Monday, March 3, 2014

Stomach Flu

So, as you can tell from the title of this email, we had a super fun week! We did get to go to some appointments and do some things, but for the most part, we were stuck inside this week. At the beginning of the week, Sister Reynolds' stomach started acting up and she was in a lot of pain, so we couldn't go anywhere, and then a few days later a flu epidemic broke out in the Anthem Zone, and of course I got to be one of the lucky ones that got sick. Hahah, oh boy.  

So Monday we had P-day.  Some people were sick and we didn't get to play sports that much, but that's okay. We had dinner with the Rickertsen's and then headed home because Sister Reynolds wasn't feeling well. On the way home, the zone leaders called and asked what was the best thing to eat when you were throwing up (the beginning of the stomach flu chain). We went and got some saltines and ginger ale and dropped it off at their place. 

Tuesday we had District Meeting, so we went to the meeting, but had to cancel most of our appointments that day because Sister Reynolds couldn't really move at all - I felt so bad! She was in so much pain. We tried to get a hold of her doctors, but they're pretty hard to reach. We had dinner at Denia's house that night. We were supposed to go on splits, but obviously we couldn't, so our two awesome ward missionaries - Sister Addington and Sister Orme went out for us! It was awesome! They are the best. 

Wednesday morning we met with Missy really quick to talk about baptism. She is planning on being baptized on March 15th! She wrote letters to her parents telling them why baptism is important to her, and it sounds like things are looking up. Keep her and her parents in your prayers! That afternoon we went to the Lee's for our "service day" that we are doing with Sister Lee every Wednesday! We made lasagna and took it to some less actives in the ward.  One man opened the door, took the lasagna, and when we explained who we were he said, "Yeah, I know who you are, I'll pass on the lasagna" and shut the door, haha.  It was awkward, and we all laughed when we got back into the car. The night we had dinner at the Wimbers - always super fun. We love them. Then we went and taught our 7-year old, Michael. We did the Plan of Salvation with him. 

Thursday morning we watched the Restoration video with Denia. We later went and watched it with Julie too!  Sister Woodward, Sister Reynolds and I thought the lesson was going so well - the Spirit was really strong and Julie said it made sense - but then it was right back to "energy" and how everything is about frequency and all this other weird stuff. We are still trying to think of something to do to help her. After our meeting with Julie, we went to visit a less active in our ward. She was super nice and was excited that we were able to come. So, there is this really cool thing that goes on over here in Henderson and Las Vegas - it's called 2-Lunch Tuesday. The kids bring two lunches to school on Tuesdays and then a truck comes and picks up the extra lunches and delivers them to schools in need and to homeless people. We found out that this lady was the person that came up with that idea! It was so cool! We had dinner at the Orme's. Then we went back to the Woodward's to have a lesson with Matt. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom, which was great. Then we talked to him about telling his parents that he is meeting with us - Brother Woodward was a huge help with that! It was a great lesson, and Matt is super awesome. 

Friday was my halfway mark - CRAZY. We had probably the best day ever. It was Sister's Luncheon that day, so all the Sisters (the SEVENTY FOUR of us!) went to the mission office for lunch and for a presentation. All the office sisters spoke and some of the Sister Training Leaders. It was really great and really uplifting. The funniest part though - in the middle, we had a little slide show presentation with all of the sister's pictures in it. Of course the pictures were all the really ugly ones of us from when we first came out on missions... I was dreading for mine to come up. There were always 2 sisters per slide. So the whole time, I'm just thinking "okay picture, just come up and get it over with" and at the VERY END of the slide show my picture came up and it was the ONLY one on the slide. Oh my gosh. Of course. Embarrassing. 

After the Luncheon we got to go to the temple with Sister Cummings and Sister Furstenau! It was so great! We had a wonderful time! And it was dark when we were driving home, so we got to see all the lights in the valley - my favorite. What a great day! 

Saturday we had our zone breakfast at the Stake President's house. It was also spontaneous street contacting day - but other people heard about it too, so we just decided to do it as a whole zone instead of our district. We got really intense. Elder Adams and Elder Beyer got ONE HUNDRED street contacts!! It was CRAZY. We got 36, which was second place. Our district got 171 in total and the zone as a whole got 205. I was pumped! It's really cool that one small idea has turned into such a huge thing! 

Sunday was great - church, and then we got to go to the Lamb of God presentation from the Zion's Youth Choir. It was so good! And it was in the Las Vegas West mission at the Smith Center. It was cool to drive by the Strip at night with all the lights. We had dinner at the Christensen's that night - it was the best! We had grilled chicken and shrimp and CRAB LEGS! And guess what, I LOVED it! It was so good! Their daughter Ashlee and I took pictures with the legs at the end. I love the Christensen's - they're like family away from home. 

I ordered some more English name tags so I don't have to wear my Spanish one anymore! Yay!

 Have a great week! I love you!


Love, Sister Coltrin
Ashlee Christensen and Sister Coltrin

"Cool Vegas picture I made while we were stuck at home"

Sister Coltrin and Sister Reynolds on their way to see the Zion's Youth Choir

Sister Reynolds and Sister Coltrin

Sister Reynolds and Sister Coltrin


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