Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You Know It's A Good Week When...

You know it's a good week when you get to go to Cafe Rio three times! And can you even believe that I'll be 21 years old tomorrow!? Mission birthdays are the best!
Monday we went to the Clark County Museum! It was a lot of fun to walk around there. That night we went to Cafe Rio with MJ! We love her, she's the best. We got to meet with Christine that night as well! We love her so much - we are so excited for her baptism this weekend!  

Tuesday was Zone Conference. We were there from 9am until 4:30pm! It was soooooo long, haha! While we were eating lunch, I thought of you mom (since you were feeding the missionaries at their zone conference). After that we had dinner with Alan and Amaris, and they made us breakfast! We were so happy! We got to meet with Christine again that night. 

Wednesday was really busy! We met with Alainya in the morning to watch Finding Faith in Christ, and then met with Travis to talk about the Blueprints to Christ's Church talk. We've been talking to a lot of people about that one recently, it's so good! We took Shellie Gronning out with us and tried to see Eddie and some new people that we met - Angie and Taryn. We met them while Sister Robinson was backing me up in the car... haha, what a way to meet someone. They are both super nice though! Lunch at, can you guess? CAFE RIO. We got to see Jasmin and talk more about the Holy Ghost. Jasmin is so amazing, she is so sweet and loving! We have talked a lot with her about the basic fundamentals of the Gospel and how it can change us, and she really is starting to get it, and is understanding the Priesthood and the restoration. We re-set her, and now she is getting baptized on September 27th! We are so excited for her! We got to go out to Boulder City and have dinner with the Walton's - even though Bishop Walton just got released. That night we also got to have a lesson with Glo and her non-member boyfriend, David! He is French-Canadian, and has never grown up around religion, so he is interested in knowing how religion blesses other's lives. We talked a lot about Christ and who our Heavenly Father is. 

Thursday morning we walked around and contacted people for a while, and then we headed out to Boulder City to try to see some referrals that other missionaries gave us! Unfortunately, Thursday was just not my day... I turned onto a street that is normally 25, and I was going 28... but school started that week, and I forgot... so I was speeding in a school zone. And, of course, got pulled over for the first time in my life. $290 ticket and a court date for October, woo hoo! Happy birthday (and Christmas) to me! We went back to Henderson after I cried a little and had a lesson with Taryn, and another guy named Antonio that night. We had never met Antonio before, but he is living with his sister and her family who are all members, but he is not. It was hilarious! They were getting their little kids ready for bed, but they all came out to see the missionaries. So we sat down and talked with them for a little bit, and with Antonio, and then one of the kids asked us to sing "I Stand All Amazed" for him. Sister Robinson and I cracked up, and told him that he picked the wrong sisters to sing for him - because we are terrible singers! But he insisted, so we had him sing it with us. All of us sang it together in the living room, and WOW was it bad. But it was so funny and sweet.

Friday we met with our former investigator, Crystal! We missed her. We got to watch a short Mormon message, "Good Things to Come" with her. She loved it and said that it really helped her. Mormon messages are so good! If you haven't seen them, visit www.mormonmessages.org and watch away! We had weekly planning, then some more lessons. We met with Travis and read in the scriptures about the sacrament. We met with Jasmin and talked about the Priesthood and its importance and role. We had dinner at Bryant's house with Becca. We also had a sweet lesson with Christine! We met at the church. She has been struggling lately, of course - since it's the week of her baptism, so someone came to give her a blessing. Before that, we talked about blessings and the comfort that can come through the Savior and the Holy Ghost. After that, we ended the night at Joe's house, and taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and used a really cool object lesson that I'll have to show you when I get home. Remind me about the hard boiled egg trick :) 

Saturday morning we went to see a baptism in Boulder City with Christine! She loved it, and it was good for her to see one before she is baptized this week. We got to meet with Angie that afternoon! She said that she and her mom have been searching their whole lives for a church they feel like the belong to. We are so excited for her to come to church! Quick dinner at Cafe Rio, of course (don't worry, we always go halfsies). 

Sunday funday. We stopped at Ken's house (remember Ken?) and talked to him for like, an hour and a half. He's still reading the Book of Mormon, which was really cool! We had ward council, and coordination meeting, and then church. Jasmin came to church!! For the first time! We were SO excited to have her there! Also, David came to church with Glo! What a good Sunday! We had dinner at Adrian's house that night, and then had a lesson with Joe. It was Elder Casagranda's birthday that day, so we sent him the coolest birthday text ever. It had three scripture references with lines and what number word it was in the line, and the words were, "Happy, Birthday, Elder" hahaha. We thought it was funny. 

This morning, Sister Robinson and I went over to the Evan's house (in our old bishopric) and we borrowed their mountain bikes and went on a 9 mile bike ride! It was SO MUCH FUN! I love to ride my bicycle :) We are having a fun Labor Day! 

Have a good week, love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

PS. I got my flight details for when I come home... It seems slightly unfair that I have a layover and have to sit at the Detroit airport, two hours away from my family, for almost 4 hours. Hahaha. Guess it'll just be a long day :)


Petting the fake horse at the museum

In a hut at the museum

"​It's unfortunate when the picture of the week is a picture of a cop pulling you over."


  1. Hey there Sister Coltrin, How much longer do you have on your mission? Keep up the great work and hopefully before you head home to Michigan you can baptize all of the people that you are teaching. It is a marvelous work, The Gospel that is. Keep smiling and tracting. The lord is proud of you and your efforts and have a Happy birthday also. I love you!