Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Well, it's the end of another transfer, and the beginning of a new. It's always so bitter-sweet! On Saturday we found out that Sister Robinson and I aren't going to be companions anymore - SO SAD. She's my best friend and we have had SO much fun together. This week we started making a "highlight reel" and a "blooper reel" list of our time together, and wow, we've just been laughing up a storm. We've had such good times and got a lot of good work done here. So, for my last two transfers (unless I get transferred for my last one... lets hope not) I'll be up in North Las Vegas, back to Vegas, baby! I am so excited! It's the "more humble area" of our mission, so I'm pumped! My companion is Sister Smith. She is from Canada, and actually goes home at the end of this transfer, so I'm her last companion! I'm excited.
This week was a great week! We hung out with one of our members on Monday, and then stopped by FHE and saw a few of our investigators.
Tuesday we saw Joe in the morning, and then we had lunch with one of our members that also cut our hair during lunch. After that we stopped by a referral that we got. It actually wasn't YSA, but we knocked on the door anyways. We went through their gate to their front door, and their fence breaking up their front and back yards had an open dog door. We knocked and then 2 pit bulls came running though the dog door! Needless to say, I was just a tad bit nervous about it. But they came to the door and were SO excited to see us! The lady told us that she wanted us to come back when her whole family was home, so we planned to come back with the Elders that are over that area a different night. It was awesome - and the dogs didn't even jump on us. :) 

We did more contacting that afternoon, and then had a lesson with a less active and his non-member girlfriend. It was really good, she had some questions, so we taught her the Restoration, and she said that it made sense and they said that they would read the Book of Mormon together. We also got to meet with one of our new investigators - Brandon! He is cool, his grandparents are members and kind of push him to join. We taught him the Restoration and he said it made sense and he thought he knew it was true, but unfortunately he had surgery and couldn't make it to church this week. We had dinner with MJ, and then had a lesson about blessings and the Priesthood with Jasmin. She's been really sick this week, and wanted a blessing, so we brought two of our ward members and they gave her a blessing. She thought it was amazing and said she already felt better! It was so sweet.
Wednesday we brought Alainya out with us in the morning, she's so fun :) All our lessons cancelled that day because everyone is sick! It was kind of a bummer, but we still had a good day. We got to go to the Walton's for dinner for my last time. I love the Walton's! Then we got to work in Boulder City for a bit and finish the night there. On the way home, we drove past the park because our ward was meeting there for someone's birthday party - but not just ANY birthday party! There is a girl in our ward named Jill, and every year for her birthday she throws a "JILLO" party (like Jello). So basically everyone brings tons and tons of jello, and pudding, and mushy food, and they have slip 'n' slides of whip cream, and they have a giant food fight and games with it all! It sounds and looks SO COOL!
Thursday we had our last district meeting! We each had our own circle table, and Elder Casagranda brought a huge dragon as a mascot. Yikes, haha. After that we went and did service, and had a few lessons. The coolest lesson was at the end of the night though! We had a pass off lesson, and the Elders came to meet the lady and her family that we met on Tuesday. The whole family was there, and their YSA-aged kids even stopped what they were doing to join in. They talked about how they've been searching and how they are looking for a church to call home. They were so prepared and golden. Oh my goodness. We talked to them for a little bit and prayed, and the Elders set up a time to meet with them again. I hope their kids will go to the YSA ward. They were awesome!
Friday was weekly planning and then we spent time in Boulder City. That night we turned into an apartment complex and there were like 3 fire trucks, 7 police cars, and 2 ambulances! It was crazy. There was a house fire. So we didn't get to meet with our investigator, but woah, it was nuts. We had dinner that night, and oh my gosh - they had the most annoying dog I've ever encountered. It would jump on us like every 3 minutes, and it would scratch us every time, and almost ripped a hole in my shirt. They didn't do anything about it! Sister Robinson and I walked out, and got in the car, and just yelled, "I HATE THAT DOG!" It was so annoying!
Saturday was fun! We were really nervous all day because we didn't know when transfer stuff would come. MJ came out with us from 10-2! It was awesome! I love her! We got to talk to a girl for a while and teach her on her front porch. We were there to see her brother, but he wasn't home. She was sweet! Then we went to have a lesson, but the guy wasn't there, but we street contacted this other guy instead and he was so COOL! He has tons of boats and RV's and cars that he fixes and sells, it was awesome. He talked to us for a long time, about how half his family is Mormon, and just about his life. He said he would love to come to church and activities, he was so nice, and we'll probably start teaching him soon. We also met an old guy that was outside, and he looked at our tags and said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? You guys are evil!" It was actually hilarious. We laughed for a while after that one. We went and got Dole Whip with the Walton's to say good-bye, and then went to get transfer stuff. We met with Glen and Tonya that night, and had dinner with Alainya and Cody's house. We were moving around and really busy so we didn't have time to process transfers, so when we had a minute to slow down and think, we both just sobbed about not being companions - it was a sight to see. I love Sister Robinson, she's my best friend. It was a great Saturday though!
Sunday was also cool. We had lunch with Adrian, and then smelled like bacon for the rest of the day. Ward Council, Coordination meeting, and then church. Travis Kim, a recent convert, spoke in church for the first time! It was so sweet, and we were so happy! He only got baptized 3 months ago! He also brought his non-member friend to hear him, he is awesome. We had a linger longer, and said goodbye to people, and then had dinner at Heather's house. We had a lesson with Eddie, and he said goodbye to me too. It was so sweet, I said the closing prayer, and at the end, he asked if he could pray too, so we let him, and he prayed for me to be safe in my new area and to find lots of people to help, and all that sort of stuff - it was one of the most tender moments of my mission. So sweet. We also stopped by to say bye to Christine. I love her! I love this place.
Today we are doing a district "ice bucket challenge". It's funny because we hear about it, but really have no idea what it is. But whatever, it's cool.
I'm excited for a new transfer in a new area with a new companion - pray for me!
I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin, Sister Robinson and the Walton's

Sister Coltrin, ward mission leaders Ryan and Josh, Sister Robinson

Sister Robinson, investigator Tonya, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin and MJ

Sister Coltrin and Eddie

Sister Coltrin and Joe

​Sister Coltrin and the Camadeco's

Tavin, Kendra, Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson

Sister Robinson, Jennifer Duck, Sister Coltrin

Christine, Duke and Sister Coltrin

Sister Robinson, Joe and Sister Coltrin

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  1. well it sounds to me that no matter where you are at in your mission that you always find someone to teach the gospel to. You must just have that kind of a personality. I wish you well with your new companion and in your new area. I know that you will find many more people to teach the gospel to in your mission. Keep up the great work! The Lord is very proud of you and so am I! I love hearing your stories so please keep them coming. I love you! Love your cousin, Nikki Maynard