Tuesday, December 2, 2014

One Week

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF MY MISSION? What the heck, where has the time gone. I am full of different emotions. I am sad to leave, but happy to be able to go home and apply all the things I've learned on my mission into real life. I am definitely excited to be a missionary for life though. If there's one thing I've come to love, it's sharing the Gospel.

This week was great (and also not-so-great, hahaha)! Monday I can't remember what we did for p-day. Oh wait, yes I do - our district went bowling! It was so fun! I'm terrible at bowling, obviously, but it was great. When we came home, I was starting to get itchy. I realized that, once again, I was covered from head to toe in hives! Ah! I showered off, and covered myself in anti-itch cream, and then we went to the Gough's, and Brother Gough gave me a blessing. After that we went to teach Fidel, and we did the Church, Pray, Read lesson with cups - he loved it! We also got to go and see Gabe and teach him the 10 commandments. I love seeing Gabe and his little brother, Jimmy, and their sister, Talitha! They are all so fun! 

Tuesday at District Meeting (sorry, I mean "District Council" since they are making us all call it that now) we learned all about the Church's new "He is the Gift" initiative! Have you heard of it? Go to christmas.mormon.org and watch the video, and then share it using #sharethegift ! It is seriously a great video. Go watch it! We got to see Fidel again, and then for lunch, the Hightower's invited us over for their early Thanksgiving meal! It was awesome! Sister Hightower made us the cutest little turkeys with candy feathers! They are cute. We love the Hightower's. We stopped by to see the Witz family as well, and Stan taught us some self defense moves, hahaha! We saw Gabe that afternoon and then had dinner with the Hidden Canton Leavitt's! They made us pizza... but instead of bread they used rice. It was actually awesome! We met with Orion at the church before they left for their Young Men's activity at the Pin-Ball Hall of Fame. One of Orion's friends, Noah, stopped in and asked if he could sit in on the lesson. He is a member in the ward, and it was so sweet to hear him help Orion and bear his testimony to him. We went to see Kaycee and go over the baptismal interview question with her, and then went to see Priscilla. We taught her the Restoration! Afterwards, we went in to see Sister Daniels (who Priscilla lives with) and talk to her. She has to most amazing stories, especially her conversion story. We could tell she was struggling, so we asked her what we could do (she is really sick with MS), so she asked if the next day we could dust her shelves! We happily agreed to, of course! 

Wednesday morning we went to Sister Daniels home and cleaned (more than just dusting the shelves, of course!) for a while! It was great - I love helping. The middle of the day was the best - Shealeigh (AKA SISTER SMITH) came with her parents and took us out to lunch at Five Guys! IT WAS SO FUN! I love Sister Smith! 

*Note: I am running out of time, so this is going to get way less interesting* 

Thursday morning at 1am I woke up feeling really sick... and then threw up. And then continued to throw up every 45 minutes. Hooray for getting the flu on Thanksgiving! We had to cancel all our fun activities and I slept the whole day. We stopped at Walmart to get me some Gatorade and Meds, and I thought I was going to pass out - so I had to sit on the floor of Walmart. Yes, everybody, I am officially one of "those" people. Hahahha. What a memorable Thanksgiving! Luckily our wards are great and tons of people took care of us and brought Sister Chevalier Thanksgiving leftovers! And, on the bright side, I got to watch the "Joy to the World" video about nine thousand times, so I'm really in the Christmas spirit! :) 

Friday was the same thing... hahaha. 

Saturday was also the same thing. But Saturday was my official 18 month mark! 

Sunday I was feeling better, and had started eating some solid food again. We went to church, and the Gough's invited us over for their delayed Thanksgiving meal! It was so fun! I absolutely love that family. That night we got to go to a baptismal service with Kaycee and Sister Smith so that Kaycee could see what a baptism is like (she is a bit nervous). At the baptism, there was a guy there that spoke and shared something about serving a mission in Michigan! Naturally I had to ask where, and, no kidding, he served in HOLLAND! He remembered Brother Bartels (the older one) being the Bishop, and Bishop Bartels (the younger) being the Ward Mission Leader!!!! It was awesome!! 

Fun week! Okay, pray for me and my last week on a mission. I need it! 

Have a good week, I love you all! Talk to you next week for a last email!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Bowling on P-day with the District
Chevalier, Rawlins, Rich, Medeiros, Beers, Coltrin, Herron

Sister Coltrin and Sister Chevalier at the Hightower's for early-week Thanksgiving!


Sister Coltrin and Sister Chevalier with the Hightower's

Sister Chevalier, Jimmy, Gabe (our 9 year old investigator), Talitha, and Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin reunited with Sister Shealeigh Smith

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