Monday, October 21, 2013

My First Week In Anthem

Well, this letter will be quite a bit shorter than normal. This morning we had a mission meeting that took a long time so our emailing time is limited. Sorry! I will try to share some of the highlights of the week and tell you a little bit about my new area here in the Paseo Verde Ward.  

Well, on Monday our zone in Sunrise just hung out and talked for our last time together, since almost half of us got transferred. It was a lot of fun. Sister Fields and I went to Family Home Evening and I had to say my final goodbyes to my sweet Temple View YSA ward. Such a sad day. 

Tuesday morning sports consisted of cinnamon rolls and tears. Hahaha. After that, we went home, loaded my stuff into our car, and drove to the mission office to meet our new companions. 

Sister Fields has changed my life. I love her so much and miss her a ton! I hope we will be able to serve together again. She will be one of my best friends forever. 

My new companion is Sister H. She is from northern Idaho, practically in Canada. She lives on a farm and has a big family. Her parents left on a mission to the Philippians this morning and one of her sisters is also on a mission. She is waiting for her visa to go to Brazil (as is her sister). She is 19. I miss Sister Fields so much, but Sister H and I are having a good time together! Sister H gets an hour of Language Study, so now I have 2 hours of personal study- woo hoo! 

This week we worked a lot on organizing the area. It was super messy and not efficient. We re-ordered the map of our area and fixed up our members list and area book. We have a lot more potential investigators now! I think that we are going to be able to have a lot more success now. 

On Wednesday night when we walked into our dinner appointment, our members took me over to a photo that they had on their bookshelf. They pointed to a young, blonde boy and asked if I knew him. I had no idea who it was... but when I looked closer, it was a little JAMES NISH!  I laughed so hard! I realized that I was at his Aunt and Uncle's house! What a small world. After dinner we spent time snapchatting James a picture. It was a lot of fun. 

We did a lot of contacting potential investigators and members this week. We are trying to think of new ways to find investigators. In a few weeks we are actually having a really neat opportunity to go to a fireside that Gladys Knight is putting on. She tours the country and does missionary work! So she will be singing with her choir and sharing her testimony. Members can only get tickets if they bring nonmembers! It is going to be an awesome missionary opportunity for the members out here! We are really excited for it. 

We also get to go to our ward's Trunk or Treat next week! We have little $5 costumes from Target. We are going to be a cat and a mouse! Yay for companionship unity. 

On Sunday night we went to the “Why I Believe” fireside to sing in the choir. I got to see Sister Fields! What a glorious reunion. A few of the Temple View members have already contacted me to make sure that I'm settled and have everything I need (thanks Karina, Miss McDade, and Abraham!) 

I am excited for the upcoming week to be able to try new things to find new investigators. It's different than a singles ward, but I'm excited to start working with all these families. This Sunday was the Primary Program, so that was really fun to see!

Pray that we will be able to find new investigators! We have 5 right now, 2 that are in part-member families, and 3 that are not. One will be baptized on November 30th. Her family is very against her joining the church and she was kicked out, which is so sad. But she is awesome and has such a strong testimony! 

Have a good week!

Love, Sister Coltrin

James Nish's aunt, Sister Coltrin, Sister H

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