Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 2 in Anthem

Well, this week we have been trying to find ways to immerse ourselves in the community here so that we can meet and find people. It's been going pretty well and we have had a pretty fun week! We are trying to meet with the less actives in our ward, because there are a loooot of them. Our Bishop has also asked us meet with widows in the ward so that they aren't lonely.
Our ward is awesome! We have really nice families in our ward. They make sure we are taken care of. We have also been working with the families in our ward so that they can invite their non-member friends to the Gladys Knight fireside that is coming up in November. We are really excited for the fireside and are expecting a lot of success from it!
We met with our investigator, Missy, this week. She is really awesome. Her parents are really against her joining the church, but she has such a strong testimony and will not let her family stop her. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she felt the spirit so strongly. She is going to be baptized on November 30th. We are really excited!
We also were going through our area book and went to contact former investigators. We were able to gain a new investigator named Shirley! She is older and her husband who passed away was a member of the church. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and we are planning on visiting her again soon! We brought a member with us, one of the youth that is preparing for a mission, and he bore a strong testimony about the Book of Mormon. It was awesome!
On Saturday morning we provided service at a half marathon. I was hoping that I would see my Dad running in it... hahah. But it was really, really fun to be there. We were there for almost half the day. It was called the "Saints and Sinner's Half Marathon" and all the proceeds went to the general missionary fund! The idea is really cute. So basically for all the aid stations during the run there are "Saints" stations, which had healthy food and water and good things to have to refuel while you are running.  There were also Sinner's" stations with doughnuts and candy and chocolate milk, and tempting junk food.  We worked at the finish line with the food. We got medals for helping, so that was really cool! Lots of people stopped to talk to us and it was a really good opportunity for us to be there. Plus we got to go by Lake Mead! And listen to music! I mean... we weren't listening... Hahah.  It was really fun!
Sister H is still waiting for her visa, we are hoping that it comes soon! She is anxious to get to Brazil.
Pray that we will be able to find new investigators and that Missy's parents will have softened hearts! She could really use it.

Thanks for all you do. I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin


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