Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Great Week But A Long Week

It has been a great week, but a long week.  

After Family Home Evening on Monday, we got to ride home in the back of Abraham's truck again, so that was super fun. It's our new hobby... I mean, it's super dangerous and I'll never do it again, Mom :) The best part about FHE though was that Kevin came without us reminding him! It was awesome! 

Tuesday night we had dinner at Chaunee's house with the Elders.  The Olsen's have a picture of Chaunee, Sister Fields, and I on their magnet board! We are cool. 

We had quite a few new investigators this week! Well, actually, we had a lot of pass-offs from people that were poaching investigators from us. So we got to meet with Lilli, Daniel, Anthony, Jay, and Treyvon. We had good lessons with them, but they all were attached to the other missionaries that were teaching them... so we passed them back. Pretty frustrating and sad, but oh well. 

Wednesday night we were at the church to go to Institute, but no investigators ended up coming, and the Young Women in one of the family wards wanted us to come to their YW lesson. So we did. It was super cute! We all stood in a circle and made a "web" by throwing yarn to wrap around ourselves, but when you threw the yarn to someone you had to say something you love about the person. The girls said some really nice things about us, and it was a lot of fun to be with them (since we just did that fireside for them). 

The highlight of the week was with Cristal. There have been some issues going on in the ward and it made Cristal really upset. She was upset one morning and broke down in tears - her mom, a non-member, called us and asked us to come over to help her. We went over as soon as we could and talked with Cristal. We ended up talking with her about things she could do during the day to stay busy, instead of sitting around and getting herself into trouble. We asked her mom to come and sit with us, so that she could help Cristal too. Cristal and her mom constantly fight. They argue and yell at each other in almost every sentence they speak to each other. We talked to both of them about how lucky they are to have each other, and how they need to uplift each other and make sure that they lean on the other when they need help - especially Cristal. We told Cristal how lucky she is because she gets to have a mom with her to give her advice and help her when she is sad. We told her to take advantage of that, since we wish we had our mom's with us to help us! We all ended up crying. Cristal, in tears, turned to her Mom and said, "I'm so sorry." It was one of the most tender moments ever! In the closing prayer, she thanked Heavenly Father for giving her such a loving and understanding Mother. It was great. 

Sister Fields and I broke down in the car crying when the lesson was over because we wanted to call our Moms... We laugh about it now. 

Later that day we went and did service with Elder Tongi and Elder Thomas, for a family in their ward. We had to get all the cobwebs and spiders off of their back porch and let me tell you - I have never seen so many spiders in my life. Sister Fields and I were basically screaming the whole time!  And we found a scorpion, so naturally, there was more screaming. We are babies. But hey, spiders are scary.

We finally got to meet with Dillan again! We stood in his garage and taught him the Restoration. The spirit was super strong, despite our surroundings. He was so interested, and he told us about how he felt the spirit at church. It was awesome! He really wants to read The Book of Mormon. He has met with missionaries in the past, and hasn't really felt the spirit before, but he recognized it this time! So hopefully he will continue to progress. 

We were contacting potentials earlier this week with Chaunee and we went to a kid named Juan's house. He was just getting ready to leave, but told us to come back on Saturday. So we went back, expecting him to have forgotten and to not be there, but he was! And he told us that he took a day off from training just so we could come! We taught the Restoration. He is so prepared! He said that it makes sense and he really thinks it could be true. We are going back there this week, so pray that he feels the spirit and recognizes the truth of the restoration! 

We haven't been able to talk to Jamie in a while, so we decided to stop over at her house. Her sister was there and they had a huge birthday party going on, there were a million little girls running around, so they told us to come back that night. We did, and we finally got to teach Jamie about the Plan of Salvation! She and her sister really liked it. The spirit was strong, and it was so cute because lots of the little girls were still there, so they all knelt down to pray with us. They were giving us hugs and high fives before we left. 

We went over to Karina and Denise's house this week for dinner and they had their visiting teaching dinner the night we were there, so we got to be with a lot of the girls from our ward for dinner. It was a lot of fun! Karina and Denise (aka Miss McDade) are like our sisters. They take really good care of us and we love them.

