Monday, December 9, 2013

What A Good Week!

What a good week! Well, last Monday I got a package with a bunch of Christmas decorations and - the best thing of all - letters from my friends and my family for every day in the month of December!! It was hard not to open them all right then, but it's really fun to hear from someone different every day. Thanks!
We had an awesome p-day last week.  Sister Harrison and I along with Sister Cummings and Sister Stinnet decided that we were going to skip p-day sports (because the Elders were playing basketball and they get waaaay too competitive for us to play). We went to Seagull Book and a few other fun places. It was fun to just relax with the Sisters.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we went a contacted a lot of people and set up lessons for the next week. We were knocking doors almost all day - it was crazy.  On Wednesday we had a lesson with a former investigator - Frank Drew. He and his wife investigated about a year ago. He said he would give it another try with an open heart. What a blessing! That night we were invited to be on a missionary panel for the young men. We talked about missions and missionary work and they got to ask questions. It was actually really great! The YM counselor wanted us to perform a musical number afterwards too, so we made up a missionary mash up of songs and did cups with it. It was intense and they loved it. We did it for the young women later and they made us do it again so they could record it on their phones.  Hahaha! We're popular...
On Thursday we had Zone Training and there was a Relief Society activity that we were invited to that evening. It was a progressive dinner and we got to go to three different houses in our guarded community! The houses are HUGE and awesome. It was a really fun night and there were some non-members there that the relief society ladies introduced us too!
On Friday we got to meet with Missy! I love meeting with Missy, she is the best. We talked about the Priesthood. At the past few lessons Devan and Ben (Missy's member friends) have invited another one of their friends, Matt. We asked him if he wanted to just start meeting with us too, and he said he did! So he will be at all the lessons now and we will meet with them twice a week! We are really excited!
Saturday morning we (well, I) decided that we should try to ride our bikes! Our plan was to ride to a gated community in our area and set up member lessons. So I was way excited to ride bikes. We got our bikes ready and went out. It was literally the coldest and windiest day ever. We rode around for a little while and went to a few members, but then we gave up and went to get our car. It was pretty funny. But it was so cold that I had to put on pants under my maxi skirt... although it's way better than snow :)
We went to the Christensen's house for dinner that night - they're like, my favorite family in our ward. They are awesome. We each got to make our own french bread pizza for dinner, and they have a hot chocolate bar! They are obsessed with hot chocolate! It's awesome. I had oatmeal cookie hot chocolate - it was the best.
On Sunday we had church, meetings, dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's house, and then the First Presidency Christmas Devotional! It was awesome!

We are excited for this coming week to meet with all the people we scheduled lessons with. We also get to have dinner appointments on Monday nights now and share a family home evening lesson with the families!
Thanks to all of you who have written me letters in my Christmas Countdown! I love them all.
I love you! Can't believe it's almost Christmas!

Love, Sister Coltrin


Sister Coltrin with the beautiful nativity made by the Elisabeth, Madeleine and Meghan Yskes

Sister Coltrin, Sister Stinnet, Sister Harrison and Sister Cummings at the YM Panel Discussion

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  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful mission and finding people to teach the gospel to. Keep up the great work!!!! I love it when you write letters to your mom and she posts them on this page. I love reading them. I love you!!!!