I called her mom and was talking to her and Sister Robbins (our medical help). It was intense and really scary. We got her breathing again with her nebulizer and then her mom drove down from Hurricane to take her home - so I packed up all her stuff while she tried to sleep and feel better. Then we drove to the mission office and I became a trio with Sister Cummings and Sister Furstenau. Trio's love me for some reason. Keep Sister Reynolds in your prayers. 

We moved some of my stuff, had double dinners that night - one with their members and then we got to go to the Christensen's house. We sat at their dining room table and had a fancy dinner. :)  I love the Christensen's. 

Friday was Zone Training Meeting. It was really great, and then we went and did service for a recent convert in the Carnegie Ward. She is moving soon and is a hoarder, so we are trying to pack up her stuff. It is crazy in there! She would just hand us stuff and tell us to put tape over it. We had dinner with the Wimber's and then Carnegie had a ward activity. 

Saturday! More helping the recent convert pack. After that I went with Sister Gelabert to Anita's again to help her. After that we got the text that transfer stuff was in... So I went to the church with Sister Cummings and Sister Furstenau to find out what was going on... 

I'm getting transferred! I am going to the Eldorado Stake in Boulder City. I will be in the Foothills YSA Ward!  Back to Young Single Adults! Wooo! I am really excited, but I am really, really sad to leave here. I love the people here and will miss them so much. 

After that we had a rushed dinner and then the General Women's Broadcast! I got to be in a meeting with my Mom! I smiled at you when they told me to, Mom. Then we went and met the Elder's at the Carnegie Sister's Ward Mission Leader's house. It was his wife's birthday, and one of the Elder's is their nephew. We brought a cake and we all celebrated her birthday. Then ended the night with an intense game of foosball, 4 on 4 - we were all screaming. 

The next day was Sunday. The Sister's have church at 9am, and I had to prepared for a double transfer, so they dropped me off at the Lee's at 8:30am and I stayed there until church, writing and preparing the area book and white board and such. They made a big Sunday breakfast and we all sat and talked. I love the Lee's, they are like my own family. They took me to church with them when 12:30 rolled around. I waited for Anita to come, and she did! She brought her dog, which made me laugh. We had Ward Conference, and the Stake Presidency was there, but they had me come up and speak for a few minutes and bear my testimony. We had dinner with the Henness' and Lee's, and then Sister Gelabert went with me so I could say goodbye to the families in our ward. It was really hard and sad. I love these people. I really do. 

We have been packing like crazy, Sister Cummings is leaving too. I hate packing. Today is packed full! I am going out to lunch with Karleah Lee to have some time with her before I go. Then we will get all our stuff together. Tomorrow will be a hard day! 

I am so excited to be able to go back to a YSA ward! I am excited to have new experiences and be able to learn and grow even more. I love it here, and I love the experiences I've had and the people I have met. 

Have a great week! I love you all!


Love, Sister Coltrin
Anita and Sister Coltrin - twins!

The Christensen Family and Sister Coltrin

Denia and Sister Coltrin

The Hill Family and Sister Coltrin

The Lee Family and Sister Coltrin

Sister Addington and Sister Coltrin

Sister Parker, Sister Coltrin and Irwin

The Sondrup Family and Sister Coltrin

The Woodward Family and Sister Coltrin


Monday, March 24, 2014

10 Months This Week!

Monday was St. Patrick's Day! And P-Day! I got a couple of really cute green packages! One was even from my sweet companion, Sister Reynolds! How cute. Love her. We went to the skin doctor for Sister Gelabert, since there was a bit of a skin cancer scare when our Sister Training Leader saw one of the freckles on her arm. The doctor removed some of her moles, and I was just sitting there, trying not to watch or think about it... Since we all know what happens when I see or hear about needles and blood... Yikes. We went to the Sondrup's house for dinner, and had green everything - mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken, and even green lemonade pie! 

