Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Always Changing

This has been yet another interesting week here in Anthem! I have yet another new companion (maybe I'm such a terrible companion that President doesn't keep me with people for longer than a week now?   But really, if everyone could keep Sister Reynolds in their prayers, that would be great. She had to go back to Hurricane on Wednesday morning to make sure that her stomach was doing okay, and they found out that her stomach has come back up - so we aren't sure if that means surgery yet or not. Please just remember her! 

So on Monday we went to the church and played games and Sister Cummings baked us all some of her famous chocolate chip cookies - they're to die for.  We all ran around playing sports with cookies in each hand (and some of the Elders with them stuffed in their mouths and pockets...). That night we went to the Smith's for dinner and had Family Home Evening with them. It was really fun. Brother Smith was talking about the basketball tournament down here in Vegas and was joking that their family would just take me with them - hey, there's tons of non-members there, right? 

Tuesday we met with Denia in the morning, had a few other lessons, and had dinner at the Payne's house. They are really into essential oils, so we got to learn about them and try them a little bit - it was awesome! We went to do ward council visits covered in about 9 different oils... hahaha. We smelled a bit strong. We had visits with Sister Orme because Sister Addington wasn't feeling well. We went through our ward list and asked her about people that we didn't know. Then we all went to our appointment that we had with a less active and part-member family. We visited with the less-active mom and the 16 year old non member daughter. We talked to her and found out that she is really struggling to fine peace in her life. As we talked about the Gospel and about our Heavenly Father, she began to tear up. She told us that she is looking for peace and comfort and that she wants to meet with us so that we can help her to find that in her life. It was incredible and the Spirit was strong. 

That night we had to pack Sister Reynolds' things so that she could leave in the morning to go with her family back to Hurricane. I am so sad to be without her! She has such a great attitude and is such a dedicated missionary. I love her.

Wednesday morning we went to the church for Missy's baptismal interview! SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! We are so happy for her and she is so excited! I love Missy so much and really admire and look up to her. She is such an example of great faith and patience. 

After the interview we went to the mission office to drop off Sister Reynolds and get my new companion. My new "companion" is a mini-missionary from the Paradise Stake here in our mission. Her name is Sister Gelabert! She is preparing for a mission, and she’s turning her papers in this week, so it's like I have a member with me all the time. She stays at my apartment and is my companion for the next few weeks. Before she was with me, she was in a trio with two of our visa-waiting sisters. We spent the morning studying, getting to know each other, and making Sister Gelabert a name tag! The Sisters before made her wear a "Hello, my name is..." sticker, and made her write "Mini-Sister Gelabert". She told me she hated it, so we went and made her one out of white-out and black plastic. Hahaha, people comment on it all the time, but she absolutely loves it. 

The rest of the day we did service with Sister Lee, went to dinner with the Parker's at The Cheesecake Factory, and taught a few lessons. 

Thursday was Zone Conference, which was really fun! We had a couple of really great trainings, a good lunch, and heard some great testimonies! When we go to Zone Conference we have to be prepared with a talk in case we are randomly called upon. I was this time (knew I would be) and talked about the Christlike Attributes section in Preach My Gospel (my favorite chapter). We also had a demo on green smoothies from Sister Neider! We all got green smoothies, so we were pretty pumped. 

After Zone Conference we went and met with Missy to discuss her baptism, then had dinner at the Bluth's house. We were going to teach a lesson, but the kids were having an off day and it was pretty stressful for them, so we just left a short message. 

Friday we had weekly planning, which took a little bit longer because I had to explain everything and everyone to Sister Gelabert, and we also had to update our area book's ward directory. Sister Gelabert hates weekly planning, we both got a little bored, but we pulled through, hahaha. That night we had dinner at the Bickmore's, which is always super fun and funny. 

Oh and also from Friday - birthday shout out to my Dad!  I don't even know how old you are now... but it's old. Mom told me so. 

Saturday was Sister Gelabert's 19th birthday! She is officially eligible to go on a mission! Yay! We celebrated at morning sports, came back to a decorated apartment (thanks Sister Cummings and Furstenau), and had an awesome pancake breakfast. We also got to go to Red Robin for lunch with the Sisters! It was a great day and we visited with a lot of people that day too! We had dinner at the Lindsay's - Café Rio (wayyyy too much food for one day). 

Sunday was normal:  studying, ward council, church. People asking me if I'm ever going to have a companion for more than 2 weeks. People asking Sister Gelabert about her name tag and what a mini missionary is. The usual. Hahaha. 

All in all, it was a great week.

 Have a great week, I love you!
Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Gelabert's name tag - "they are practically identical"

Sister Coltrin and Sister Gelabert wearing her new name tag

Celebrating Sister Gelabert's birthday at Red Robin

"The sign was supposed to say burgers and the holy spirit but the sign maker messed up"

Green smoothies at Zone Conference

Sister Gelabert and Sister Coltrin


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