Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's A New Transfer!

So, my Mother called me to repentance last week and told me to shape up on my email writing... so I will do better this week... Hahaha.

Also, at the Why I Believe Fireside on Sunday, one of our brand new sister missionaries came up to me and said, "Do you have a blog that all your emails go to?" She got super excited when I said I did, and told me about how she had been reading them. I'm practically a celebrity I guess….kidding!!   

So, I have two weeks to write about, since I didn't have time to email last week! Here we go!

Monday, our district went to a sweet museum! It was Sister Cook's idea, she had been there before. Turns out that the man who owns the museum is one of the guys that is occasionally on Pawn Stars! Woooo! At the museum, we saw a bird that had flown into a window and knocked itself out. Elder Latu and I tried to pick it up and save it, we took it outside, and tried to help it stand up.  It was super sad. Other than that though, it was a really fun day, and we got to see some really cool stuff there! Our district is awesome. 

Tuesday we had District Meeting. Elder Harper asked Sister Cook and I to give a training on Charity! It turned out really well and we were really happy with it. We talked about the different attributes of charity. We had a training at a Sister's Luncheon a few months ago about charity that really changed my life and my out look on charity. Life really is all about learning to love others and take care of them. Also, that day we had a pass off lesson with some of the other sisters. We met this really awesome less active girl named Shayla that wants to start coming back to church. She is amazing! Sister Cook and I met with Joe again and had a super intense lesson. We talked all about our potential, and how he is one of Heavenly Father's most valiant children. We love Joe so much. He is amazing. Later that day we went with KC and Genevieve to a lesson with another guy named Nick. He came out and talked to us on his porch for a little bit. He's pretty set in his own religion, and said that the previous sisters would just come to talk for hours about religion... yeah. We were talking to him and he was smoking - and he blew his smoke in my face. It was super nasty. That night we had a lesson with Ken about the importance of going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures. We used the cups and it was a pretty good lesson! We had Adrian and Tyler there too and that helped make it fun. Ken is so awesome. He gets it. Then we went to read the Book of Mormon with Nick T (not the Nick from earlier) and he said that he would really start reading, it was awesome. 

Wednesday was a long and funny day. We contacted potentials almost all day. We had another lesson with Shayla - but she is moving, so we won't be seeing her again. We rode bikes there! It was fun. We love riding our bikes. We had dinner at Bishop's, and then the worst coordination meeting ever. We were telling everyone about our investigators and about how we were going to drop most of them because they aren't progressing. Then some people started yelling at us about how we need to drop them now because we are "wasting the Lord's time". We were a little confused because we said we were going to be dropping them... yeah... it was weird. And annoying. We went to meet with Nathan after that and we were planning on talking about Charity... but we weren't feeling very charitable after that instance. So we read the Book of Mormon instead. Nathan invited one of his non-member friends to stay there to meet with us! Way to go Nathan! 

Thursday morning Sister Cook and I had to meet Elder Neal (the senior couple that takes care of our cars) at the DMV to renew our license plates on our car. We had Sydney come out with us, and it was awesome! She had a bunch of people that she wanted to go and see with us! We tried to see some of the less active girls in the ward, but no one was home. We had dinner with her too. That night we went to Institute and the man that is over the Institute pulled us aside and asked us to be on the Institute Board! He wants us to promote Institute to all the less actives and to people we meet. It is going to be awesome! We are really excited. 

Friday morning we had a lesson with Alan! He is so solid and is progressing. We asked him about baptism again and he said he definitely wanted to be baptized. We love Alan!! We rushed to a last minute pass off lesson in Boulder City. It ended up falling through, which was a bummer (and a mega waste of miles). Sister Cook and I had to go and get our oil changed too. We were sitting there and we were about to leave, when Nathan texted us. We told him that we were at Pep Boys. He asked why, and as a joke we told him that we got in a car accident and we were waiting for our car to get fixed. Lesson learned, never tell an EMT that you got in a car accident. They rush to Pep Boys with ice cream for you. And then they get upset when they find out that you were kidding. Oops. We felt sooooo bad. That night we had a last hoorah with Ken and the Elders.  Elder Earl brought me a giant gallon of water and one of those HUGE Gatorades. It was so funny. We all had pizza and cookies that Elder McMullin made. We took pictures. It was fun!

Saturday morning we met with Joe. Right after that we got the text that the transfer information was in... we were soooo sure that we were going to stay companions. But, unfortunately, we aren't. Sister Cook and I cried and cried and cried ALL day. Literally. It was SO sad. She is my best friend and I love her so much!! It was such a sad day.

