Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Four Months Already?!?

Hello! It has been yet another great week!

I don't remember if I told you, but last week on Sunday we got to go have breakfast at Nancy's house before church. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit. The best. 

I have had a lot of really neat experiences this week! So starting with Monday... Actually, there isn't much that happened on Monday. We played Mafia instead of dart war this week, which was a lot of fun. We called it our time to work on the gift of discernment... hahah. Then we had dinner at a member's house and went to Family Home Evening. Nothing too new for Monday.

My training in district meeting went well! I trained about planning.

We met with Matthew again on Tuesday to teach him the Plan of Salvation. I swear, we have the best lessons with him. The spirit is always super strong. We focused on the temple and how it's super important. His parents shared experiences with him and he even teared up. He is so awesome. We have seen such an awesome change in him. He is happy now, like genuinely happy. We love him so much. And guess what else! Matthew comes to teach lessons with us sometimes! AH! We are really excited.

We also got to go on exchanges, so I served in the Royal Mesa YSA ward for a day. They cover two stakes, and one of those stakes is Anthem- which is the highest tithing paying stake in the world... so yeah. It's a reaaaally nice area. I got to be with Sister Jensen-Coon for the day! She is really sweet. She didn't know the area very well, so we did a lot of turn-arounds... and I felt sooo carsick. Oh, and we were street contacting and there were two guys that we talked to that were smoking weed right in front of us... But other than that, we had a good day. 

For the past few days, I was feeling really weird (I can already hear the jokes being made about that sentence...). It never went away and I just felt nervous and anxious and sad for no reason. Elder Lovell and Elder Mojica came and gave me a blessing one night and I instantly felt so happy and so much better. It was the coolest thing. In my personal study I have been trying to study about the Atonement. In the blessing it talked about when I am studying the Atonement! It was awesome. 

Our stake does "Stake Baptisms" which is basically just a once a month thing where all the new 8 year-olds get baptized together. Sister Fields and I were asked to go and be greeters and to answer questions if people had them. It was a lot of fun. Their program was really cool and there were a lot of people there- and a lot of non-members. 

We also got to have dinner at our Bishop's house that night. Our Bishop is awesome and he loves us. He made us ribs and his "world famous" peach pie. Mmmmm, super, super good. We usually go to their house for FHE when the whole ward is there, and it was really cool to be there with just them.

So, on Friday and Saturday we set up all our lessons to be at the church, because we officially ran out of miles for the month, and since we actually follow rules, we aren't going over our miles (our Zone Leaders's are 200 miles over...). It worked out well though, we had a lesson for every hour of the day, and so we just stayed and taught at the church all day long! We just walked to go to our lunch appointment on Saturday! 

The Relief Society Broadcast was Saturday night. We told Chaunee that she should invite her neighbor... and she DID! Her neighbor texted her and asked if she could get a ride to it, and Chaunee went and picked her up. What a good missionary! She leaves for the MTC in 23 days! I was really excited to see that the choir was Sister Missionaries from the MTC! I was also really excited because I knew that you were watching at the same time as me, Mom! :) After the Broadcast, Lauren Thomas, Alexa Villalobo, and Karina took us out to Applebee's. We all had their newest menu item... Macaroni and Cheese with chicken fingers on top... It's like all the good things from the kid's menu combined into one adult plate. What the heck. Dream come true. 

After dinner we came back to the church and the stake Relief Society president and her counselors were cleaning up. We told them to go home and let us clean up. They said that there were some people that were coming to clean up. So we waited and helped them stack chairs and put away tables. They decided that they would sweep and mop the floor next week. It was nasty though. So we hid and waited for them to all leave, and then Sister Fields and I went and swept and mopped the floor.  Sneaky service. We were excited. 

We had a really awesome Sunday. Elder Lovell and Elder Mojica have two family wards. They were teaching young women/young men's combined for both wards. They asked us to help them- so we basically did the whole fireside thing over again. It was really fun! We got a ride to church from Chaunee and then sat with her and her family during sacrament meeting. Then when it was the third block, we got to teach yw/ym's! Since the other ward's third hour is during our sacrament meeting, we had to miss our sacrament meeting. But it was really awesome and fun to teach the youth. 

In our gospel principles class - oh my gosh. We had 4 investigators there and all the recent converts. It was the eternal marriage lesson, and our teacher and the members that were in the class made it sooooo confusing and so deep and complicated. All the investigators and recent converts were super confused. I was cringing the whole time. It was a missionary's worst nightmare. Luckily, one of our awesome returned missionaries, Nancy Brown, came to the rescue and explained it clearly and simply and we moved on. But still, so scary. 

After that, we got to hear all about our sacrament meeting. Dillan, who we haven't heard from in weeks, just showed up at church AND BORE HIS TESTIMONY DURING TESTIMONY MEETING. What the heck! So sweet! So we had 4 investigators at church this week, so that was great.

We had dinner with Abraham who made us some awesome food and a pineapple drink. We ate at "the teacher's house", which is 4 girls form BYU-I that are here doing student teaching. Abraham then took us to a fireside... There was one of the teachers and her mom in the truck... and Sister Fields and I wanted to sit in the bed of the truck. So we did. It was so fun. He went off road for a little bit too. We just screamed the whole time.

There was a recent convert fireside that night, but NO recent converts came. So that stunk. But oh well.

Our investigators are doing well! Here is a break down of our lessons and investigators: 

David- We took David on a Temple Tour this week! He really understood it and it was neat to see him brighten up. He told us that the whole thing seemed so familiar, like he completely understood it! We love temple tours. He had so many good questions and even came to church this week! 

Jacob- A new investigator. We had a pass off lesson with Elder Rogers and Elder Johnson. He is really interested and asks a ton of questions. He said that he hasn't been able to sleep since the last lesson, because he has been researching all about the church. 

Kevin- AH. KEVIN. He meets with us every other day. He is excited about getting baptized and he loves going to church. He understands everything we teach him. When we taught him about keeping the Sabbath day holy, he said that he thinks he should stop working on Sunday. He's super ready. He will be getting baptized on the 12th :) 

Tony- We have not been able to meet with Tony in a long time, we are sad. 

Kenny- He has had the roughest past. He started smoking when he was 4 years old, because his parents thought it was funny. He recognizes that he needs to change his life around, and he wants to be like Christ. 

Huey- Huey reads his scriptures and prays and loves to go to church. He is really studying this out and likes to meet with us. Our lessons with him are so detailed and spiritual. We usually teach him with Adam, one of our members, and he is a really good teacher. 

Luis and Langston are doing well too. We are also getting a few new investigators this week. Daniel is a new investigator (that was being poached from us) who is from California and is getting baptized in a few weeks. 

The work is really progressing here! We are working hard and are finding a lot of people to teach. We have really good lessons with people here. I love being here! 

I am very excited for General Conference! We will all be watching "together" like a family- so make sure you stay awake, Dad! 

Thanks for the package! We were super excited to have new t-shirts and taffy! It looks like that vacation was pretty fun. 

Transfers are in 2 weeks! I really hope I stay here for just one more transfer, but I will be excited to serve wherever I am needed. 

I love and miss you!

Love, Sister Coltrin
Sister Coltrin, Chaunee Olsen, Sister Fields

Sister Olsen, Sister Coltrin, Chaunee Olsen

"Sister Fields made me this awesome crown of leaves"


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