Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Time Flies!

Last week of the transfer! Wow, it's gone by fast and slow in parts, but I've loved it. I love being with Sister Robinson! We are hoping for another transfer together!
Monday was pretty normal. We all played wiffle ball at the church together for a while, which was fun. We also got to go up to Anthem to go to lunch with Sister Cummings! Yay! That night we had a really awesome lesson with Eddie, one of our old investigators. We took one of our Ward Mission Leaders with us and he was just what Eddie needed! Eddie opened up to us about feeling like he is stuck and needs help, and our WML was able to help him to recognize that what he needed was the Savior. I'm so thankful for that experience!
Tuesday morning we went and saw Joe. We had a really good week with Joe! I feel like he is my brother. We get to go over there and help him understand the Gospel a little more, but I always feel like he's the one that is helping us. We did exchanges again, and I got to be here with Sister Hope. She is so sweet! She came out with Sister Robinson and is still in her first area in Boulder City. We brought a ton of members out with us, but halfway through the day, Sister Stinnett got sick, and we had to exchange back. That afternoon we got to go to St. Timothy's to feed the homeless! That is one of my favorite things that our ward does! It is so fun and makes us feel so happy. Then we had dinner at the Camadeco's and then a pass off lesson. We have a new investigator named Molly. She is so cool! She is really interested. She's met with missionaries a couple of times and her mom is a recent convert. She wants to know everything before she is baptized, but we think she'll understand that our whole life is a learning process.
Wednesday was District Meeting as usual. After that though, we had to go into pep boys and get our brakes checked because the car missionaries called us and told us to. We were there for what felt like FOREVER! After that it was dinner at Bishop's house, and then went out contacting people.
Thursday was Pioneer Day! Unfortunately Pioneer Day isn't a very big deal here in Henderson... but, Sister Robinson and I celebrated, regardless of the lack of enthusiasm from everyone else, haha! We were debating on if we should pull a hand cart all day, but decided against it... :) We got to have lessons with Joe and our investigator, Jasmine. We had Jasmine's lesson outside, and let me tell you - it was SO HOT. There was a picnic table, and all of the spots except one were in the shade, so I took one for the team and took the spot in the sun... wow. You guys, I was dying by the end. I love Vegas :)
That night we had dinner at Robin's house and Travis (our recent convert), Ryan, and Danielle from our ward came over for dessert after. Travis is going to culinary school, so we always joke with him about him baking for us - so he did! He made us this awesome and HUGE cake! The pieces were the size of my face! It was crazy! We had a lot of fun. Go Chef Kim!
Friday was Christmas in July! We made snow that my mom sent us in honor of it. We met with Travis in the morning, saw Joe afterward, and then had to come back for weekly planning. We had a lesson that night with a new investigator, Clark! He is searching out all religions to find the truth, he says, and then he added, "But, I'm really glad that I'm starting with your church." HE IS AWESOME! We had dinner, and then got to go and see Eddie again that night. We invited Eddie to come to church, and for the first time, Eddie said yes!
Saturday we had a ton of lessons with our recent converts. That night we had dinner with Danielle and Ryan and Travis and a ton of their non member friends! It was really fun, and it was good exposure for them. We got to share a message with them and they asked questions afterwards. It was awesome!
Sunday was fun. It was our District Leader's birthday (Elder Gilstrap), so while they were at church, we went into their apartment and decorated it with Spiderman stuff (he loves Spiderman, and Elder Thomas told us to do anything with the Spiderman theme). There is also a hilarious picture of Elder Gilstrap from a District Meeting picture that we blew up and printed out a ton of times. We cut him out and put the picture everywhere... even in a snowglobe... and a cake topper... it was funny. Then we did our normal church stuff. We were supposed to have like 6 people coming to church, but they all texted us 20 minutes before church started and said they couldn't make it. We were pretty heartbroken, but it was okay! We got a new investigator that morning though! Sadie. We went over and got to talk with her, and she invited us to come back, she even said she'd cook for us! She was sweet.
That night we had dinner at Adrian's house, to celebrate his birthday which is today! One of the best dinners on my mission for sure! Yum. Then we went to see Ivanneth and share a message with her and CJ and his family. We watched the Because of Him video - which, wow, is just so powerful. easter.mormon.org for all of you who don't know what I'm talking about. Watch it.
Hope you all have a good week! HEY, it's my companion's birthday on Saturday, August 2nd... so everyone should send a quick "happy birthday" email to her: jessie.robinson@myldsmail.net :) Do it, please!
Love you all!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson with Chef Kim and the massive two layer cake.

Our District

​Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin with the cake they made after decorating the Elder's apartment.
"Please notice the hilarious cake topper..."


​"Best snowglobe ever... hahahaha"

The elders apartment with some of our decorations.
The massive tie says "This District Leader like to PARTY." HAHAHAHA!

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  1. Hey sister Coltrin, I see that you are having many people to teach the gospel to and it sounds like there is some fun in there too. I hope that many of your people accept the truth and be baptized. If you are ever in Boulder City and go to church there look up these people and tell them you are my cousin. Their names are Cory and Michelle Mikkelson and they have three cute kids. Olivia, Connor, and Lillian. Keep up the great work! The Lord is proud of you!!!!!!!!!