Tuesday, April 15, 2014

There Is So Much Work Here - I Love It!

Guess what! I finally started writing in my journal again, so I'll have a way better email this week, because I can actually remember things that have happened! Yay for being diligent in journal writing for once on my mission!  

This week has been super awesome! Monday night we went to Family Home Evening at the park with our ward, it was fun to meet people and see that whole ward together. 

Tuesday morning our alarm didn't work! We slept until 7:30, which was kind of a blessing in disguise. Luckily we can get ready fast, so we got ready and had studies as usual. We had district meeting, and after that we checked our phone and we had a missed call and a voicemail. We listened to the voicemail, and it was a man named Dennis who pretty much said, "Hey, I got your phone number from a friend.  I really want to turn my life around and I'm looking to join your church. Please call me back." We just stared at each other, called him right back, and set up an appointment for that afternoon. We went over and had a lesson with him - he's been battling a drug addiction and had a sincere desire to change, it was a really powerful lesson. We handed him over to the family ward sister's, since he was 38, but it was a really cool experience! That night we went over to Adrian's house for dinner and we had banana pancakes - yum! 

Wednesday we did service and helped someone clean their house and yard and feed their animals. We had dinner at our Bishop's house, coordination meeting, and then a few lessons. We met with one of our less actives. He is amazing. He struggles because he feels like he isn't good enough to go to church, and he feels like he has failed his Father in Heaven. He really opened up to us. We got to talk to him about the importance of church and of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. It was such an awesome lesson. 

Thursday we had a lesson with Eddie - he is really receptive and sensitive to the spirit. He had terrible reading comprehension, but he understands when we read the scriptures. It is awesome! He understands that Heavenly Father is helping him. We also got to go to Institute that night and I got to see Stacy Conger, from Temple View! It was so good to see her again! 

Friday was the best day ever - we got to go to the temple and Karleah Lee took us!! She picked us up and we got to go and do a lot of things at the temple. It was such a peaceful and happy day! I was so happy to see Sister Lee, I wanted to cry!  We had a lesson with Jeremy again, and his two roommates were there. Adrian came with us, and he used to know all of them, so we convinced the two roommates to stay. The lesson was AMAZING. The spirit was so strong, and we talked about the Book of Mormon and had a little talk about the Restoration. They totally felt the spirit. They even said they would come to the next lesson if they were at home.

Saturday was great too! Sister Cook and I made goals, had weekly planning, contacted some potentials, and then had lessons pretty much every hour! We had a lesson with Jeremy again and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. One of his roommates was gone, but the other woke up, realized we were there, and then he came down to join in! We had lessons with Alainya, Nick, and Nicole (which was at the park, and it was beautiful out)! I love Vegas weather, by the way. It's like 80 here already - and we're soaking it up, until it hits the 100's at least! We had a quick dinner at Adrian's house, and then went to our last lesson. Our last lesson was a pass off lesson from some of the Elder's. We plugged in the address to our GPS, and we followed its route. It took us out to Boulder City (which is our area, it's just really far away), and then it told us that we were in the wrong place... apparently the address was in Henderson, but our GPS freaked out! We were so late, it was bad, but they were all just cracking jokes about us, hahaha. It was with a guy named Ken, who is looking for good morals and good friends. He already watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration! By himself! It was awesome! Such a good lesson! We all talked for a little bit afterwards and then went home. GREAT DAY! 

Sunday was our Easter Program at church. Ken came and stayed for all three hours! He loved it, and everyone was super nice to him! We had dinner with a member who had a friend there that wants to meet with us, and then we had a few other lessons. Some of the Sister's accidentally pocket dialed us, and they were street contacting - it was so funny, we listened for the whole street contact and then texted them afterwards! It was hilarious. 

There is so much work here! We are so busy all the time, we had 3 baptisms this weekend, and we have lessons planned for almost every hour all week already! 

I love Sister Cook so much! Oh, one highlight of the week... Sister Cook wanted to dye her hair blonde, so we did... and it was so horrible! It turned bright orange! She wanted it though! So she gave it one night, and then woke up and said, "Sister, I can't even go out in public like this..." So we dyed it back brown... but ran out of dye halfway through, and had to go to the store with her hair HALF BROWN and HALF ORANGE. She was like, "I look like Cruella De Vil!" Hahahaha, I was laughing so, so, so hard. I made her let me take a picture - which I will send next week. It was so funny. We get along great and have an awesome bond. I love her.

Have a great week! I love you all!

Love, Sister Coltrin
"I was freaking out, but i finally said, "I'LL DO IT!"
I am awesome...but I may have cried a little before I did it."


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