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This week has been great! We have been finding new people and have been seeing a lot of miracles in our area! I absolutely love my companion, Sister Ena, we have so much fun together. This week has had ups and downs - with President and Sister Neider leaving in just a few weeks, we are pretty sad, they will be missed. 

Let’s see if I can remember what we did this week! I don't have my planner with me right now, so I have to just go off my memory... so this could be interesting. 

Well, first off, it is starting to get SO hot! You know you're in Vegas when you get in your car at 8:45pm and it's 100 degrees outside. Ugh. And this week we started hitting the 110s. It kind of stinks when you leave your backpack in the car for 20 minutes and all your favorite chapsticks and all the starbursts in your backpack melt... oops. Gross.

Last Monday our District went out to Nelson to the old mines! A member and his family own the mines out there, so we got to go for free. It was super fun! We started off with a tour of their house/museum, and then went through their yards with all this cute, old stuff... All I could think of was how much Sister Murphy would have LOVED it! And then we went through the mines, it was awesome! They are pretty much self air-conditioned, it felt so good. There was a part where the guys turned off all the lights and it was SO dark! I couldn't see my hand in front of my face - and yes, I did try! Our district took a bunch of pictures, including one where 4 of the Elders tried to fit into a small bathtub... yikes. 

Tuesday we had a few lessons. We are still trying to get a hold of Ken, we haven't seen him in a while. We are still meeting with Travis, Maddy, Brian, Joe, Nathan, and our recent converts! We invited Travis and Maddy to be baptized this week and they both accepted! They are so awesome! We met with Travis and taught him the second and third lessons this week, and with Maddy we did the 10 commandments and all that they entail. Joe is doing awesome, he is still coming to church, and he even texted us this week because we hadn't seen him in a few days and he wanted us to come over!
Wednesday we spent the day trying to contact some referrals, and we set up a few appointments for this coming week. In the middle of the day, the Zone Leaders called and asked Sister Ena if her and all the other Poly's in our zone would sing a musical number (for the next day...) so we called them all and we all met at the church and put a song together - it was AWESOME.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference - our last one with President and Sister Neider. It was a super sad day! The Poly's sang their song, a Samoan song and "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" in English and Samoan. We were all crying. I love the Neider's so much.
Friday was a normal day, we had some lessons and contacted people.

Saturday was probably the highlight of the week! We had Zone Training Meeting (and it actually ended on time...)! That night though, was the BEST! There is a member of our ward who had a sister getting married and her reception was that night. He signed up to feed us, and their family wanted us to come (we go to a LOT of Polynesian things, thanks to Sister Ena!). They're Tongan, so needless to say, we had to be there. It was Elder Latu's cousin, so he and Elder Rogers were there as well - sitting at the Bridal Party table. It was hilarious to see this long table of Tongans, and then this one little, white kid, hahaha! The whole thing was SO FUN! There was Tongan food, and we ate with our hands, and they all had their cultural dances, it was a blast! I was laughing the whole time!
Sunday, we had Travis, Maddy, and Brian all at church! We have such an awesome ward, they all fellowship our investigators so well! We love them! We had meetings from 10:30 until church started at 2:00, and then right after church we grabbed some food from our ward linger longer, and headed off to the last "Why I Believe" fireside! The fireside was SOOOO good, and President and Sister Neider spoke at the end to say goodbye. It was sad, again, but still good. I love the “Why I Believe” firesides, plus we get to see like, all the missionaries there! I love that. Tons of my favorite missionaries are leaving this transfer, so I got to say goodbye to them too.
Today is p-day, and we got our hair cut this morning at a member's salon. It was super nice of her! We have been in a water balloon war this afternoon as a zone, and I'm sitting here typing while I'm drenched. Got to get back to the war!

I love you! Ofa Atu!

Love, Sister Coltrin
The Mines and the surrounding area



Rattle Snakes!
Our District at Zone Conference

President and Sister Neider with Sister Ena and Sister Coltrin

"Sister C and the Polys"

There is a whole pig at the wedding reception!

"LOOK! I'm practically Tongan."


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