Tuesday morning we went over to Denia's as usual. She had a nonmember friend over, so we got to talk with her for a little bit too! We had district meeting and then went over to Anita's to help her again with all the filing. She is such a cool lady. We really like her. And she is really comfortable with us. We are going to start teaching her too and she agreed to come to church! For dinner we got to go to Claim Jumper with Sister Bell. Then we had a lesson with Paulette, which went really well. She still has a hard time praying, I think she gets nervous. But she reads the scriptures, which is good! 

On Wednesday we had the best morning sports! I am the morning sports coordinator and Elder Anderson and Beynon texted us and wanted smoothies at morning sports. So they brought ingredients and we brought some fruit and the blender, and we all made green smoothies for after morning sports! It was so fun and good. Our mission is obsessed with green smoothies, so much so that at zone conference we had a mini training about staying healthy, and Sister Neider taught us all about green smoothies! 

That afternoon we went over to Sister Addington's house. She was in the hospital from knee surgery, so we did her yard for her! It was really fun. Then we had a service day with Sister Lee, and we went to the hospital to see Sister Addington and the Robinette's. It was a great day. 

Thursday was super special! We had our lesson with Denia and then we had an amazing lesson with Julie! We talked about Alma 32 and how we have to just experiment on God's word, so that we can know for ourselves, and then we read 1 Nephi 1. The spirit was SO strong and she was SO into it! She kept saying, "This is amazing, this is amazing!" After Julie's lesson we raced over to the mission office because - SURPRISE - SISTER REYNOLDS IS BACK! YAY! We picked her up and took her back to work with us! My 4th trio... hahaha! We also got to go and help Anita again, with 3 of us, it went a lot faster! For dinner that night we went to the Nelson's house... As in Austin Nelson... As in BYU Basketball. I was trying to play it cool like I wasn't totally freaking out on the inside. At one point Brother and Sister Nelson were like, "Oh! You were probably at BYU at the same time as Austin!" And in my head I was thinking, "Uh, yeah I definitely was, trust me." But I played it cool.  

Friday morning we had a Welcome and Goodbye party! Welcome back for Sister Reynolds and Goodbye to Sister Gelabert. It was bittersweet. I love both of these girls! After sports, some of the sisters got in a car accident in the parking lot because a ton of traffic drives through there because our building is next to a school. It was sad. After we got home from helping the Sister's out, Sister Gelabert's dad came to get her and then Sister Reynolds and I did weekly planning. That night we had dinner at the Mactagone's and they told us about a place called "Heart Attack Grill" where their food is literally so bad for you that they try to give you a heart attack... They've had 2 heart attacks there!!! After that we heart attacked the Wimber's house because it was their daughter's birthday. It was really awesome :) 

Saturday was spontaneous street contacting day! Sister Reynolds and I went street contacting and met a few really great potentials. While we were walking I saw a heads up penny on the ground. We got really excited because we thought it would bring us new investigators! When I went to pick it up, we found out that it was GLUED TO THE GROUND! Hahaha! Embarrassing! The luck still worked though. We met a lady that told us to take HER number and call her! Woooo! 

On Sunday we had stake correlation after church. It took forever! Now I know why Dad never gets home until late on Sunday nights...other than that, church was great. We went to dinner at the Sondrup's house and I met their parents and grandparents. The grandparents saw my name tag and told me that they used to know some Coltrin's - Lyle and Carol. I was like, "THOSE ARE MY GRANDPARENTS!" They were so excited! So grandma and grandpa, I met your friends Richard and Joy Monson! 

It was a great week. This is the last week of the transfer, so we will see what happens on Saturday! Thanks for all the support!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Heart Attack at the Wimber's

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Welcome Back Sister Reynolds!

Goodbye Sister Gelabert
Sister Cummings, Sister Furstenau, Sister Coltrin, Sister Reynolds
You know you have an obsession when you have so many necklaces that you can make a whole rainbow...


Monday, March 17, 2014

Missy Got Baptized!!

