Monday, March 31, 2014


Among all of the absolutely insane weeks that I have had on my mission - this one could quite possible take the cake! Crazy week. So many different emotions, good and bad. Ah! Here we go: 

Monday we finished up p-day and went over to the Woodward's for dinner and FHE! The kids taught a lesson and we made green smoothies for dessert! It was really awesome and fun. 

Tuesday we met with Denia in the morning. We went to Anita's later to do some more service. It was a pretty packed day. That night we went to the Woodbury's house for dinner. Their baby was upset and crying, so we were trying to entertain him without holding him, hahaha. We had ward council visits that night and got to meet with Sister Addington and Paulette again. We aren't sure if Paulette is really getting it. There was a spider on the wall, and I jumped a little, and then she laughed during the whole lesson every time that I would look at her... So that was a bit of a distraction. 

Wednesday morning we got a little ambitious and decided to ride bikes. Of course it was the windiest day we've had all month! We did it though and it was fun. We biked to the chapel to have a lesson with Missy and then biked back. And then gave up on biking. We went with Sister Lee to see a sister from our ward that just moved into a care home. She was really sweet and gave us all her nice pots and pans that she wouldn't be using anymore, score for us! Then we went over to Denia's to help her clean out her fridge. We even took all the parts and shelves out and hosed them off. I may have accidentally/on purpose sprayed her giant poodle with the hose...  That night we went to the Denman's for dinner and then had a lesson with the 7 year old son, Michael. We used the Church, Pray, Read lesson with the cups and knives - he loved it! 

Thursday morning was not so swell. We had morning sports, started getting ready, everything was fine - then all of a sudden, Sister Reynolds could feel her stomach coming up against her lungs again. She was in a lot of pain and she couldn't breathe. I ran to the kitchen to get her some water and I heard her choking. My heart dropped and I ran back to the bedroom to her. She got up and ran to the bathroom and said she was going to throw up (which she can’t, since her stomach can't handle that). I called her mom and was talking to her and Sister Robbins (our medical help). It was intense and really scary. We got her breathing again with her nebulizer and then her mom drove down from Hurricane to take her home - so I packed up all her stuff while she tried to sleep and feel better. Then we drove to the mission office and I became a trio with Sister Cummings and Sister Furstenau. Trio's love me for some reason. Keep Sister Reynolds in your prayers. 

We moved some of my stuff, had double dinners that night - one with their members and then we got to go to the Christensen's house. We sat at their dining room table and had a fancy dinner. :)  I love the Christensen's. 

Friday was Zone Training Meeting. It was really great, and then we went and did service for a recent convert in the Carnegie Ward. She is moving soon and is a hoarder, so we are trying to pack up her stuff. It is crazy in there! She would just hand us stuff and tell us to put tape over it. We had dinner with the Wimber's and then Carnegie had a ward activity. 

Saturday! More helping the recent convert pack. After that I went with Sister Gelabert to Anita's again to help her. After that we got the text that transfer stuff was in... So I went to the church with Sister Cummings and Sister Furstenau to find out what was going on... 

I'm getting transferred! I am going to the Eldorado Stake in Boulder City. I will be in the Foothills YSA Ward!  Back to Young Single Adults! Wooo! I am really excited, but I am really, really sad to leave here. I love the people here and will miss them so much. 

After that we had a rushed dinner and then the General Women's Broadcast! I got to be in a meeting with my Mom! I smiled at you when they told me to, Mom. Then we went and met the Elder's at the Carnegie Sister's Ward Mission Leader's house. It was his wife's birthday, and one of the Elder's is their nephew. We brought a cake and we all celebrated her birthday. Then ended the night with an intense game of foosball, 4 on 4 - we were all screaming. 

The next day was Sunday. The Sister's have church at 9am, and I had to prepared for a double transfer, so they dropped me off at the Lee's at 8:30am and I stayed there until church, writing and preparing the area book and white board and such. They made a big Sunday breakfast and we all sat and talked. I love the Lee's, they are like my own family. They took me to church with them when 12:30 rolled around. I waited for Anita to come, and she did! She brought her dog, which made me laugh. We had Ward Conference, and the Stake Presidency was there, but they had me come up and speak for a few minutes and bear my testimony. We had dinner with the Henness' and Lee's, and then Sister Gelabert went with me so I could say goodbye to the families in our ward. It was really hard and sad. I love these people. I really do. 

We have been packing like crazy, Sister Cummings is leaving too. I hate packing. Today is packed full! I am going out to lunch with Karleah Lee to have some time with her before I go. Then we will get all our stuff together. Tomorrow will be a hard day! 

I am so excited to be able to go back to a YSA ward! I am excited to have new experiences and be able to learn and grow even more. I love it here, and I love the experiences I've had and the people I have met. 

Have a great week! I love you all!


Love, Sister Coltrin
Anita and Sister Coltrin - twins!

The Christensen Family and Sister Coltrin

Denia and Sister Coltrin

The Hill Family and Sister Coltrin

The Lee Family and Sister Coltrin

Sister Addington and Sister Coltrin

Sister Parker, Sister Coltrin and Irwin

The Sondrup Family and Sister Coltrin

The Woodward Family and Sister Coltrin


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