Monday, July 21, 2014

Stomach Flu 2.0

Guess who had round 2 of the flu on her mission? Yes, it was me. Hooray for being sick and throwing up all week!
This week was still pretty fun though! Sister Robinson and I pretty much make a joke out of everything, so we were still laughing and having fun all week long.
Monday was SUPER fun. One of the members of our Bishopric loves off-roading and 4 wheeling and all that sort of stuff. He took us and one of our members to go off-roading on Monday morning! I don't even know what kind of vehicle it was, but it looked pretty much like a jeep with a roll cage. HE IS CRAZY AND IT WAS SO FUN! But we were safe, of course. That was probably the highlight of our P-Day. We shopped and played sports at the church with everyone else for the rest of the day. That night we had a super good dinner and then went off to Family Home Evening. One of the counselors of our mission presidency was speaking for FHE, so we were pretty excited to go! While we were sitting there in the chapel, I started to feel super sick. Right after the fireside we ran home and, of course, I threw up. Awesome way to start off the week!
Tuesday we were inside for most of the day, since I was sick. We went out to one appointment and our dinner appointment so that Sister Robinson could eat.
Wednesday was a lot of the same. We had interviews with President and Sister Snow in the morning, so I made it through that, and then we went home. We did what we could at home and tried to call all our investigators and set up appointments for later in the week. Sick days are the WOSRT on a mission because you can't do anything that you normally would when you are sick. You just watch "Finding Faith in Christ" over and over and over until you pretty much never want to watch it again.
Thursday morning was district meeting. I was feeling alright, so we went there and then out to lunch with our district, buuuut of course I had to puke as soon as I even smelled food. So we went home for a little bit, and then went out for a few lessons, went to our dinner appointment, and then headed back in. This was obviously a really exciting week... Sister Robinson wrote me a sticky note in my planner that says, "I love your puking guts!" Hahaha.
Friday was weekly planning. Then we got to see some recent converts and went to contact a bunch of potentials since I was finally feeling better. We got to take Amy Camadeco out with us that night - we LOVE her!
Saturday was full swing! We met with a recent convert in the morning who has just transferred his records into our ward. We tried to see some less actives after that. We had a lesson with our investigator, Crystal. We read from the Book of Mormon with her, which was awesome. She is super duper Catholic and is really having an internal struggle. She doesn't want to believe anything we say, because she was raised Catholic, but you can tell that she feels the Spirit and knows that what we are saying is true. She'll get there. We also met with a new investigator, Jasmine. We had taught her the Restoration, so we went over to read the Book of Mormon with her too. She had one of her friends there, so he came to read as well! Yay for new investigators. It was a really neat experience though, you could tell they felt the Spirit and totally understood the concept of the Book of Mormon. We contacted some more potentials after that. We got to take Amy out with us again that night!
Sunday morning we met with our other new investigator, Tonya. She is awesome! We finally went over and got to talk about the Restoration with her. You could tell she really understood it and the concept of the Priesthood. It was a really powerful lesson, even though we were just standing outside in the hot sun. It amazes me that sometimes those really are the best lessons.
We went to the church after that and I got to see the Johnson's from Michigan! I was so excited to see people that I knew! They are vacationing across the country before their son leaves on his mission to Spain next month. It was so good to see them!
We had church as usual. After church Travis received the Priesthood! What an awesome experience! Then we ate sandwiches quick in the church kitchen and ran off to the “Why I Believe Fireside”! Travis was able to go and our investigator, Jasmine, went! It was incredible as always. I got to see Sister Cummings, which just always makes my week - I love that girl. We had dinner at Adrian's house after that, suuuper late.
Today should be pretty fun! We are heading up to my old area in Anthem to stop at The District and Seagull Book and Zupa's, of course. Then our district is playing Wiffle Ball! Yay!
Have a great week! Love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin


"hahahahahahah this makes me laugh"

Our District minus Elder Keogan

The Johnson's with Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson
This is huge news. Also, I hated it. But now I can say that I hate PB&J and actually mean it."

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