What a week! Lots of exciting things have been going on here! I am still with Sister Gelabert, and we are still waiting to hear back from Sister Reynolds. My companion has stayed consistent for over a week! At this point, that's practically a record for me! Hahaha...

So let’s start with last Monday. After P-Day we went to pick up our dinner from a member's house since they had some things they needed to do, so we ate quickly at the church while we waited for members to show up to the church to clean. Apparently in our ward they put the missionaries on the cleaning schedule, so we had to clean on Monday night with our ward. We got to use the giant vacuum around the whole church.  After that, President called me and needed me to take a survey about how the trial mission was going for Sister Reynolds, so we got to go to the Lee's house to use their computer so I could take the survey.

Tuesday we had Zone Training Meeting. It, of course, went over time about 2 hours... typical. We all passed around papers that had our names on top of them and wrote a little blurb about everyone and what Christlike attributes we see in them. It was really nice, but took a really long time. After Zone Meeting we had a short lesson with Denia, in which she went over the lesson that she was going to teach on Sunday! Denia saw that the Gospel Principles lesson was on the Word of Wisdom (which she LOVES, being a certified nutritionist) and she jumped at the opportunity to teach it. After our lesson there we ran over to the Lee's to have a lesson with Missy. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it was a really awesome lesson. We ran home to have lunch (since we were starving and it was now 3pm!) and the Sister's had bought Jimmy John's for us - yay! :) We practically swallowed our sandwiches whole and ran over to the Wicken's (our Ward Mission Leader's family) to make programs for Missy's baptism! We finished the night with dinner at the Phillip's and splits, and another lesson with Paulette Jesky. 

Wednesday was a lesson with Missy in the morning at the Woodward's house. We talked about the importance of CPR (translation being Church, Pray, Read). Later that day we got to go with Sister Lee to lunch at Smashburger (in celebration of my Mom's birthday!) and to see a lady in our ward that is in a care home. It was a really neat visit! I had been able to go and visit with her before. Her name is Myrtle and she is 96 years old! She is so sharp! 

Thursday was exchanges! I got to be with Sister Cook all day - and let me tell you, we had a blast. Pretty sure we are going to be best friends after the mission. We taught so well together, and talked all day, and worked so, so, so hard. We didn't want to leave each other at the end of the day! We had a lesson with Julie, but she was sick and had to cancel, so we brought her flowers and soup - she loved it! We taught one of the new member lessons to Denia, we got 20 street contacts - which is pretty unheard of in Anthem, we got a few new potential investigators, we walked a lot, we had Cafe Rio for dinner, and got to go to a Relief Society Activity and taste test green smoothies! It was an awesome day. 

Friday, at morning sports one of our Elder's secretly stole our phone and changed our ringtone. He went into the bathroom and recorded his own voice singing a song (SIIIIIISTER COLTRIN, SIIIIIITER COLTRIN, SHE IS COOL, SHE IS FAST, AND SHE IS SO COOL). Sister Gelabert and I were standing in our kitchen and someone called us and the new ringtone went off. We were looking around like, "What the heck is going on!?" It was so, so, soooo funny. Also, we had another lesson with Missy at the Reber's and got all the final baptismal details in order. We did weekly planning. We had dinner at the Zitzmann's and had a lesson with Matt after dinner! That night was a little crazy. Things were getting intense with Missy's family. She thought they might kick her out. It was a really crazy night. 

Saturday was possibly the best day of my mission thus far. First, we had gotten a referral to go and do service. We helped this older lady to file her papers - she was a 9/11 survivor and doing files and paperwork really stresses her out. So we went and did that for a little while, she was really awesome and we had fun. Then it was time to go to the church for Missy's baptism! We got there and helped set up. She showed up, and it all seemed so surreal. It was finally happening. No one could believe it. The room was PACKED, people were standing in the hallway. The talks were amazing, the spirit was so strong, and everything was perfect. It was an amazing baptism. Missy is one of the most faithful and strong people I have ever met. She has been so patient, and has really learned to rely on her Father in Heaven. The fact that she came to the church building that day not knowing what would happen with her family afterwards really brought the spirit, and was a really great example to me and to everyone there. I am so proud to be able to call her my friend. 