Sunday was Mother's Day! The beginning of the day was terrible. We couldn't get skype to work, we were frustrated and we cried.  We went to church and the talks were SO good. We left early to skype at the Gronning's house (there were a ton of missionaries there). I finally got to skype my parents! It was awesome! I was so happy!! Then we had dinner and a lesson with Alan and Morgan, and then went to do the rounds for Sister Cook to say goodbye, so we cried some more. It was a good and bad day. 

The next week!

 Monday our district got to go on a SWEET hard hat tour at the Hoover Dam. We got to go in all the tunnels and down in the dam. We were there for 4 hours and it was really fun! That night we went to Family Home Evening for Sister Cook to say more goodbyes. At the end of it, everyone was playing soccer, and Sister Cook got smacked right in the face with a soccer ball. I was expecting a meltdown, but she turned to me and said, "SEE! That is why I hate sports!"  I laughed so hard. She is the best.

 Tuesday morning, we both felt soooo sick. We rode in silence to the mission office and cried the whole time (we sound like babies, but we got really close!). We waited in the mission office for both of our new companions to come. Sister Cook went to the Heritage ward with Sister Chevalier, and I was waiting for Sister Ena, a sister from Samoa! They both got there and we said our goodbyes. It was super sad, but I am really excited to be with my new companion.

 Sister Ena (N-Ah) is awesome! She is straight up from Samoa. She is Samoan, Tongan, and Hawaiian, and speaks 4 languages! She speaks to all the other Polynesian's in other languages. I'm in the poly club now, since I have a poly companion! She is really cool and has been out for almost 9 months. I love her already.

That day, she unpacked, and we went over to see Joe. He wanted to be the first stop for the new sister!  He is so funny. We contacted people all day and no one answered. We had dinner at Adrian's and then had a lesson with Ken. It was a really good lesson and we talked about baptism - which he says he wants to do. 

Wednesday we contacted alllllll day. It was terrible, everyone would stand behind their door, and once we got into the car, they would open the door to see who it was. We were so sick of it, finally, I waited, and when they opened their door, I rushed and opened the car door again and yelled "HIII!" and we went back up and talked to them. It was soooooo funny. But hey, we got a return appointment! Sister Ena laughed so hard. 

Thursday we had District Meeting and then a meeting with Alainya, our recent convert. Alainya and Cody are engaged now! I love them! We went thorough all our investigators that day and pretty much prepared to drop most of them - they just aren't progressing. It was funny, because that's exactly what we talked about in District Meeting that morning. We went to Institute and saw a bunch of people there. Sister Ena saw one of the members from her old ward, so she got to talk with her for a bit. I saw two people from Paseo Verde! I was so excited! And I saw Eric Taylor from Sunrise! He just went to Provo, and he brought me back a BYU hat! I was so excited!! 

Friday we met with Joe, and then we did Weekly Planning. We met Nicole and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is so sweet and we love her. Her baptism has made a total difference for her. We went over to Nathan's, but he rushed us out the door. I could tell something was wrong (and I knew exactly what it was). We texted him later and asked what was wrong. He said that it was just weird since it wasn't me and Sister Cook. That made Sister Ena super sad. And we both kind of had a meltdown because we both don't know the area very well, and we have to drop all our investigators, and people were sad since Sister Cook wasn't there anymore.  So went out and got ice cream and we cried. It was not a great night.

Saturday morning we saw Joe, who always makes us feel better. He told us that his work schedule got changed for the next two weeks and that he has Sundays off!!!!! We were SOOOOO happy! He said that he would come to church, but he has to make sure to get some "church swag" first, haha!  Then we went out to Boulder City for a baptism. Bishop's granddaughter was getting baptized and they asked us to go for nonmembers that were there. It was really cute! We brought the Elders there so they could have their investigators come. We had dinner and then ran over to have a lesson with Alan. We talked about tithing, it was so great! He is so cool, we love him. He will get baptized soon!

Sunday morning we met with Joe, and then we had ward council. We have a new Ward Mission Leader! We are so excited! Our Ward Mission Leader now is awesome and we are excited for our new one too. Ken was at church, and a girl named Maddy came and said that she wants to start meeting with us! Score! A new investigator! We brought Elder Harper and Elder Thomas to the Why I Believe fireside with us. It was awesome! I love it. I got to see Sister Harrison and Sister Cook! I was so happy! They're both doing so well. 

I love Sister Ena, she is awesome. Our district is awesome.
Have a good week! Ofa atu!

Love, Soa (Sister) Coltrin

PS. Sister Ena is teaching me Samoan.
Sister Coltrin and Sister Ena

Sister Ena, Sister Coltrin, Elder Thomas and Elder Harper
going to the "Why I Believe" Fireside


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