Monday, March 24, 2014

10 Months This Week!

Monday was St. Patrick's Day! And P-Day! I got a couple of really cute green packages! One was even from my sweet companion, Sister Reynolds! How cute. Love her. We went to the skin doctor for Sister Gelabert, since there was a bit of a skin cancer scare when our Sister Training Leader saw one of the freckles on her arm. The doctor removed some of her moles, and I was just sitting there, trying not to watch or think about it... Since we all know what happens when I see or hear about needles and blood... Yikes. We went to the Sondrup's house for dinner, and had green everything - mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken, and even green lemonade pie! 

Tuesday morning we went over to Denia's as usual. She had a nonmember friend over, so we got to talk with her for a little bit too! We had district meeting and then went over to Anita's to help her again with all the filing. She is such a cool lady. We really like her. And she is really comfortable with us. We are going to start teaching her too and she agreed to come to church! For dinner we got to go to Claim Jumper with Sister Bell. Then we had a lesson with Paulette, which went really well. She still has a hard time praying, I think she gets nervous. But she reads the scriptures, which is good! 

On Wednesday we had the best morning sports! I am the morning sports coordinator and Elder Anderson and Beynon texted us and wanted smoothies at morning sports. So they brought ingredients and we brought some fruit and the blender, and we all made green smoothies for after morning sports! It was so fun and good. Our mission is obsessed with green smoothies, so much so that at zone conference we had a mini training about staying healthy, and Sister Neider taught us all about green smoothies! 

That afternoon we went over to Sister Addington's house. She was in the hospital from knee surgery, so we did her yard for her! It was really fun. Then we had a service day with Sister Lee, and we went to the hospital to see Sister Addington and the Robinette's. It was a great day. 

Thursday was super special! We had our lesson with Denia and then we had an amazing lesson with Julie! We talked about Alma 32 and how we have to just experiment on God's word, so that we can know for ourselves, and then we read 1 Nephi 1. The spirit was SO strong and she was SO into it! She kept saying, "This is amazing, this is amazing!" After Julie's lesson we raced over to the mission office because - SURPRISE - SISTER REYNOLDS IS BACK! YAY! We picked her up and took her back to work with us! My 4th trio... hahaha! We also got to go and help Anita again, with 3 of us, it went a lot faster! For dinner that night we went to the Nelson's house... As in Austin Nelson... As in BYU Basketball. I was trying to play it cool like I wasn't totally freaking out on the inside. At one point Brother and Sister Nelson were like, "Oh! You were probably at BYU at the same time as Austin!" And in my head I was thinking, "Uh, yeah I definitely was, trust me." But I played it cool.  

Friday morning we had a Welcome and Goodbye party! Welcome back for Sister Reynolds and Goodbye to Sister Gelabert. It was bittersweet. I love both of these girls! After sports, some of the sisters got in a car accident in the parking lot because a ton of traffic drives through there because our building is next to a school. It was sad. After we got home from helping the Sister's out, Sister Gelabert's dad came to get her and then Sister Reynolds and I did weekly planning. That night we had dinner at the Mactagone's and they told us about a place called "Heart Attack Grill" where their food is literally so bad for you that they try to give you a heart attack... They've had 2 heart attacks there!!! After that we heart attacked the Wimber's house because it was their daughter's birthday. It was really awesome :) 

Saturday was spontaneous street contacting day! Sister Reynolds and I went street contacting and met a few really great potentials. While we were walking I saw a heads up penny on the ground. We got really excited because we thought it would bring us new investigators! When I went to pick it up, we found out that it was GLUED TO THE GROUND! Hahaha! Embarrassing! The luck still worked though. We met a lady that told us to take HER number and call her! Woooo! 

On Sunday we had stake correlation after church. It took forever! Now I know why Dad never gets home until late on Sunday nights...other than that, church was great. We went to dinner at the Sondrup's house and I met their parents and grandparents. The grandparents saw my name tag and told me that they used to know some Coltrin's - Lyle and Carol. I was like, "THOSE ARE MY GRANDPARENTS!" They were so excited! So grandma and grandpa, I met your friends Richard and Joy Monson! 

It was a great week. This is the last week of the transfer, so we will see what happens on Saturday! Thanks for all the support!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Heart Attack at the Wimber's

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Welcome Back Sister Reynolds!

Goodbye Sister Gelabert
Sister Cummings, Sister Furstenau, Sister Coltrin, Sister Reynolds
You know you have an obsession when you have so many necklaces that you can make a whole rainbow...


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