Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe it's the eve of Christmas Eve (or Christmas Adam, whichever you prefer)! We've had a great week and have been so excited about Christmas and getting to skype home!
On Monday had dinner and Family Home Evening with an older widow in our ward! There were a few other people there, and she was planning on inviting her non-member friend, but her friend was sick. We had salmon for dinner, Mom! I didn't even complain about it :) But lets be honest, food that I don't like is always better at someone else's house.
Tuesday was our mission Christmas party! Well, we did it in thirds, so we were with a few other zones. It was really awesome! We had Leadership Training all morning, and then lunch, and then the party! The stake that was hosting us for lunch gave all of us a present. Some one in their stake makes handmade wood pens, so he made one for each of us! They're really awesome and look really nice. The party included a talent show, so we got a mix of beat boxing, rapping, singing, instruments, dances, and more! It was so, so funny and fun. Sisters Cumming, Stinnett, Harrison, and I made up a pretty sweet mash-up of songs and did it to cups (Sister Moffitt would be proud). It ended with President and Sister Neider coming out dressed as Santa and Mrs. Clause! We all took pictures with them. It was an awesome day.

After that we went back to our area and went on splits with two of our ward missionaries. We brought treats to and visited with all the widows in our ward. It was good!
On Wednesday we had an AWESOME lesson with Missy. We are going over all the lessons again, and we did the Restoration. She has never seen the DVD before, so we all watched that. We have been feeling really prompted to set Missy with another baptismal date, even though her parents won't let her be baptized. We set her for February 1! She was so excited and said she felt like that is exactly what we need to do. We decided that we'd do all we can to show Heavenly Father that we have faith that this can work. We are really excited! Pray for her and her parents!
That night we got to go out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! The wait was "long" (honestly, it wasn't) and the manager came over and apologized to us and said that we could all get free cheesecake that night! Woo! Free cheesecake!
On Thursday we taught a few member lessons. We have had a ton scheduled, but everyone cancels about 10 minutes before. It's been fun. We went to our ward mission leader's house to talk about some of the ideas that we've come up with for finding. His wife and kids were home and were doing things to get ready to leave on vacation, so we got to help them clean their house, do laundry, and pack for vacation! It was fun! After that we went to the Hill's to make cookies for our less actives. We were running late, so they offered to finish making them for us. They are awesome. Their kids are so cute, and they loved showing us all their toys and their fort. Their son, Mason, told me to follow him as he ran into their coat closet. I peered in, and they had a secret door in their closet! It's literally like Narnia! And then it leads to a little Harry Potter "under the cupboard" room. It was probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. (I can hear Dad saying, "EVER?") Well, probably not, but it was close.
Sister Harrison and I had dinner at the Tingey's house. When we went to knock on the door, we could tell they couldn't hear us because there were a bunch of kids in their living room that were singing and playing instruments, it was like their band or something. We knocked a few times, but nothing happened, so we had to jump around in front of the windows and wave our arms and ring the bell until someone saw us. I laugh every time I think about it, it was so funny hahaha.
Fun fact. We've been keeping track of the dinners that we've had this transfer and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT except 3 times we have had either pizza or Mexican food. Literally every night. We love it though! No complaints here.
On Friday we got a few gifts from members - one being a Cafe Rio gift card! We were pumped about that! We also got Cafe Rio for dinner that night at a member's house. We started doing our zone caroling too! We met at 7:30 and started going caroling to the people who our members wrote down! It was really, really great.  The first lady we went to was an inactive member and her non-member husband. She just stood there and sobbed while we sang. It was a really spiritual moment.
That night we met with Sister Lake and Sister Pulliam for exchanges. I got to bring Sister Lake back here to Anthem, which is really cool because she used to serve here in this ward! It was a really great day! We received a lot of revelation for the area and what we should do to find here. This is what we've started to do:
We drew a map for each community in our area and put all the houses on it. We marked where members, less actives, and potentials lived. Then we divided the small communities into areas for the members that live in each community. We wrote the addresses of all the houses that live in their "area" (which is usually between 5 and 10 houses) on potential investigators sheets. Now when we visit members we are sharing this with them and are asking them to fill the sheets out- so basically getting to know their neighbors! It is SO awesome!! We will know EVERYONE in our entire area! And we will get so many potentials from this! We are very excited!
That night we went to the Christensen's house to help them set up for their son's homecoming open house! It was really fun. He said that he wants to come with us to teach and work.
When we went caroling that night, we went to a recent convert's house. He was an older man, and when we were about to leave he came up and kissed the 4 of us sisters on the cheek. It was the funniest and most awkward thing ever. All the Elders were laughing.
On Sunday we had our ward Christmas program! We got to be in it and sit on the stand. The music was really good and the whole thing was great.
Tonight we have FHE with the Hill's and more caroling! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and we are excited!
I can't wait to skype home! Talk to you on Wednesday!
Merry Christmas!

Love, Sister Coltrin
Sister Coltrin with President and Sister Neider

Sister Coltrin and her zone

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