Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Week Of My Last Transfer

This is going to be SUPER short because I don't have much time, sorry! 

This was the first week of my last transfer as a full time missionary. Currently I am going back and forth between freaking out and being totally and completely fine. Hahaha. 

Sister Chevalier is my new companion. She is from Montana and Utah. She is 25 and has been out for a year. She loves natural medicine and sleeping and essential oils. 

This week was great! We found 7 new investigators, and I will try to quickly tell you about all of them! 

Ella, Monzy, Carla, and Isaac were found while we were walking back to our car at night. Ella and Monzy were outside trying to put oil into their car. We stopped to talk to them and to help them! They had just moved into the neighborhood and area 2 months ago and don't know anyone yet - they are missing having a group of friends. We told them about what we do, and about church and they invited us to come back! Ella is the mother of Monzy (19), Carla (17), Isaac (12), and Violet (4). They are super sweet! We went back to see them and taught them the Restoration. It was great, and they are all really excited to be able to come to church when they can. Pray that they will be able to, because they have insane work schedules! 

Frankie, Jocelyn, and Latonya were found while, once again, we were walking back to our car. Frankie is a sweet, 82 year-old lady, and Joscelyn is her 14 year-old granddaughter. We talked to them and they absolute love Christ, and try to center their lives around Him. They told us we could come back, so we did, and taught them and 2 others in the family about the Restoration. It was powerful and sweet. 

We also started meeting with a part member family, the Joseph's. Michelle Joseph is a double amputee, and has a hard time coming to church due to health reasons. We are teaching her husband, Demetrius, and he is very excited about the Gospel! He is excited to get back into a church, and told us he couldn't wait to be baptized. He loved the idea of a modern day Prophet, and decided to be baptized on November 29th. He is awesome! They live around the corner from CJ and Amanda, so they are going to come with us to teach him! 

We are teaching Orion's sister, Trinity, as well! She loves Young Women's. We taught her the Restoration and it was so sweet to watch Orion try to help his sister understand. 

This week was great! Transfers went well, we are working hard! We also got to go to the mission office on Halloween night. All the missionaries go there from 6-9:30pm, it was tons of fun!

Thanks for all the love and prayers!

Love, Sister Coltrin


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