A young woman from a different ward called Sister Fields and I and asked if we would do a fireside for their ward about missionary work! They have their own sister missionaries in their ward, but they want us to do it... I guess we're pretty cool or something... :) She said that we had to dress up like princesses since it is Halloween themed... good thing every sister missionary is required to bring princess dresses on their mission.  There is a lady in another ward who buys super cheap prom dresses and makes them modest - so she said she would help us with the outfits. We got to try on princess dresses during our dinner hour at their house- it was super fun. 

So, the stupidest thing ever that I hate myself for... I actually get cold when it is 70 degrees outside. WHAT!? I'm supposed to be able to be totally fine when it is 40 outside! Ugh, what has this desert done to me? I guess that's how it goes when you get used to 120 degrees... 

Okay, so in the spirit of Conference, Sister Fields and I made up "Follow the Prophet" verses for all of our District. They are so, so funny. We would make them up in the car as we were driving and at night after planning. Oh my goodness, they are pretty good. Everyone loved them. 

Yeaaah, so let's talk about Conference for a minute- what the heck! It was so awesome! We watched at the church and it was basically just all us missionaries. We were so pumped because basically everyone talked about member missionary work! Yes, yes, yes (EXCLAMATION POINT)! We loved all the speakers and we were excited about missionary work. We were also excited because Kevin came to both sessions of General Conference on Sunday! He enjoyed it and he is really excited to be baptized on Saturday! 

Between the sessions of Conference on Sunday, our whole zone went to the Petersen's house. It is a tradition for them to feed all the missionaries breakfast during Conference. It was awesome! We had awesome waffles and eggs and bacon and fruit and everything that you could ever want for breakfast. We were stuffed. It was so good though. We love the Petersen's. 

That night for dinner we went to the Crouch's house. Their daughter, Kelsey, is in our Single's Ward. She just recently told us that she has decided to serve a mission and she has started her papers! We are excited for her! At dinner she told us that she is grateful for our example to her, and that we have really influenced her for good in deciding to serve. Yes! 

Our investigators are doing well. We had a really successful week! Our goal for this week is to have 20 lessons taught to investigators with a member present... Elder Rogers, our district leader, told us that if we got 20 MP's that he would scream like a 4 year old girl on the phone for 5 minutes... so obviously we are definitely going to get 20... Hahaha. Pray for us that we will be able to!

Kevin is still set and ready for baptism this Saturday! He is so happy and is really ready. He has even asked us about how to become a missionary! 

Dillan is also great. We are hoping to set him for baptism this week. Pray that we will be able to meet with him, since it is so hard to get a hold of him! 

Jamie will also hopefully be set for baptism this week. She is looking for a job and doesn't have a lot of time to meet with us, so pray for her to find a good job! She feels the spirit though, and she is ready to be baptized.

Jacob... Hmmm. He didn't come to conference, and he just searches about the Church all the time. We are worried that he has come across too much anti information... He talked to us through the storm door when we stopped by. Hopefully we can help him to feel the spirit, because it seems like he just tries to prove the Church wrong all the time. 

Daniel is one of our investigators that just got passed off to us... but he just moved, so we aren't sure about who should be teaching him right now. His story is really cool though. He has investigated the Church for years now, on and off. He just moved to Vegas, and saw the Elders and ran after them to stop them! He is getting baptized soon! 

Huey is still good. We haven't been able to meet with him.  It's hard since he lives so far away and near the Strip. Hopefully we will be able to meet with him this week.

David is good too! He is just super busy with a school project right now. We are hoping that he starts to come again. 

Tony. Ugh. We haven't talked to Tony in a long time. Pray that we get a hold of him. We are hoping that Adrian can bring him back. 

We are doing well and are working really hard. Our members are awesome and so are our investigators. 

Do missionary work! Invite friends and the missionaries over for dinner! Give someone a Book of Mormon. Invite someone to a ward activity! 

Transfers are next week! Let’s hope I stay here in Sunrise one more transfer! We will know on Saturday! I will be happy wherever I am though. 

I love you! Thanks for the package, Mom and Dad! Sister Fields and I (and our zone) loved it.

Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Fields and Sister Coltrin at a Young Women Activity
Chaunee Olsen, Siser Fields and Sister Coltrin in our matching shirts
Sister Fields and Sister Coltrin

General Conference Breakfast at the Petersen's


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