Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Weeks

Only 3 weeks to go – how can that be possible?!? 

Last Monday we played laser tag with our district. I wasn't the worst this time! I actually did pretty well! After p-day we had dinner with the Clarke's and then met with Jordan and read scriptures with her and tried to help her out with her impossible situation. 

Tuesday, almost all of our lessons cancelled! But we did get to see some miracles! We got to meet with a less active family. The husband is out of town all the time for work, so it's really hard for the wife to find the motivation to get all her kids ready and bring them to church by herself. While we were there visiting, she was really warming up to us! Then, all of a sudden, we heard screaming in the backyard, and her 2 year old son had fallen in the pool, and was sinking on the tarp that was covering it (thank goodness for the tarp!). We all booked it out there to save him. It was really scary, but he was fine, and we helped her, and left. We texted her the next day, and she asked us if we could find a ride for her kids to go to church! She couldn't make it because she had to pick her husband up from the airport, but it's a huge first step! We were so excited! We also got to see Fidel! He was sick, but still wanted to meet with us. He is so excited to be baptized! We taught him about a living Prophet, and about the Word of Wisdom, and he was happy to give up those things. Fidel is so awesome! We also got to go and visit with Kaycee that night. She told us that she was giving a talk in primary on Sunday about repentance, so we helped her to write it! She told me what she wanted to say, and I wrote it down for her! We are so happy that the primary is getting her so involved! 

Wednesday we saw Fidel again, and also Amanda and CJ in the afternoon. We also got to go see Kawika and the Brown's to talk about the promises we make at baptism! We had dinner at the Whipple's house, and Sister Whipple is so cool! She told us basically her whole life story, and it was so fun to hear! She even grew up with Elder Roger's family, which was funny to hear about, hahaha. We met with Sister Rock that night, too! We love her. We saw Jordan again, and talked to her more about repentance and changing. 

Thursday literally everyone cancelled on us: Fidel, Monzie and Karla, the Brown's, Orion, everyone! BUT we did stop in to see Sister Daniels, and caught her non-member daughter in law at home. We talked to her for a little while, and she told us that she wanted us to come and teach her more about the Gospel! It was amazing, she is so sweet, and we love her already! We had an awkward dinner at a member's home, and then went to help Sister Plett clean her house! We ended the day at Brother Judd's home and read the scriptures with him. 

Friday we got to teach Monzie about the Plan of Salvation! It was a really awesome lesson, until her mom called and asked her where she had left her credit card... then the whole house erupted in searching for the card before she got home. Yikes. We will probably have to re-teach that one... We had weekly planning, dinner, and then Sister Chevalier went to a baptism in her last area, while I stayed with Hayley Hightower and we went to teach some lessons! It was so much fun! We saw the Loveall's and showed them and watched some videos with them. We also saw Kaycee and talked about the Book of Mormon. Everyone that we talked to made a return appointment with us, so that was really awesome too! I love Hayley! 

Saturday was my last Zone Training Meeting. I was fine, until about halfway through when it really hit me that I'm going home in 3 weeks. I cried like a baby. And the Zone Leader's made me bear my testimony at the end. It was a sad day, but it was good. We had coordination meeting that afternoon and dinner, and then went to see Sister Daniel's daughter in law, Priscilla! We watched Finding Faith in Christ with her! We kind of expected her to forget about the appointment, but she was ready for us, and even had snacks! She was excited! We love her. 

Sunday was church, and I spoke in Sacrament meeting about the Restoration. We had dinner at Sister Law's house, and then went to the Why I Believe Fireside, which was amazing. 

This week will be awesome! We are excited.

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Coltrin

PS. Sorry for the lame email, too much going on and not enough time to write.


We were in the MTC together and will all be going home in 3 weeks


  1. I love hearing all about your awesome missionary experiences as you are a wonderful missionary. I hope that a lot of these people will be baptized before you head home in three weeks. I know the Lord is proud of you for doing this. Keep up the great work and I hope to read another update on your mission up until your mission ends. I love you!

  2. How often do you play Laser Tag? I have been staying in Vegas 2 weeks now and I have 4 weeks to go. I found a good hotel deal through and this is why i stay here this long. Do you know any good places to play Laser Tag and maybe some people that would be interested in it?