After the baptism we went to the Reber's house for a Southern Boil, (whatever that means). We got to talk with everyone for a little bit about the baptism. Then we went to dinner at the Wimber's house and found out that they are moving to the Carnegie ward! I was so sad! We have made such good progress with them. 

Sunday was an interesting day. Denia taught Gospel Principles! It was awesome! She brought a whole spread of food for everyone (since she was talking about healthy eating and the Word of Wisdom). We had bean burgers and all the fixings! It was crazy. That night we had a lesson with Matt at the Romano's. 

It's been a great week! I love Anthem. I love this ward, and the people here, and the area. We are being so blessed! I am so grateful to be a missionary and to have the chance to serve my Heavenly Father. I have been studying Preach My Gospel chapter 6 a lot lately, which talks about Christlike attributes - since I came on a mission and realized how un-Christlike I am, I figured I'd better get started on working on them! I feel like I've changed, in a good way. I know that all the different things I've gone through on my mission, and all the people I've met, and all the things I've learned have helped me to grow. I just love the Gospel so much. 

Hope you all have a great week! I love you!


Love, Sister Coltrin

PS. Special shout out to VICHINY VAR who will be leaving for the MTC soon! Look out Cali - you're about to get the best sister missionary there ever will be! :)
Sister Coltrin, Missy and Ben

Sister Coltrin and Sister Harrison
Sister Harrison got to come back for the baptism

Sister Coltrin and Missy after the baptism
Sister Coltrin and the Wimber's gecko


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Always Changing

This has been yet another interesting week here in Anthem! I have yet another new companion (maybe I'm such a terrible companion that President doesn't keep me with people for longer than a week now?   But really, if everyone could keep Sister Reynolds in their prayers, that would be great. She had to go back to Hurricane on Wednesday morning to make sure that her stomach was doing okay, and they found out that her stomach has come back up - so we aren't sure if that means surgery yet or not. Please just remember her! 

So on Monday we went to the church and played games and Sister Cummings baked us all some of her famous chocolate chip cookies - they're to die for.  We all ran around playing sports with cookies in each hand (and some of the Elders with them stuffed in their mouths and pockets...). That night we went to the Smith's for dinner and had Family Home Evening with them. It was really fun. Brother Smith was talking about the basketball tournament down here in Vegas and was joking that their family would just take me with them - hey, there's tons of non-members there, right? 

Tuesday we met with Denia in the morning, had a few other lessons, and had dinner at the Payne's house. They are really into essential oils, so we got to learn about them and try them a little bit - it was awesome! We went to do ward council visits covered in about 9 different oils... hahaha. We smelled a bit strong. We had visits with Sister Orme because Sister Addington wasn't feeling well. We went through our ward list and asked her about people that we didn't know. Then we all went to our appointment that we had with a less active and part-member family. We visited with the less-active mom and the 16 year old non member daughter. We talked to her and found out that she is really struggling to fine peace in her life. As we talked about the Gospel and about our Heavenly Father, she began to tear up. She told us that she is looking for peace and comfort and that she wants to meet with us so that we can help her to find that in her life. It was incredible and the Spirit was strong. 

That night we had to pack Sister Reynolds' things so that she could leave in the morning to go with her family back to Hurricane. I am so sad to be without her! She has such a great attitude and is such a dedicated missionary. I love her.

Wednesday morning we went to the church for Missy's baptismal interview! SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! We are so happy for her and she is so excited! I love Missy so much and really admire and look up to her. She is such an example of great faith and patience. 

