Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday!

What the heck, I am 20 years old today!  Transfers are this week. Anddddd... I'M STAYING IN SUNRISE WITH SISTER FIELDS! Yes…6 more weeks in the best zone ever. Unfortunately some of our favorite missionaries are being transferred, but I'm glad to be here nonetheless.  

This week was pretty slow, we had about 30 lessons planned, and they ALL fell through. It was a major bummer. But we got to work with a lot of less actives, so that is good. 

So we were running low on miles this week, being the last week of the month. We eventually ran out of miles... so we walked. We walked 18 miles one day! It was crazy. I didn't get any blisters but Sister Fields feet are torn up. We were so dead at the end, and all of a sudden a car pulled over and it was Karina! One of our favorite members! She just said, "Get in the car" and she dropped us off where we were going. 

We also went on exchanges this week. Our Sister Training Leader called us in the afternoon and asked us if we could exchange that night.  We were not thrilled with the super short notice but our Ward Mission Leader brought us Mike and Ikes and stuffed crust pizza and that put us in a good mood. 

I got to be with Sister Cheatham for the day. We had a good day!  We went and did service for a member of our ward.  It was good to have an opportunity to serve. Sister Cheatham is really sweet! 

Huey came to church! He had a great time. He said he wanted to meet with us sometime this week and then come to church again on Sunday! He is so polite and awesome. He is from China. 

This week we had cleaning inspections. Karina brought us all new cleaning supplies, and we went all out. We wiped up a bunch of mold and way nasty stuff. Our apartment is old and gross. But we got a 10! Boom. We are awesome. 

We had dinner at Abraham's house this week (and we are emailing from his house right now since it is a holiday). It was a lot of fun. Good dinner and we got to meet his awesome cousin who is visiting from Mexico! She is super cute and nice. 

We also had dinner at the Congoor's house. Their son is serving in our home mission, the Michigan, Lansing mission!  It's cute, they have a big map of Michigan up and they put his picture where he is serving. 

We attempted to take zone pictures at our zone training, since lots of us are leaving, but they failed miserably. Like, really bad. 

Pray for new investigators! We are really struggling to find people to teach. Also, pray for Tony. He is going through a hard time. Hopefully he will be able to meet with us this week so he can be baptized this weekend. 

We have been challenging people to read the entire Book of Mormon. I want to challenge you all to do that as well! Prayerfully pick a date to finish by and read! We have cute charts that people fill out as they read. I'll send you one if you want! I'm almost in Helaman! 

The Church is true. Thanks for all the support and emails and letters!  Happy Labor Day!

Love, Sister Coltrin
Sister Coltrin and Sister Fields at Institute

Dinner at the Congoor's
Dinner at the Congoor's
20th Birthday Celebration!

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