Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Miracle Week

Can I just say how much I love being a missionary? Uh, I love it. Sister Fields and I are working really, really hard. Although it's not about the numbers, it is about the souls, and you can count souls. Our companionship goal for this transfer is 8 baptisms and we are already half way there. We have had a really awesome week!  

Last week on P-day we took a really long nap. It was much needed and it was awesome. Then we went to Family Home Evening did all the cool stuff that YSA sister missionaries get to do. I am dreading the day that I get transferred into a family ward. I love being over the singles ward! 

We got a TON of referrals this week. Seriously, like 45. That is ridiculous. Usually we get 3 or 4 a week. One of them happened to be from some of our Elders, Elder Tongi and Elder Thomas. On Wednesday, Sister Fields and I went to knock on her door. As we were knocking, we looked at each other and pointed at the door behind us. We both said, "We need to knock on that door." It was so crazy. We were both inspired to knock on the other door. A really tall 19 year old boy answered the door. Alan Brown. We gave him a mormon.org card and told him to text us his thoughts about it. 20 minutes later, he texted us and said, "I don't know where or what time, but I am going to church." We were screaming in our car. What a miracle. 

Also on Wednesday, our Zone Leaders, Elder Lovell and Elder Mojica had a referral and they wanted us to take her around the temple on a tour. So we met them at the temple so they could tell us what they wanted us to do. Afterwards, we were talking to them right before we were getting in our cars to leave. An elderly man came up to all of us and started telling us how great we are for being missionaries. We were standing across from the Elders and he told us all to look across at each other. We figured he was going to say something like, "Think about how great of a missionary that person is," buuuuut of course not. He said, "Look across and think what great eternal companions they would make." We all busted up laughing. We seriously could not stop laughing. It was so awkward.  We still joke about it. 

On Wednesday night we had dinner at a member's house (Abraham's house) and Eder and another member were there too. Abraham and Eric and Sister Fields and I told mission stories and I'm pretty sure Eder thinks that missionaries are crazy. It was a lot of fun. 

That night Tony texted us! He started meeting with us and Adrian in June, but Tony stopped meeting and didn't get in contact with us. But he finally did! And he is ready now to accept the Gospel. Adrian came to the lesson that we had with him. It was so awesome to have Adrian teach him and bear his testimony. What a spiritual experience. He is set for baptism on the 24th! 

Thursday night we met with Jared. A little background, since we are a singles ward we cover three stakes - Central, East, and Sunrise. Jared lives with a newly married couple that is in the East Stake, in Sister Cummings ward. He should go to the singles ward, buuuut he is super stubborn and won't go to church or have lessons unless this newly married couple is there. Sister Cummings and her companion have taught Jared almost all of the lessons. She said they just can't get him to do anything, so they wanted us to try. So they passed him off to us. We're pretty bold, so hopefully we'll be able to help him. Pray for that. 

Friday we have weekly planning. We hate weekly planning. So naturally we had to have stuffed crust pizza to make it a little more bearable. While we were planning, we were thinking of how we could find new people. Our area is broken up into zones, so we decided that we would both write down on a sticky note which areas we thought we should street contact in each day. We prayed and then both of us wrote down 3 zones for each day. We compared them once we were done and every single day matched. The Spirit was so strong in our apartment. It was amazing! Heavenly Father really does direct our work. 

I have also gotten caught up on letters, so if you have written to me recently, expect a letter soon! 

On Saturday, some of the Spanish Elder's had to turn their car into the mission office to go back to Salt Lake. We had to drive them back home and then we had to give them rides when they needed them. We drove over 100 miles! Precious miles going to waste. Oh well, I guess it's service. We also helped a few people move. And we had an appointment with Luce, who we meet a few weeks ago (street contact that turned into 5 hours of service). The Spanish Elder's were there since we were passing her off to them. It was so tiring trying to listen to everyone speak in Spanish. We wish we spoke Spanish. 

We had our last pre-baptism lessons with Eder and Adrian! We had mini-testimony meetings. Adrian told us how thankful he was to us for teaching him and helping him to receive the Gospel. It was really amazing. Plus, after our lesson, a member that helped us with the lesson brought us smoothies! 

Our recent convert, Karl, signed up to help us with lessons on Saturday night! The appointment fell through so we took him street contacting with us. It was great and he invited someone to come to church!  He wants to go on a mission and he will be an amazing missionary. 

Sunday was awesome…the only bad part was that we got asked to speak in church next Sunday. I hate writing talks. Ugh. 

We had asked Elder Howe what his favorite dessert was and he told us that it was sweet potato casserole... whatever that is. So we got the recipe and made it for him because Sunday was his birthday. He has seemed really homesick or sad or something, so we have been trying to be friends with him. He was so happy that someone actually cared enough to do something for his birthday! It was awesome!

When we were at church, our ward clerk came up to us and told us that our Bishop said that Sister Fields and I are the best set of missionaries that the Temple View YSA ward has ever had! He said we work really hard and we are really good for the ward. It was one of the coolest compliments ever! I love our ward. 

ALSO... double baptism! Eder and Adrian are FINALLY baptized! They were so happy! The whole room was PACKED, there weren't enough chairs! People had to stand outside of the room and listen! What a blessing. I love being a missionary. Can you believe that we just ran into Eder on the street a few weeks ago? Total life change. 

Sister Fields is amazing. I love her and I love working with her. Pray that we find people to teach and that we reach our goal! 

Las Vegas is the best. 

I love and miss you all!

Love, Sister Coltrin
Sister Coltrin, Adrian and Sister Sneidere in spirit

Sister Coltrin, Eder, Sister Fields

Sister Fields, Sister Coltrin, Adrian, Nick (and Abraham in the background)
Our members are awesome and they love us!

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