Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Every Week is Pretty Awesome


This has been a pretty awesome week. But lets be honest, every week is pretty awesome. 

First of all, Mom, I live on Nellis, between Bonanza and Stewart, in an apartment complex called "Oasis Springs". Dad told me that you were dying to stalk me... Also, speaking of that, we saw the Google maps car the other day! So if you see a silver 2012 Chevy Malibu with a bike rack on the back driving on Bonanza east towards the temple, that's us. 

On Monday, we had P-Day and then went to dinner with some of our singles, Araceli and Vianney. Araceli is the one who texted you the pictures of me and Sister Sneidere. After dinner we taught Family Home Evening for our singles ward. We taught about member missionary work and had it be like a mini MTC. We challenged them to invite their friends to come to our "movie night" and watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. Hooray for new finding ideas because it's too hot to street contact.  It was 122 earlier this week. 

Speaking of that, we went out one day in the morning from 10-12...we didn't realize how hot it was. We got a looooot of sun, which means cool tan lines... At the end, Sister Sneidere was like "Wow, I'm feeling chills! This is so cool!" I was like, uh yeah, that means we have to go inside. We stopped at a gas station and got water. 

Also, Abraham is the one who sent you pictures and a video on the 4th of July. Yes, of course I wore my "4th of July outfit".  No worries though, because I was also able to wear green earrings with my 4th of July outfit for green Thursday with Carson. I'm cool. 

4th of July was really fun! We were supposed to be in at 6 p.m.  So we went to a member's house from the family ward and had dinner.  They have a 15 year old boy and he came downstairs wearing all brown.  He said "you all are dressed in red, white, and blue, and I'm here wearing brown, for good 'ol American soil." I died of laughter and thought "oh my gosh, it's like Dad and his Christmas tie" hahahahha.  Then we came home and planned and then we got to watch movies. So we watched The Best Two Years and 17 Miracles. Sister had never seen TB2Y's before and she was laughing so hard, it was cute. 

She is so funny, she doesn't always get the American sayings right, so we just laugh and make some joke about her being Latvian. We get a lot of street contacts because we pretend like she can’t pick up social cues to go away because she is foreign, haha. 

Since this is a super Hispanic area, we get a lot of Hispanic food, and we have discovered that they have some suuuuper great drinks, like sandia, horchata, and jamaica. Sandia is my favorite. It's basically like drinking a watermelon. Literally. Sooooo good.

So, as you know, we do morning sports everyday. Whenever a round of a game starts (like when we kick off for knacke or frisbee or something) the Polynesians always yell "FOR _____" and the home place of whoever is kicking it off. For me they never yell "FOR MICHIGAN" they just yell "FOR BYU". 

I got letters from Andrea, Kevin, Heather, and their girls, Lauren, and Sister Moffitt! It was awesome, thanks! 

This week we got to go and do service. At first I was suuuuper hesitant because we were going to a horse farm, and well, we all know how that went the last time I did service at a horse farm... but it was SOOOOO fun. We got to wash little ponies! And walk them on the streets!  It took 3 Elders, Sister Sneidere and myself to keep the ponies locked down so we could put water on them and scrub them down. It was probably hilarious to watch. It took forever, but was really fun.

It rained this week!!!!!!! It never rains here! It was pouring and we had a ton of flash flood warnings. So cool and so fun. And I saw the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen in my entire life, the sun was bright red and the sky was purple. I didn't have my camera, of course. 

We live right next to a Taco Bell. One day we were pulling out of our apartment complex and the Taco Bell was roped off and there were like 10 police cars there. Later we found out that there was a dead body found behind Taco Bell! So sketchy. 

OKAY - Lenny got baptized on Sunday! Yay, finally! He was so happy and it was great. We are getting really good at planning baptisms, AND GUESS WHAT ELSE! Eder was there and we were talking to him and he said that he wanted to pick the topic for our lesson on Tuesday - so we asked what he wanted to talk about, and he said "baptism". He has been thinking of a baptismal date this whole week, of when he thinks he will be ready. Anddddd... Eder is being baptized this coming Saturday!!! He is literally the perfect investigator. We found him 3 weeks ago on the street and he is being baptized this week. We are so excited. He is so ready and so willing to follow anything Heavenly Father wants him to do. 

We are still meeting with Adrian as well, and he wants to be baptized soon as well! The problem is that he is a security guard only on the weekends, so he works every Sunday. Pray that he gets Sundays off, or finds a new job. 

Thanks for all the support and the letters and emails. I love you and miss you! 

Love,  Sister Coltrin 

PS. Mom and Dad, I am laughing so so hard about all the tooth-ache stuff.
Sister Coltrin, Lenny, and Sister Sneidere


and washing little ponies.

Festive 4th of July outfits

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  1. I got you're letter back Cassie! Thanks! Glad to hear you're doing great! Love you :)