Monday, February 17, 2014

The Last Day of the Transfer

Well, we start a new transfer tomorrow! I can hardly believe that it's over already, the time has gone by so fast, and it feels like Sister Harrison just got here!  Sister Harrison will be going to SUNRISE and will serve two of the family wards there, and get this - she gets to go on exchanges with Sister Fields! Jealous, just a little bit. But, I am so happy to be staying here in the beloved Paseo Verde ward in Anthem. I will be training a new sister for her second half of training. Her name is Sister Reynolds! I am excited to meet her tomorrow!  

This week has been really great for us! A great way to end the transfer! 

On Monday we had a ton of fun at sports. Sister Furstenau and I kept those braindrops in our pockets and threw them at people during sports. They had no idea where they were coming from, it was sooooo funny. Then everyone saw them and started picking them up off the floor and we were all throwing them around.  Fun!  That night we had dinner with the Wimber's, a less active family in our ward. They are AWESOME! After that we went to Family Home Evening with Denia and Sister Addington at President Gates' house. The Elders taught about the Plan of Salvation. Denia loved it! We had a great time. 

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Denia about tithing and fasting. She was really excited about it. We had district meeting after that...which was a weird situation. Our district leader had cancelled District Meeting for the week, but then President called and said he was coming to our District Meeting this week... so the Zone Leaders took care of district meeting, and since it was scheduled with little advanced notice some people showed up 45 minutes late and we had a 5 minute training... it was just pretty much a disaster. But oh well. 

Our District Meeting went long, of course, so we hurried over to the church for Denia's baptismal interview - which she passed with flying colors! After that we went and met with Apple, our recent convert, and talked about the Plan of Salvation and the temple. She has lots of questions but has a really great attitude and loves to learn. We had dinner at the Wimber's again that night, and then went on splits with Sister Addington and Sister Orme :) 

On Wednesday we went to Sister Furstenau's District Meeting...pretty bad again. We got to upgrade our phone at the mission office, so go us! We were joking with all the other missionaries about how we were upgrading to an iPhone... so when we sent the Zone Leaders a text we changed our tag to <Sent from my iPhone>.  IT was probably the best text we've ever sent. They sent back the scripture in Nephi about "Wo unto to liar..." and so that started a whole scripture war, which we won of course. That night we taught one of our 7 year olds, his parents want us to teach him before he gets baptized. 

On Thursday we had FIVE, yes FIVE, I repeat FIIIIIIIVE lessons with investigators! We usually get 5 in a week here! But we had five in one day! We were going crazy, it was awesome! We met with Denia and read the Book of Mormon. We had an awesome lesson with Missy about baptismal covenants and service. We had a GREAT lesson with Matt! We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to be baptized and he accepted! The spirit was SO strong when we were talking about baptism! He doesn't have a date yet because his parents are against it, so we are working on that. We also met with a new investigator named Julie! Sister Woodward used the "willing and brief" invitation with her friend and her friend said YES! So we are teaching her and she came to church this week! Also, we went to dinner and Sister Paul had invited her non-member friend over, so we got to teach her too! It was a great day! 

Friday was Valentine's Day! We wore red and had our house all decorated and cute! I got awesome Valentine's packages from home and from the Yskes'!  They were so cute!  We spent the day heart-attacking the widows in our ward (with paper hearts... not real heart-attacks.. :) ), so that they would have something cute on Valentine's Day. Since my hand hasn't gotten better from 2 weeks ago, Elder Gunnell and Elder Petersen made me go to see one of the doctors in their ward. We went with them to his house and he checked out my hand and told me that I sprained it pretty bad, and that I need to wear a brace, so I'm wearing one now. That night we had a really great dinner with our favorite Sister Addington. We made her a giant card! It was fun. 

Saturday we had Sister Furstenau with us all day. We also got transfer stuff in the morning. Half of our zone is leaving! It is crazy. And we are double transferring out two sets of Elders for SISTERS! Half the zone will be Sisters now! It's awesome - and Sister Bohling (from when I was in Sunrise) is coming to Anthem! Yay! We had double dinner that night since we had to do both wards - I thought I would die from being so full. 

Sunday was great! We had church, had dinner at the Wimber's (again), and went to the Why I Believe fireside! 

Today is a great day too - My sweet SISTER CUMMINGS is back!! Wooooo! I missed her! I love her.

I'm excited for a new transfer and the new experiences that await us! Have a great week! I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

P.S.  Elder Anderson and Elder Gibson had a little bike issue, and one of their bikes is in the shop - so in the meantime, they are borrowing a tandem bike from a member! It is so funny!  People love to see them and they even stop and take pictures!  Sister Furstenau and I rode it!!
Sister Coltrin and Sister Furstenau riding the tandem bike

Sister Furstenau and Sister Coltrin

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