Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What A Week

What. A. Week. We have been having such a good time here! We have had huge turning points with the people we are teaching. I just love being here and I love Sister Robinson. She's pretty much my best friend. But anyways, let’s start with Monday:
So on Monday, after we emailed, we met at the church and went out to the mines in Nelson again. I'd been there before, but since I've been here the longest, no one else had gone. It was a lot of fun! It's a really cool place to walk around and see all the different stuff that they've got. We had dinner with the Duck Family that night, and then had three lessons - with Alex, Shannon, and Eddie. Alex's lesson was so funny. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, which was actually a really awesome lesson, but right before the lesson started, his friends walked over (we meet at a park bench) super awkwardly. They don't like to stay for the lessons, but one walked over and was like, "Before you start, we all just had a quick question." We asked them what it was and he goes, "Well. Do you guys... party?" HAHAHAHA. We said no, and they said something about how they were going to invite us to some party, but never mind, it was just so funny. I was thinking, "I literally have a tag stuck to my shirt that says JESUS, and you're asking us if we party." It was just all so funny.
Tuesday we had 7 lessons planned with investigators, and well, all but 1 fell through. Rough day, but we had fun - of course. OH! That morning, I was blow-drying my hair, and when I turned on my hair-dryer it literally blew up. I mean, like, fire and sparks - the whole deal. It was nuts.
Wednesday was pretty funny. We took Marley out with us that morning and got to talk to some people for the first time, it was good! Then, it started POURING! Right after lunch, we were walking out to our car in the rain, and I KID YOU NOT, there was a kid moon-walking in the middle of the street in the pouring rain. He did the classic Michael Jackson spin, and then pretended like he hadn't seen us and said, "Oh my! How long you girls been standing there!?" It was so funny. His name was Deonze, and his cousin Cameron came running down the street, so we talked to them for a few minutes and set up a time to go back and see them. So funny. We got to meet with Alainya that afternoon, and then 2 more of our lessons cancelled because of the storms. We got to go out to Boulder City to have dinner with the Walton's, our Wednesday tradition. That night we met one of the less actives in our ward for the first time, and she told us about two of her non-member friends that she wants us to meet! She set up a time for us to go and teach them! She was super sweet.
Thursday we had District Meeting. We took Dessa out with us after wards, and WOW she is an awesome missionary! She was so good at talking to people, and really wanted to talk to everyone. It was sweet! We got doors open that had never opened before. We talked to this one guy, Glen, and set up an appointment with him for later that night, so we got to teach him later. He seemed pretty interested, and was sad when he had to miss church. We also got to see Jasmin that night and talk about Prophets. I think this was her turning point lesson. She totally understood that the Priesthood would be a necessary thing today, and she asked Amy (who is also a recent convert) a lot of questions about how she came to know the truth of the Gospel. It was amazing! We are really hoping that things will change for her because of this. We had dinner with our member that we painted for last week, and then had a lesson with Eddie and with Tonya.
Friday was weekly planning. We were supposed to meet with Deonze and Cameron that morning, but they weren't there. There was a younger kid inside that looked at us through the window and yelled, "My Mom isn't home right now!!" It was really funny. We had Kendra out with us - and we LOVE her! She is so funny. She has a ukulele in her car and she practices it at long stop lights! After Weekly Planning, we went to the Camadeco's who had a "mid-birthday" party for me and Sister Robinson. Since her birthday was the 2nd, and mine is the 2nd, they picked the 22nd to have us over for dinner. They had balloons in our favorite colors, and had sparkler candles on our dessert, and got us cute gifts! I love them! It was funny because earlier in the week they asked us what our favorite colors were, and Sister Robinson replied with, "Pink or red," and I just named a bunch of colors because I couldn't choose. Sister Camadeco looked up and said, "So you like pink, and you like... rainbow." Haha. After dinner at the Camadeco's, we got to go to the temple to help our recent converts do baptisms for the first time! It was so fun! We loved being there. Ivanneth, who was baptized back in April, brought her own family names, so that was a really cool experience. Our Relief Society President drove us there, and she was staying for a session, so we also got to stay and go to the temple! It was great.
Saturday we met with Christine in the morning, and they fed us brunch, which was sweet. We got to meet with a bunch of recent converts that day, Derek, Alan, and Travis. We also got to see Tonya, which was another really cool lesson. We taught her the 2nd half of the Plan of Salvation and also talked about where she is at with all the things that we have taught her. She talked about how she believes everything that we've taught her and how she hasn't found that in a long time. She loves it! We were so happy for her! She was going to try to come to church, but got called into work. We were supposed to meet with Jasmin, but she was gone, so we texted her and she said she would see us the next day at church.
Sunday was crazy. No one showed up to church (except Christine, in the family ward), and our Bishopric got released, and just a lot of other stuff was happening too. We were pretty sad! Church was good though. Tender moment when Joe came up to us at church and sat down and I helped him fill out a tithing slip for the first time in his life. I love that kid. Then we had home made mac and cheese with Alainya and Cody for dinner, after we had an awesome lesson with Christine, and then Glo (the less active we met on Wednesday) texted us and we stopped over on the way home to meet her and her friend. A good day!
Today we are going back to the Clark County Museum, and then are doing a few other things. It's going to be great!
Hope you have a great week! I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin
Adventures at the mines


Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson


Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin

Sister Robinson, Joe, Sister Coltrin
The mid-birthday party

Happy Almost Birthday!


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  1. Sounds to me like the work is going forth and that you are staying strong in the gospel. that is such a neat thing to see! I hope that you have an awesome week this week and I always love hearing about your weeks. I hope that you continue to be able to get many more people who want to learn about the gospel and you can be the one to teach them about it and maybe even baptize them. I love you!!!!!!!!! Love your cousin, Nikki Maynard