Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Time is Flying!!

Well, last Monday we went to the park and played sports.  It was a pretty laid-back P-day. Then we went to Family Home Evening and dinner, and a lesson with our recent convert, Alainya!  

Tuesday was my 11 month mark! That is CRAZY! Time flies. That morning we met with Joe (a less active) and talked to him for a long time. We meet with him every day. We love him so much! He has such a strong desire to change, it is awesome. We read the Book of Mormon with him every morning. We spent our day in Boulder City contacting people. We had dinner, and then went with Elder Earl and McMullin to Ken's house to have a lesson. Sister Cook and I love teaching Ken, he is so awesome, and Elder Earl and McMullin are pretty much our favorite missionaries. They are so funny, and the lessons that we have are the ones we look forward to. Tuesday morning I was sitting on our couch, drinking water out of a gallon jug. I was showing Sister Cook how much water I had already had, which was about half.  I refilled the jug and she said, "I bet you can't drink that whole gallon today." Of course, competitive me came out... So I drank a gallon and a half of water on Tuesday. It was a LOT of water. 

Wednesday was spent doing a bunch of contacting. All of our appointments cancelled. We saw Adrian's snake eat a mouse. Gross. We had dinner at Bishop's house. Then we got to meet with our other less active, Nathan. We love him!  It was the best lesson ever, because afterwards he let us try on all his fireman clothes! It was AWESOME!  We also had smoothies and paid in change that we saved up. Haha. 

Thursday we spent most of our day contacting. All lessons fell through so it was a long day of knocking doors. We had a really good lesson with Eddie though, who is really trying hard to understand the Book of Mormon. He is awesome. 

Friday was Zone Training Meeting! We are supposed to ride our bikes every day now- that’s kind of hard since our area covers THREE STAKES.  It’s BIG!  But it's cool. We drive to areas and then bike around. We actually love it and are obsessed with our bikes. People probably think we're weird. We had dinner with a member (hooray for being fed!) and then had a really good lesson with Alan. He is so solid. Then we had another lesson with Ken and the Elders. 

Saturday morning we biked to Joe's house. It's far and uphill the whole way.  He laughed at us when we got there and then got us water bottles. We proceeded to drink 4 water bottles each, without stopping. Talk about dehydrated. On the bright side, it was downhill the whole way back!  We brought Nathan to a lesson with Jeremy, it was awesome! Jeremy made a goal to start following the Word of Wisdom. We met with Nicole at the park and the sprayscape was on - wow, talk about tempting on a really hot day. At least we got a little misted since it was windy. We met with Nick and read the Book of Mormon and then we had another lesson with Eddie. That night was the Saturday night session of Stake Conference. The Neider's were there. It was awesome! 

Sunday was Stake Conference. We've been listening to the music from "My Turn on Earth".  It reminds me of when I was little and would listen to it on tape. Sister Cook and I just laugh and laugh at how cheesy it is. 

Today was really fun so far! Our district went to a museum together, and then Elder Earl proved to us that he could play the organ (when he told us he could, we just couldn't picture it). We shopped for the things we needed, got our mail, and all that other good stuff. 

Can't wait to see you on Sunday for Skype! I love you!  Have a great week!

Love, Sister Coltrin

District Picture with the Clark County Museum Curator, Mark Hall
(aka "The beard of knowledge" from pawn stars!)
Sister Cook, Sister Coltrin, Elder Harper, Mark Hall, Elders Rogers, Thomas, and Latu.

I LOVE Las Vegas!!

Nicole and all of her missionaries at her baptism

"We saved a bird at the museum! It flew into a window and knocked itself out.
Elder latu and I saved him.  Yes, mom, I sanitized my hands and
washed them like a trillion times afterwards."

Sister Coltrin, Ivanneth and Sister Cook
Sister Cook and Sister Coltrin

"I love my companion...we are best friends"
(and they both like to take pictures in their car)

"We ride bikes every day and we rock!"




  1. Love the pictures and post! Thanks Tami!

  2. I love your picture's! You look like you are having an amazing adventure! I miss you!