Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thanks for your Support, Letters and Prayers!

Thanks everyone for all the emails and the letters! You all are awesome!! 

Sister Fields and I had to speak in sacrament meeting at church yesterday. It went well! Although we hated sitting on the stand and not being with investigators, it was fine. Everyone came up to us afterwards and told us how awesome we are... so I guess that was a bonus. 

Eder and Adrian got confirmed too! We were worried because Adrian was a few minutes late to church. Eder was getting confirmed, and Adrian still wasn't there. We had to leave the stand to go find him! But they're confirmed, so it's all good. We also had 3 new investigators just show up at church, what a blessing!  It was sweet! 

On Tuesday it was one of our Elder's birthday. He doesn't eat sweets, so we made him a "cake" out of fruit - it was AWESOME. I'll send a picture.  He leaves for Peru tomorrow, after waiting for his visa for 5 months. Crazy. 

Wednesday we had Zone Training, and one set of the AP's were there. They introduced themselves as each other... it was so funny... especially when one introduced his companion as, "Hi, I'm Elder Shorter, I'm from Washington DC, I recently got 'Dear-John'ed, and I'm a Mormon." Haha…poor guy.   

Later on Wednesday, we got to take a family on a tour around the temple!  Sister Fields and I also got to go to the temple on Wednesday! It was awesome! 

On Thursday we were on our way to an appointment and there was a huge accident that was right outside of our apartment complex. There were so many cars, and a ton of traffic. A police man came up to our car and said, "Hi Sisters!" He talked to us for a while, and asked us if we had an appointment. Then, he went back out into the road, stopped all the other cars, and let us go! It was awesome! 

We had a really, really, really awesome lesson with Tony this week. We took him on a tour around the temple. We talked about the plan of salvation and how the temple has a huge role in that. We talked about doing work for the dead. The Spirit was so, so strong. It was the first time Tony had smiled in a long time. He lost his brother about a year ago, and the knowledge of the plan of salvation was exactly what he needed. Ah! The Gospel is just so true! We got to bring him into the lobby and the atrium of the Temple. He could see that the atmosphere just changed instantly. He was so peaceful. 

Good news! Cristal's doctor told her that it's a miracle! Her heart is healthy!! Thank you all for your prayers for her! What a blessing!! 

I also got a visit from Diane this week! We were able to go out to lunch with her! It was so much fun to see her. She brought me my pillow pet- yessss.
We got to do service for a man in one of the wards. It was crazy! He has several  huge backyards, and the backyards are full of a bunch of scrap metal! So we got to help him sort it and put stuff on a trailer! All the missionaries were there, it was fun.

On Saturday, we attended a baptism for some other missionaries in our district. Sister Fields felt really sick, and after the baptism she passed out. So we stayed at the church building for a while afterward until she was sort of okay. One of our members brought us pizza to the church! 

We had combined dinners with Elder Rogers and Elder Johnson a few times a week. Elder Rogers has a 4 year old girl laugh, and it is so, so funny. We were all together the other day and we were laughing, and he just curled up into a ball on the floor and laughed for like 5 minutes- we were all dying. 

Sister Fields borrowed Sister Bohling's bike! So now we can ride bikes sometimes! We are going to ride them street contacting and to morning sports. 

Thanks for your support, letters, and prayers. I love you and miss you!

Love, Sister Coltrin
Diane Ellison and Sister Coltrin

Sister Fields and Sister Coltrin with the "little bity car" that Diane drove

"The awesome fruit cake we made for Elder Rapoza."

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