Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Brand New Transfer

Well, the first week of this transfer was pretty good! Slow, but good. I'm so glad I get to be with Sister Robinson for another transfer - can you believe this is my 11th transfer!?
Monday night we had dinner with one of our favorite people - Heather! She is so sweet and always makes us laugh. Plus for dessert, she got us "Nothing Bundt Cake" which is possibly one of the greatest places that Henderson, Nevada has to offer. We also got to go to Family Home Evening for a little while, but none of our investigators ended up there, so we left to contact people.
Tuesday we met with Travis in the morning, and he told us that he has a friend that he wants to bring to take lessons with us! Can you believe he was baptized barely a month ago? He's amazing! We contacted people all day, had port-of-subs on Jillian's couch for dinner, since she's still moving in (it was probably one of my favorite dinners, soooo relaxed, yay!) :) That night we met with another recent convert that just moved into our ward, Derek. He is so cool! All of his friends at work ask him really tough questions and he just bears his testimony to them!
On Wednesday and Thursday ALL of our lessons cancelled without fail! It was pretty rough. But on Thursday we had an awesome District Meeting and got super pumped for the transfer!
Friday we had an awesome lesson about church and the importance of the sacrament and baptism with Jasmine. We invited her to be baptized on Sept 6 and she said yes! We were so happy for her! We also went to Boulder City that night and got to see a few people.
Saturday we met with Alainya - she is seriously one of my best friends! I love her. We read about Abish and her example of faith and missionary work. Then we went to see Alan, another recent convert (he got the Priesthood on Sunday, yay!). We also saw Derek again and helped to answer some of the hard questions that his friends ask him.
After that, Heather came and picked me up, and Sister Robinson went with another member, and I got to go and have dinner with SISTER FIELDS!  We went to Sister Addington's house from my last area! It was so good to be back and to see her! We drove back to Sunrise, my first area, after dinner to go to a baptism! David Ortega, after 11 months of being taught, finally was ready to enter the waters of baptism - we were so, so happy, and it was such a spiritual experience. We love David! Sister Fields and I had some of our very best lessons with him, he is so receptive to the Spirit. After that, we stopped at a few houses - to see some families that fed us that we LOVE, and to see some recent converts that we taught! It was such a great night! Then, the Christensen's took me back to Eldorado, so I got to chat with them for a little while! I miss and love them so much! It was a GREAT night!
Sunday was the normal church routine. We had one of our investigators pull a prank on us... So, earlier in the week, we were trying to set up an appointment with Molly. She was super busy and so we texted her to see if she was going to come to church. She responded and told us that she was going to go to church with a guy that she recently met. We were heartbroken, since we had already lost so many investigators that week! When we walked into church, we saw Adrian walk in with Molly, and Molly waved at us - we ran over to her! She and Adrian said that they met at work and decided that they had to pull a prank on us - it sure worked haha! But we were so happy that she was there and loved it. After church there was a linger longer... we got there last and didn't get any food, hahaha - but luckily someone in our ward was having a s'mores party that night, so on the way home, we stopped by to make a quick s'more!

We are excited for a new week! Love you all!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin, Cristal, and Sister Fields

Sister Fields, David Ortega, Sister Coltrin

Sister Fields, Des, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin, Sister Olsen, Sister Fields

Sister Fields, Kimberlin, Sister Coltrin

Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin

"Our secret place - LOOK AT THAT VIEW!"
Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson


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  1. Looks like the work is going forward for you and your companion Sister Coltrin and I am sure that this week will be marvelous as you are teaching the gospel to those who want to hear the truth. I know the Lord will guide you and Sister Robinson to know where to go to find the people who are searching for the truth. Keep up the Great Work! The Lord is proud of you and I as your cousin am very proud of you too. I love you! Love, Nikki Perron Maynard