Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Hoover Dam

It was super fun to skype on Mother's Day!

 I don’t have much to tell you because I just talked to you yesterday.  We did go on a sweet tour of the Hoover Dam today! A member works there and gave our District a really awesome tour - we had to wear hard hats and ear plugs at some parts!  We went  through a bunch of tunnels and were actually inside the dam. We got to see the huge generators and a lot of other stuff that the general public never gets to see. There was one giant pipe that had so much water rushing through it that it could fill an Olympic sized pool in less than 7 seconds!  I am sending you some pictures.

 Sorry that this email is lame! I don't have that much time but I will write more next week!

Have a great week! I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Mother's Day
Our District in the elevator going down into the Hoover Dam
We had to wear hard hats

Sister Coltrin in her hard hat

Sister Cook and Sister Coltrin


"We are inside the dam.  
 We also got to go into those vent and through all the tunnels, and to see the generators. 
It was a tour that no one ever gets to go on!
We went with a member that works there!"

"Look - I am in two states at once!"

Sister Coltrin and Sister Cook inside the Hoover Dam

One of the rail carts at the dam

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