Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Much Better Week

A much better week than before! My body isn't tense all the time now!
So on Monday we got a call from President Neider after we emailed. He told Sister H that she would need to pack up her things and there would be a different assignment for her for the time being. We went home and packed all her stuff up and finished the rest of our night. I got a new winter coat, since it is cold here now - and by cold I mean 70 degrees... Yeah. And we got to have dinner with Abraham at Arby's! A good P-Day.
Tuesday morning, Sister Cummings, Sister Nichols, and I took Sister H to the mission office, where she will be working for a little while. It's a little awkward when people ask if she finally got her visa... but it's okay. They usually understand once I say no. She's a nice girl and I will continue to stay in contact with her. The three of us then became a trio for the rest of the transfer, covering both our wards! We moved all their stuff into our apartment (since we have two bathrooms) and got everything in order for the rest of the transfer! We love being a trio. Love it. That night we had to go to two back to back dinner appointments though because we forgot to cancel one of them... we were stuffed.
On Wednesday we had district meeting, and then went to talk with our Bishop, so that the sister's could meet him. He is so awesome. Later that day I got dropped off at the Christensen's house (James' family) and rode up to the Gladys Knight/Saint's Unified Voices performance with them and one of their non-member friends. It was so awesome! We had super close seats in the chapel and the whole thing was amazing!! It was so weird to have such loud music in the chapel, but it was really awesome. And it was fun to be back in my old area! The Christensen's are the best. We went to Olive Garden for dinner on the way home.
On Thursday I got to go to Gladys Knight again! The Sister's were going and we couldn't find someone for me to be companions with. This time the performance was in the West Mission. Devan Romano, from my ward, took us up there to meet one of our investigators that rode up with a member. Devan is about to go on his mission to Cape Verde, off the west coast of Africa! He is 19 and already has his master’s degree in accounting. Crazy. He drove us in his 2013 Land Rover that he bought with his own money, what the heck? It was a party. Gladys Knight was awesome (all the performances are a little different). We even stood up and clapped... hahahah. Everyone was getting really into it, I think it's because it's not every day that you get the opportunity to stand up and clap and dance during church... hahahha! We stopped at Cafe Rio on the way home. It was a good day!
We had interviews with President on Friday, and training with Sister Neider which is always the best. I loved it! When I talked with President he told me that he was really grateful for all I've done this transfer. He told me that my Dad called to talk to him because he was concerned about my safety. I started to cry because my Dad isn't one to do something like that. President told me to call my parents later that day to make sure they knew I was okay and all that had gone on with Sister H. In my head I was like, "Welllll, I guess I'll talk to my parents if you reaaaally want me too..." :) It was a good day. That night we went and had dinner with a member in my ward that we are close with, Sister Addington. She is so amazing. We had a good time at her house.
I went to see Bishop again on Saturday because my foot has been hurting me (I have been walking without shoes, or on the side of my foot...) and he is a retired podiatrist, so he wanted me to come to make sure everything was okay. He told me that I have a pinched nerve in my foot and to be barefoot as much as possible. Score!  That night, we went to the Reber's for dinner and had a lesson with Missy. All week lots of us have been praying for her parent's hearts to soften. After our lesson with her, she told us that her Mom has started to tell her to just find what makes her happy and stay with it! That is amazing, considering that her parent's are very against her being baptized. We love Missy.
On Sunday we got to stay at the church from 8am to 5pm! WOOOO. Long day. We went to Paseo Verde's ward council, sacrament meeting, and gospel essentials, then Carnegie's sacrament meeting and gospel essentials and relief society. Then Carnegie's ward choir. We did Personal Study/Comp Study and then went to Paseo Verde's ward choir. Oh my goodness. So much time at the church. At church some of our members brought their friends to church! It was awesome! Hopefully we will get to meet with them this week! After dinner with the Phillips, who are probably my favorite family ever - dinner is just basically a huge laugh fest, we went to a youth fireside just so that we could meet all the youth in the ward. It was nice!
After the fireside was the highlight of my week... We drove home, got out of the car and went to walk inside and KARINA AND MISS MCDADE were there! AND GUESS WHO WAS WITH THEM?? My very favorite, sweet SISTER FIELDS. We ran to each other. And cried. And hugged. It was the best. We were so happy. We miss each other so much. They all came in and stayed for a little bit. Karina and Miss McDade brought us food and cleaning supplies and other fun stuff! They are the best. It was so good to see them and be with them. I love them so much. They are my big sisters.
It was a great week! We were able to talk to a lot of people. We still just have Missy though! Pray that we will be able to find new investigators! It is so hard to find here, but we are working hard on it!

I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin
A big box of love from Karina and Miss McDade

Denise McDade, Sister Fields, Sister Coltrin, Karina Wiberg

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