Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost One Week Until Christmas!

This week has been pretty awesome! We are getting really excited for Christmas and skyping home!
Last Monday we had Family Home Evening with one of the less active families in our ward. They just moved here in September from St. George. We had a really fun time getting to know them and their two kids. We had pizza for dinner and then we had a lesson with them about the Book of Mormon. When we were about to leave their daughter asked if she could talk to us outside for a minute. We were so worried! We all went outside and she told us about how she is worried about her dad because he has been swearing and she doesn't want that to lead to worse things. We told her to be a leader for family prayer and scripture study and getting ready for church! It was so sweet. She told us to keep coming back. It was really awesome!

We left to do exchanges that night too, so Sister Harrison went to Green Valley for the day and I got to be here with Sister Pulliam!
So Tuesday, Sister Pulliam and I went and contacted a bunch of people and tried to set up a lot of lessons with members. One of our members told us to come back that night to do a lesson. We went back and taught them, and then afterwards, they told us that they want us to come and teach their 7 year-old son all of the lessons before he gets baptized!
That night we went to do ward visits, which we do every Tuesday with all the ward auxiliary leaders. We got there and waited for a little while, but no one was showing up. I finally called someone to see if they had already left, or what was going on. Apparently they decided that we aren't doing any more ward visits until next year... Thanks for letting us know. Hahaha! It was pretty funny.
On Wednesday we got to meet with Missy! We had lunch at the Reber's and a lesson. Devan brought Cane's Chicken for all of us. They talk about how good Cane's is all the time, so we finally got to have some! We taught Missy about the Tree of Life (we decided we'd do a Book of Mormon story lesson and a regular lesson every week). After that we were supposed to go and have a new member lesson with Avery, but they weren't able to make it. Sister Harrison was feeling really sick and so was one of the other sisters - so we had the two sick sisters stay home and Sister Cummings and I went out and did all the rest of the stuff we had for the evening. So, yeah, we had to have two dinners that night, their ward and our ward. Hahaha. We were so, so full.
Oh and fun fact: I'm serving in Austin Nelson's home ward! As in BYU Basketball! Score!
We've been making cookies to give out at Christmas to investigators and less actives. We also have a list going around so people in our ward can send all the missionaries to carol at their non-member friends houses! It's going to be really awesome! We are going to leave them all with Joy to the World DVD's and cookies! Our whole zone is doing it. Not to be prideful, but I'm pretty cool because it was my idea! :)
On Thursday we went to the Lee's house and made cookies with Sister Lee. She has a daughter serving in the Florida Tampa mission! Afterwards we helped her wrap Christmas presents! We had a lesson with Sister Bluth in our ward, who is one of our investigators. She has come to church for 6 years, is married to a returned missionary, she reads her scriptures, conference talks, prays, everything! She just doesn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She's met with missionaries for a while now. She's super nice. We went over there and we had a little lesson about applying the Book of Mormon to you and your life. She really liked it, so hopefully it will help her! We went to the Christensen's house for dinner again - we love them. Their son comes home from his mission in a few days! We are helping her set up for his open house and everything. We are so excited for them!
Friday was the best! We went to the temple for Sister Harrison's new missionary temple trip. Driving to the temple was so crazy, it was so weird to be back in a really familiar place! We stopped at my old apartment on the way there to drop some stuff off for Sister Fields. It was so good to see her and be there! I love her! Then we went to the temple, which was super awesome! Sister Neider sat by me, which was really fun.
After the temple, we stopped really quickly to see if the Olsen's were home, but only their son Dylan was there! I was sad, but that's okay! After that we stopped by Cristal's house. She was so excited when she saw us there! I was so, so happy! We hugged for a minute! She told me about what's been going on and how she's doing. It was so good to be with her!
We went back to Anthem and had a lesson with Missy and Matt! We taught the Plan of Salvation, even though Missy's been through all the lessons, we're just going to go through them again, plus now we have Matt there! We had dinner at the Van Duzers house and they told us they wanted us to come over on Christmas! We have a list of people that we are going to on Christmas!
We got a referral from one of our members and they said they would think of a good way for us to get into contact with them. He called us and told us that she cuts hair, so we should go get hair cuts from her.  I got my hair trimmed last week, so Sister Harrison is taking one for the team. For the sake of the investigator! Hahahah! We will try that this week sometime.
Saturday morning was our ward Christmas party! Missy was there! We had breakfast. It was really fun, and we got there really early to help set up. They had 15 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and all the boxes had coupon slips for free donuts. Of course everyone gave them to us - because missionaries have no money and obviously we need more sugary food. So basically we have slips for 22 DOZEN FREE DONUTS! Hahahaha! We are giving them to all the missionaries in our zone. It's crazy! Donut day forever!
Missy had signed up on our dinner calendar, so she took us out to lunch! It was really fun! 

After that we went and made cookies at Sister McMurrin's house. She didn't have one of the ingredients, so she left us at her house alone while she went to get it! It was really funny.
We didn't have dinner, so Ben and Devan and our investigator Matt took us to In 'n' Out! We had every meal with Ben that day.
On Sunday Sister Harrison and I spoke in sacrament meeting about baptism! It went really well and was great! I told everyone that "this work is for missionaries and full-time missionaries" so hopefully more people get involved and realize that every member is a missionary! People came up afterwards and told me that they wish my parents could be here to see me, and that I have a future in public speaking, and other nice stuff. It was awesome! I felt really good. I don't even remember what I said in my talk.
Sunday was definitely for Sister Bluth – Sacrament Meeting about baptism, and Sunday School about the restoration, and Relief Society about Joseph Smith! It was crazy! And awesome.  Hopefully she recognized the Spirit.
The ward Christmas program is next week and we sing with the ward choir, so we are pretty excited!
A week and a half until Christmas! Thanks to everyone who has sent letters for my Christmas Countdown, I love, love, love reading them every day! It's such a great way to get excited about Christmas!
Merry almost Christmas!

Love, Sister Coltrin
Sister Coltrin and Sister Harrison

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