Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Month To Go!

I LOVE NORTH!  We had a great week. Our investigators are so awesome!  

Monday we played sports and then went to the Holly's house for dinner and Family Home Evening. They had the Loveall's over, along with Justin's sister in law who is not a member. It was awesome! We taught the Restoration to everyone, all the little kids participated and loved it! Afterwards, Esmeralda (Justin's sister in law) talked to us about what we had taught. She kept asking us question for an hour! It was incredible! She was so excited to learn and was so happy that her questions were finally being answered. We talked to her for a long time, and she asked us to come the next day to share more with her! She is so sweet. She is 20 and lives with the Loveall's with her boyfriend. 

Tuesday we had a short district meeting and made district goals - or a "vision" as our mission just loves to call it (isn't that right, Sister Smith?). After that we met with CJ and Amanda to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We got to go back to the Loveall's to see Esmeralda. We went over the Restoration and talked about the Plan of Salvation. She absolutely loved it, and told us over and over again that she has already learned so much more than ever before. It is so sweet how excited she is, and how receptive to the Gospel she is! She had a miscarriage, and thinks about her baby boy all the time - she loved knowing that she could see him again, and that he was safe. I love being able to teach people, and to help them to have hope. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and she started reading as soon as we left! We got to go see Frankie and talk to her more about the Book of Mormon. We went to dinner at the Davis' and they told us about their miracle of the week! Their son is not a member, and is against the church. He was really sick this week, and was lying in bed. Sister Davis went in to check on him, and he was so sick that he called her back and asked her if she would call someone from the church to come and give him a blessing! He is warming up to the Gospel! We are going to help her paint this week, as well. The Davis' recently got sealed, and they are so sweet - we love them! We went over and taught Kaycee about tithing and fasting, and made a goal for her to be baptized on Nov 29. She is working really hard to show her mom that she wants to be baptized. She is so sincere and sweet. She bore her testimony to her mom - powerful 11 year old! 

Wednesday was our mission tour! Elder Foster of the Seventy, and his wife, came to tour our mission. We got to meet over in east Las Vegas (got lost on the way, of course) and be with him for half the day. It was amazing! Afterwards, we met with Orion's sister, Trinity. She was having a bad day, so we tried to work on some personal progress with her. Her mom came down to talk to us, and told us all about their family background and how they are a polygamist family... Dot, dot, dot sums that up pretty well. We were so confused, hahaha. They aren't members of the church. It was just an interesting experience, learning about their family. Hahaha. We went to the William's house for dinner, and it was their son's birthday! Then we went to see Monzie and Carla with Sister Law, and talked about the Book of Mormon. They love it! We went to see Esmeralda to finish up the night. She is so giddy about the Book of Mormon - she glows and talks all about it!  She says that she feels so good when she reads it! Her whole countenance has changed! 

Thursday we saw Sister Joseph and started reading with her, too! We got to watch the Restoration DVD with Carla and Monzie, and it was so powerful. They were asking questions, and afterward, Monzie said, "Wow, it feels like that really happened!" I love teaching people the Restoration. It changes lives. They are amazing! We read that afternoon with Esmeralda! We went to the Taber's for dinner and had absolutely massive pieces of pumpkin pie cake. It was sooo good, but we both thought we were going to explode afterwards! We ended the night seeing Sherry - which went really well, she opened up to us a lot about where she is and what she believes.  Then we saw Sister Rock, and then Brother Judd. 

Friday was weekly planning. We got to meet a new family in the ward, and see CJ and Amanda, and had dinner at the Barton's, who are the sweetest and most accomplished couple I have ever known! We helped Sister Plett with her vacuuming afterwards. 

Saturday was crazy! We had coordination meetings at 8am, and 9am; had a lesson at 10am, and 11am. We met with Jordan (who had previously been missing) that morning. Her home situation is so bad! We brought her food and clothes during our lunch hour. She is so sweet though. We love Jordan. She has made mistakes in the past, but just wants to be baptized, and to have peace in her life. We got to see Fidel again with Brother Brandt - we taught him about the Plan of Salvation! He still wants to be baptized on the 29th! That night we went to the Loveall's home and watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with them and Esmeralda. The spirit was so, so, so strong, and it was very powerful! She loved it and so did the family. They asked lots of questions and made really good comments. Even 9 year old Anthony had tons to say! 

Sunday was awesome, too! We had 7 investigators at church. Monzie and Jordan and Kaycee sat with us, along with Sister Joseph and the Askin's! Brother Judd sat a few rows in front of us - we were full of investigators and recent converts! In the next ward, I sat in the back, and saw Fidel come in! He made it! We were so excited - and he loved it! So many people introduced themselves to him. That night Jordan got a blessing from the Elders. We took them home, and when they were taking their bikes off the rack, one of them realized that he had strapped his helmet to his handle bars, and that it fell off while we were driving, haha. Oops. 

I love it here!

Have a good week!

Love, Sister Coltrin
The North Zone with Elder and Sister Foster and President and Sister Snow

Sister Coltrin and Sister Chevalier

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