Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Crazy Week!

So many ups and down this week! We had a hard week, but Sister Robinson and I just laugh so much and have so much fun!
So Monday morning, we hiked Sunrise and I already told you about that last week. The rest of the day we pretty much slept and shopped and went to Family Home Evening. We had dinner with a girl that is newer in the ward and she was so sweet and SO funny!
Tuesday was SO fun. Well, we mostly just contacted people all day and took different members out with us - BUT, in the middle of the day, it started to POUR. Sister Robinson and I were outside and got DRENCHED. Absolutely soaked all the way through, it was SO fun and we were so happy. That night we had a lesson about the Word of Wisdom with 2 of our investigators. Things got a little heated, they didn't like the Word of Wisdom, but they said that they would read the pamphlet and pray about it. After that we went to a fellowshipping activity with our ward that they do every Tuesday night.
Wednesday was district meeting and district lunch. We went to see Joe and then had a lesson with our new investigator Crystal! She is so sweet and she really wants to come to church - she is just stuck on the Trinity. Whenever we talk about it, she starts to Bible bash. I really hope that she'll pray about it. But as for now, she's mostly in it for the social aspect and new friends. That night we had dinner with Bishop and then we went to see a less active that we found while trying to contact a potential. We knocked on a door and the people had just moved out, and the apartment complex cleaning guy was in there fixing the apartment. We talked to him and asked him what his religious beliefs were. He said, "Oh, I guess you could call me a Mormon." We laughed, then told him that we were the missionaries for the Mormon church. He is SO awesome! So we are meeting with him!
Thursday we saw Joe and contacted people in the morning. At 1:30 that afternoon we did exchanges (our Sister Training Leader's companion was sick, so we only did half day exchanges). Sister Robinson went to Boulder City to stay with the sick sister and Sister Stinnett came to be with me! Yes, this is Sister Stinnett from Anthem at Christmas time! We had a really CRAZY day. We saw tons of miracles! So many people opened the door that we hadn't seen before! We street contacted a family that invited us in right there and practically begged us to teach them! They were so nice, they were offering us food and water and were telling us that their house was ours. We talked to them about the Restoration and about church, and then handed them over to the Spanish Sisters. We got stuck in some insane traffic due to a huge accident on the highway.  Then we had another lesson with our two investigators that we tried to teach the word of wisdom to... and it got really crazy.
Right before the lesson, I felt like I should just make sure that the Elders were in the area (it's a pretty sketchy place, and we are always supposed to let them know when we are there). They told us that they were in the park just around the corner. We went into the lesson and it just felt so wrong to be there. We started, and followed up with the Word of Wisdom - if they had prayed or read. There are 2 guys, one is bipolar apparently, and one is schizophrenic. Yeaaaah. It got super heated and the bipolar one was yelling at us about how we can't just come in there and try to change them, and the schizophrenic one was just sitting in absolute silence, and would say one word every 6 minutes. It was crazy. We were SO scared. I texted the Elders to come and knock on the door. I got us to the point where we could leave, and we got up to go, and then he looked at me and yelled, "NO, I HAVE MORE THINGS TO SAY, WE ARE NOT DONE HERE." We froze. I didn't even know what to do, it was so scary. Just then, we saw the Elders running up to the door in their service clothes, oh my gosh, it was instant relief. They came in, everything calmed down (when a huge Samoan guy walks into a place like that, things tend to calm down... hahaha). We left. After we all got to the car, both investigators came running out, trying to apologize - Elder Riley was like, "Just get in your car and go" so we left. We met them at the park a few minutes later to tell them what happened - oh my goodness it was CRAZY! But we're safe and we're never going there again! We exchanged back that night and Sister Robinson was like, "I can't believe I wasn't there!" Hahahaha!!
So yeah, the rest of the week was not too exciting compared to that!  Friday was weekly planning. We had dinner at Alainya's house with Cody and their non-member friend. It was so fun! Sister Robinson and I brought nutella covered oreos for dessert :) Then we went to a ward activity to see the less actives and investigators that we are working with.
Saturday we started the day off with service. We had some lessons that fell through. We contacted potentials all day. Then we went to the Evan's house for Brother Evan's 60th birthday party! IT WAS A BLAST! We had so much fun. They were our dinner appointment that night. We jumped in the bouncy house, had super good food, and got to talk with all our members.

The highlight of Saturday was when the Lee's came down to see me! It was like seeing my own family, I was so happy! I really needed it. I love them so much, it was the highlight of my whole week.
Sunday was church and meetings and the usual.
I love Vegas and the heat and drinking water all the time and being a missionary! I love you all!

Sister Coltrin
Sister Robinson, Sister Coltrin and a ward member
Caught in the rain - soaked but happy!

You are never too old for a bouncy house

"Off roading - MOST FUN THING EVER"

"Just fist bumping someone's lion lawn decoration."

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