Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!!

This has been the longest and one of the best weeks ever! Sister Robinson is seriously the best, we have so much fun, and we just laugh and laugh all day long! All week we were waiting for the 4th of July, which we were way too excited about! WE LOVE AMERICA! Okay, so here is how our week went:
Last Monday, our Bishop and his sweet wife, and two of their cute grandkids picked Sister Robinson and I up at 10 a.m. They wanted to take us to a cute Orchard in North Las Vegas, since we are both from the mid-west and were missing mid-west falls! They drove us the hour long drive there, and as we pulled up, there was a sign that told us that the Orchard was closed on Mondays... of course. We laughed about it and took some pictures.  They took us to Raising Cane's - a really good local chicken place, and then took us home. The girls were so cute on the way back, playing with us and trying to guess our first names. They were interviewing me on everything I had written in my planner, it was so funny. I love the Walton's! We did our normal p-day stuff after we got back, and that night we had THREE investigators at Family Home Evening! It was awesome! At our dinner, we were talking to one of our members and she told us that she went to college in Connecticut. Side note, she loves to plan events and parties and is really good at it. She was telling us about how she ran for student body president there at school, and that during her speech she said, "Hi! I'm Jill, I'm from Vegas, and I like to party!" She then put her face in her palm and told us that that's how she got elected, hahaha, we were DYING!
Tuesday we fasted for one of our less actives. We got to meet with Jason, one of our investigators, who opened up the conversation with, "I hear that you think dark skins are cursed..." oh boy, that was a fun conversation. We contacted people all day and had a ton of members come out with us! We're making new friends. That night we knocked on a former investigator's door, and he came to the door and was super awkward with the door, trying to keep it really closed. I was like, "Haha, are you trying to keep your dog inside?" He laughed and then was like, "Uh, I'm kinda in my underwear." HAHAHAHA SO WEIRD! People, just put clothes on before you come to the door. It was funny. Oh another door we went to, this little kid opened the door, and there were like 8 people asleep on the floor, couches, chairs... it was so creepy, we thought they were dead! Interesting day.
Wednesday was a really long day of contacting potentials. We were a little frustrated. It was hot and we were just being complainers! One guy that answered his door was SO rude to us. He was trying to fight, so we said was that all we could do was to invite him to find answers for himself, and he was like, "Oh, sweetheart, I don't have to, I definitely don't need to" and slammed the door. It was hilarious! We laughed all the way back to the car. We met with Joe and Jason again, and our recent convert Alainya, and a new investigator! We met Crystal the other day while contacting potentials and she and her mom let us in, and we talked with them.  Crystal said that she is looking for something in her life, and better friends, so she said we could come back! It was awesome and she is so sweet. We had dinner at Bishop's that night and then went out with one of our members that night to contact potentials some more, yay!
Thursday was mostly the same... contacting. We called a lot of people that day too! We got to meet with Brian and Stephen that night too (it is SO weird to be teaching a Brian and a Stephen together... I haven't said those names together in like 2 years!). We had dinner with Maddy, our recent convert that night - she is so sweet!

Friday was the BEST FOURTH OF JULY EVER! We treated ourselves to ice cream at Dairy Queen, we went to 5 BBQs that day, and our investigators even came!!! It was awesome! We had sooo much fun with Bishop, the Smith's, the Duck's, Adrian, and the Dow's! At night our district went to the Dow's house to watch the fireworks at Mission Hills Park. They had homemade ice cream and the fireworks were AMAZING! I love fireworks so much! It was the best day ever. We dressed in all red, white, and blue.
Saturday was Zone Training Meeting and we got to meet President and Sister Snow! They are so nice and we love them already! We had our car parked somewhere and we were walking, and when we got back there was a mormon.org card on our car from Elder Thomas and Elder Gilstrap telling us to stay out of their area (which is also our area). That night we were contacting a potential in their apartment complex, so we decided to leave a mormon.org card on their door that said. "We'll see you in Relief Society!" and when I went to tape it to their door, Elder Thomas pulled the door open and screamed, it was SO scary and SO funny, they were home for dinner and we had no idea, hahaha. Funny day.
Sunday was normal, meetings, church, dinner, and contacting people.
This morning we hiked Sunrise Mountain AGAIN!  I haven't done that since I was in Sunrise! It was really fun, really hard, and we went REALLY early. We left at 2:30 a.m! We reached the top for the Sunrise, which was awesome. It is so cool to be able to see the whole valley from the top. I love hiking Sunrise!
I hope you all have a great week! I LOVED the giant letter from the girls at Girls Camp!
Love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

Sister Coltrin, Travis, and Sister Ena

Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson at the orchard

Sister Coltrin and Sister Robinson with Maddy
Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin excited for the 4th

Happy 4th of July from Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin
Watching fireworks at the Dow's
Sister Robinson, Sister Coltrin, Elder Rogers, Elder Beers, Elder Gilstrap and Elder Thomas

Sister Robinson and Sister Coltrin at the top of Sunrise
This is our "Everyone do an Elder Latu pose" picture
Our whole District hiking Sunrise

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