After the interview we went to the mission office to drop off Sister Reynolds and get my new companion. My new "companion" is a mini-missionary from the Paradise Stake here in our mission. Her name is Sister Gelabert! She is preparing for a mission, and she’s turning her papers in this week, so it's like I have a member with me all the time. She stays at my apartment and is my companion for the next few weeks. Before she was with me, she was in a trio with two of our visa-waiting sisters. We spent the morning studying, getting to know each other, and making Sister Gelabert a name tag! The Sisters before made her wear a "Hello, my name is..." sticker, and made her write "Mini-Sister Gelabert". She told me she hated it, so we went and made her one out of white-out and black plastic. Hahaha, people comment on it all the time, but she absolutely loves it. 

The rest of the day we did service with Sister Lee, went to dinner with the Parker's at The Cheesecake Factory, and taught a few lessons. 

Thursday was Zone Conference, which was really fun! We had a couple of really great trainings, a good lunch, and heard some great testimonies! When we go to Zone Conference we have to be prepared with a talk in case we are randomly called upon. I was this time (knew I would be) and talked about the Christlike Attributes section in Preach My Gospel (my favorite chapter). We also had a demo on green smoothies from Sister Neider! We all got green smoothies, so we were pretty pumped. 

After Zone Conference we went and met with Missy to discuss her baptism, then had dinner at the Bluth's house. We were going to teach a lesson, but the kids were having an off day and it was pretty stressful for them, so we just left a short message. 

Friday we had weekly planning, which took a little bit longer because I had to explain everything and everyone to Sister Gelabert, and we also had to update our area book's ward directory. Sister Gelabert hates weekly planning, we both got a little bored, but we pulled through, hahaha. That night we had dinner at the Bickmore's, which is always super fun and funny. 

Oh and also from Friday - birthday shout out to my Dad!  I don't even know how old you are now... but it's old. Mom told me so. 

Saturday was Sister Gelabert's 19th birthday! She is officially eligible to go on a mission! Yay! We celebrated at morning sports, came back to a decorated apartment (thanks Sister Cummings and Furstenau), and had an awesome pancake breakfast. We also got to go to Red Robin for lunch with the Sisters! It was a great day and we visited with a lot of people that day too! We had dinner at the Lindsay's - CafĂ© Rio (wayyyy too much food for one day). 

Sunday was normal:  studying, ward council, church. People asking me if I'm ever going to have a companion for more than 2 weeks. People asking Sister Gelabert about her name tag and what a mini missionary is. The usual. Hahaha. 

All in all, it was a great week.

 Have a great week, I love you!
Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Gelabert's name tag - "they are practically identical"

Sister Coltrin and Sister Gelabert wearing her new name tag

Celebrating Sister Gelabert's birthday at Red Robin

"The sign was supposed to say burgers and the holy spirit but the sign maker messed up"

Green smoothies at Zone Conference

Sister Gelabert and Sister Coltrin


Monday, March 3, 2014

Stomach Flu

So, as you can tell from the title of this email, we had a super fun week! We did get to go to some appointments and do some things, but for the most part, we were stuck inside this week. At the beginning of the week, Sister Reynolds' stomach started acting up and she was in a lot of pain, so we couldn't go anywhere, and then a few days later a flu epidemic broke out in the Anthem Zone, and of course I got to be one of the lucky ones that got sick. Hahah, oh boy.  

So Monday we had P-day.  Some people were sick and we didn't get to play sports that much, but that's okay. We had dinner with the Rickertsen's and then headed home because Sister Reynolds wasn't feeling well. On the way home, the zone leaders called and asked what was the best thing to eat when you were throwing up (the beginning of the stomach flu chain). We went and got some saltines and ginger ale and dropped it off at their place. 

Tuesday we had District Meeting, so we went to the meeting, but had to cancel most of our appointments that day because Sister Reynolds couldn't really move at all - I felt so bad! She was in so much pain. We tried to get a hold of her doctors, but they're pretty hard to reach. We had dinner at Denia's house that night. We were supposed to go on splits, but obviously we couldn't, so our two awesome ward missionaries - Sister Addington and Sister Orme went out for us! It was awesome! They are the best. 

