Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally Teaching Again

Thanks for making my birthday awesome! Letters and packages and emails galore! My zone was super nice and had a little party for me - complete with piƱata. It was a really good day. Plus I got dessert three times, so not a bad day at all...  

Well, after a looooong dry spell, we finally got to teach some really good lessons this week!  For the past few weeks, as you know, people have been really flaky on lessons. We had about 30 planned, and none of them actually happened. And Tony was out of town, so we really had no one to teach. 

We were so blessed though! We were contacting a lot of potentials, so we were in the car almost all day. Almost every neighborhood here is gated, so it's really hard to contact potentials, as you can imagine. But this week was awesome! Every time that we got up to a gated community, someone was just punching in the gate code, so we always got in! Yay for sneaky missionaries. There was one time when we were at the gate trying to guess the number (usually #000000 works) and a kid came up and just typed the code in for us! It was awesome!  

We got to meet with Karl and have a really awesome lesson around the temple. We talked about the plan of salvation and focused on baptisms for the dead. We have been talking about the temple a lot with out recent converts. We are trying to plan a special temple trip to do baptisms and we got permission from President to go with them! We are really excited. We love doing temple tours with people. The Spirit is so strong on the temple grounds. 

We finally met with Huey! He was at Yung's house when we went over to visit him a few weeks ago. The weird thing is that we haven't been able to teach Yung since then, but Huey has come to church and we got to teach him this week! We went to a member's home. And just let me tell you about this member. His name is Adam. He got home from a mission in the Philippians about 6 months ago. He is basically the best missionary in the entire world. Yung asked some really hard questions, and Adam just answered them, using scriptures and pictures, like it was no big deal. Sister Fields and I basically just sat there with our jaws dropped the whole time (not really, but... yeah really). It was one of our best lessons yet. We literally got in the car and SCREAMED the whole way home because we were so happy. And it was a 20 minute drive. Needless to say, we will be meeting with Huey again soon.  

We have been meeting with a less active that is in our ward, Matthew. He is really awesome. He was in the marines. He has never really had a testimony, but he is tired of not really knowing for himself. Sister Fields and I know that we are supposed to be here for Matthew. He told us that other sets of missionaries have tried to help, but they always give up after a while. We haven't given up and he just clicks with us. We brought one of his friends (a really awesome member, Willie) to help us teach him. We have been talking a lot about The Book of Mormon and prayer with him. He has opened up to us so much, and really does want to know for himself. Pray that he will be able to sort things out and get an answer!

Fernanda is another one of our recent converts. We love her. We have been meeting with her a lot lately and she is so awesome. I feel like I learn from her every time we meet with her! She has such a strong testimony and she applies the things that she learns from reading scriptures and such. She is so great!

We got a new investigator named Dillan this week! Apparently missionaries have visited him a lot, they are just never consistent. He is ready. So we told him that we would be consistent. He came to church on Sunday and stayed all three hours! 

On Wednesday, Sister Fields and I helped Elder Rogers and Elder Johnson out with a youth fireside about missionary work. It was the first time that I have been in charge of a fireside! It was really awesome and went really well! Since the Elders aren't as "exciting" and "fun" as we are (their words, not mine) we had to help them out. So we started with a mini training about missionary work and inviting people to do things, like come to church, or meet with missionaries, or come to seminary, things like that, or even just playing basketball at church. Then we split into different rooms and did role plays with them. I think they all really enjoyed it. We were relaxed and fun, so they knew that we were there to help them. It was awesome! 

We had one reaaaally awkward dinner this week with a family in the Elder's ward. They proceeded to tell us all about how they had home birth's with 4 of their children and, yeah, I'll just leave it at that. Yay for awkward dinners! At least the food was good. 

Speaking about food, we got to go to IHOP twice this week. The Conger's took us out for breakfast one day (their son serves in our home mission) and a member took us there for dinner the next. We love IHOP. 

So, cool thing, our mission and the Las Vegas West mission are combining tomorrow in the West mission for training from Elder Neil L Anderson and Tad R Callister! We are so excited! We get to leave mission boundaries AND be trained by an Apostle! What the heck! Maybe I'll see Elder Adams while we are in the West mission! 

We met with a returned sister missionary that is one of our ward missionaries. She is so organized and has such good ideas. She helps us a lot and gives us a lot of cute stuff to use and ideas on object lessons. Nancy Brown is probably the best sister missionary in the whole entire world. She served in Chicago! We love her. 

We were sick of eating candy and ice cream, so we sent out a mass text to all the Elders saying that whoever responds first gets all our candy and ice cream. The responses were so short, it was so funny. "US" "GIVE" "WE" hahaha. It ended up being the Zone Leaders, so we went to their apartment to drop off all our junk food... 4 cartons of ice cream and a bunch of candy... oops. Anyway, we were at the door and right above their door there is a leaking pipe, so it is all wet there. AND THERE WERE MUSHROOMS GROWING AT THE DOOR. It was so nasty and so funny! 

That's about it for this week. We have some new faces in our zone. One of our old AP's is now in our zone, so everyone was really weird at first, but now it's normal. 

Hope you're all having a good week!

Love, Sister Coltrin

PS: One day this week is was SEVENTY-SEVEN DEGREES. We were excited beyond all belief.


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