Wednesday morning we met with Missy really quick to talk about baptism. She is planning on being baptized on March 15th! She wrote letters to her parents telling them why baptism is important to her, and it sounds like things are looking up. Keep her and her parents in your prayers! That afternoon we went to the Lee's for our "service day" that we are doing with Sister Lee every Wednesday! We made lasagna and took it to some less actives in the ward.  One man opened the door, took the lasagna, and when we explained who we were he said, "Yeah, I know who you are, I'll pass on the lasagna" and shut the door, haha.  It was awkward, and we all laughed when we got back into the car. The night we had dinner at the Wimbers - always super fun. We love them. Then we went and taught our 7-year old, Michael. We did the Plan of Salvation with him. 

Thursday morning we watched the Restoration video with Denia. We later went and watched it with Julie too!  Sister Woodward, Sister Reynolds and I thought the lesson was going so well - the Spirit was really strong and Julie said it made sense - but then it was right back to "energy" and how everything is about frequency and all this other weird stuff. We are still trying to think of something to do to help her. After our meeting with Julie, we went to visit a less active in our ward. She was super nice and was excited that we were able to come. So, there is this really cool thing that goes on over here in Henderson and Las Vegas - it's called 2-Lunch Tuesday. The kids bring two lunches to school on Tuesdays and then a truck comes and picks up the extra lunches and delivers them to schools in need and to homeless people. We found out that this lady was the person that came up with that idea! It was so cool! We had dinner at the Orme's. Then we went back to the Woodward's to have a lesson with Matt. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom, which was great. Then we talked to him about telling his parents that he is meeting with us - Brother Woodward was a huge help with that! It was a great lesson, and Matt is super awesome. 

Friday was my halfway mark - CRAZY. We had probably the best day ever. It was Sister's Luncheon that day, so all the Sisters (the SEVENTY FOUR of us!) went to the mission office for lunch and for a presentation. All the office sisters spoke and some of the Sister Training Leaders. It was really great and really uplifting. The funniest part though - in the middle, we had a little slide show presentation with all of the sister's pictures in it. Of course the pictures were all the really ugly ones of us from when we first came out on missions... I was dreading for mine to come up. There were always 2 sisters per slide. So the whole time, I'm just thinking "okay picture, just come up and get it over with" and at the VERY END of the slide show my picture came up and it was the ONLY one on the slide. Oh my gosh. Of course. Embarrassing. 

After the Luncheon we got to go to the temple with Sister Cummings and Sister Furstenau! It was so great! We had a wonderful time! And it was dark when we were driving home, so we got to see all the lights in the valley - my favorite. What a great day! 

Saturday we had our zone breakfast at the Stake President's house. It was also spontaneous street contacting day - but other people heard about it too, so we just decided to do it as a whole zone instead of our district. We got really intense. Elder Adams and Elder Beyer got ONE HUNDRED street contacts!! It was CRAZY. We got 36, which was second place. Our district got 171 in total and the zone as a whole got 205. I was pumped! It's really cool that one small idea has turned into such a huge thing! 

Sunday was great - church, and then we got to go to the Lamb of God presentation from the Zion's Youth Choir. It was so good! And it was in the Las Vegas West mission at the Smith Center. It was cool to drive by the Strip at night with all the lights. We had dinner at the Christensen's that night - it was the best! We had grilled chicken and shrimp and CRAB LEGS! And guess what, I LOVED it! It was so good! Their daughter Ashlee and I took pictures with the legs at the end. I love the Christensen's - they're like family away from home. 

I ordered some more English name tags so I don't have to wear my Spanish one anymore! Yay!

 Have a great week! I love you!


Love, Sister Coltrin
Ashlee Christensen and Sister Coltrin

"Cool Vegas picture I made while we were stuck at home"

Sister Coltrin and Sister Reynolds on their way to see the Zion's Youth Choir

Sister Reynolds and Sister Coltrin

Sister Reynolds and Sister Coltrin