Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Brand New Transfer

THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AWESOME TRANSFER. We have had the most fun week! Well, not fun, but funny. I love my new companion! I'm probably just going to rave about her all transfer - we have so much fun together. This week has had ups and downs, but it's been a blast!
Okay, so let’s start with Monday. P-day was actually awesome! We had a huge zone BBQ as our last hoorah. It was bitter-sweet. Super fun to be with everyone and have fun, but sad to have to say goodbye. We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, and the Polynesians made some super good fruit drink with crushed watermelon, pineapple, coconut, and cream. Yuuuuum. We went that night to say Sister Ena's goodbyes, and then had our final goodbye party at Adrian's. So sad. Sister Ena and I were up late that night, packing up her stuff, and writing in people's transfer journals. It was so hard to say goodbye to her, I love Sister Ena!
Tuesday morning was CRAZY. We had to wake up at 5:40 to be in Boulder City for morning sports at 6:00 to give back transfer journals. Then we had to drive all the way out to Vegas to pick up Sister Ena's new car, phone, keys, etc from the Elder's that are getting double transferred out of the Samoan Ward. Then we had to make it back to our house to get her stuff, and get ready, and finish packing, and load up the car. Then we had to pick up a member to be my companion, and then go and drop Sister Ena off with her new companion. It was CRAZY! But on the plus side, I got to see Sister Olsen, who was at the transfer spot dropping off Sister Missionaries! Yay! I took our member home and she helped me clean up our apartment and get things ready for Sister Robinson. We went back to Vegas to meet the Kingman caravan. I got to meet my new companion, Sister Robinson! She is AWESOME! She is from Wisconsin, so right across the lake! We pretty much talk about the Mid-West all the time. She is the youngest of 6, goes to BYU-I for Healthcare Administration, and she just got here from Kingman. She has been out 4 months, was trained by Sister Remund from my MTC district, and then was companions with Sister Arnold who was also in my MTC district! She is SOOOO so funny, we pretty much just laugh all the time. I love Sister Robinson.
That day we unpacked her stuff, stopped by the St. Timothy's ward activity and she got to meet Bishop and Sister Walton. Then we went to a cool little Mexican restaurant with the Taufa family which was super fun! We dropped our investigator, Ken, and then went to have a lesson with Maddy. We brought MJ, one of our members, and at the end of the lesson, Maddy said something about being Chinese, and MJ spoke to her in Chinese! It was so crazy! They just talked in Chinese for like 5 minutes, Sister Robinson and I we're like, "What is going on!?" It was so funny! Talk about insta-BFF's.
I will have to type fast, I'm running out of time!
Wednesday we made transfer goals. Lots of good goals, and then some fun ones. We want to memorize the first vision in Samoan and Chinese, hahaha. And we also want to be healthy... that's started off great (sarcastic). We are totally each others crutch when it comes to dessert. We're working on it... hahaha. That morning we had breakfast at Adrian's and had Oreo pancakes -  SO GOOD. Then had a couple lessons with recent converts! We found out that Travis is going on vacation to Hawaii this week, we totally weren't jealous at all.  We had dinner at the Walton's with Travis and one of our Ward Mission Leader's, then walked around Albertson's trying to find one of our investigator's that has dropped off the face of the Earth. We didn't find him. We had a lesson with Maddy at MJ's house so that they could practice their special musical number for Maddy's baptism (it was in Chinese!).
Thursday was District Meeting. One of the Elder's from my MTC district is my new District Leader! After that we got to go and meet with Jason, one of our newer investigators. That night we had dinner at a recent convert's house with her family. Their missionaries are our Zone Leader's. They were talking about how they saran wrapped their car once, and one thing led to another, and basically we totally plotted out how we could fill their entire car with balloons that night. Soooo, after out lessons, Sister Robinson and I ran to the 99 Cent store and got like 6 packs of balloons. We blew them up in our car until we had about 230 balloons... we were packed in there... Then the plan was that we would park next to the ZLs car (they were teaching a lesson at the recent convert's house) and they were going to unlock their car from the inside of their house. Unfortunately, the ZLs got suspicious, and came outside. Elder McMillian saw us and just yelled, "FAAAAAILURES!" Haha, I was so mad! Suuuuch a bummer. They were so smug. We couldn't let them get away with it, so on the way home we caution taped their door way. Eh, either way, can't go down without a fight.
Friday we had a mega breakthrough with Joe! It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. He gets it.  He knows he has to make better choices. We were SO happy when we left there. We weekly planned and then had some lessons with recent converts. We also have discovered that Oreos dipped in Nutella are, in fact, one of the most delicious treats known to mankind. We had a really little dinner that night at a member’s house and we were still hungry, so we went to another person's house to get some more food. Yay for 2nd dinner.
I'm skipping a bunch of stuff because I'm out of time, but I have to tell you about the weekend:
We walked most of the day because we are pretty much out of miles - IT WAS SO HOT. SO HOT. But we talked to a BUUUNCH of people. Almost all of our appointments fell through. But we saw so many little miracles! We also got to go to Maddy's baptism, which was amazing!!! It was in Chinese, and Sister Ena came, and Maddy and MJ sang "I am a Child of God" in Chinese, and the whole thing was just amazing.
Sunday was the funniest thing of my life. It started off with my companion melting a hole in my shirt. So, I was in the bathroom, and she was trying to iron one of my shirts, and when I came out, she was in a panic. She looked and me and was like, "HOW WILL I EVER REPAY YOU!?" As she held up my shirt, with a melted hole in it. I laughed soooooo hard!!!!! We were dying! I was seriously on the floor cracking up. She was so worried, but I told her not to worry about it. It was so, so, so, so, so, so, so funny. After that, we got in the car to go to the church for meetings. She opened some lotion in the car, and since it's super hot here, the pressure had built up, and it squirted all over her face. We were dying again. Then we had lunch at Adrian's, he said that all food is free game, so we looked and found a ton of ice cream in the freezer. We opened it and took some, and then he came in and told us that that wasn't his, that it was for a ward party after church and we had eaten it... he took the blame for us.  What a nice guy.  Then we had church, and it was amazing and super inspiring, and exactly what one of our less actives needed to hear. Then for dinner we had grilled cheese - WITH MAC AND CHEESE AND BACON INSIDE. It was soooo good, but we definitely felt it later. We got to see some investigators that night with one of our members, Auria. She was driving us, and we almost got into an accident, and she just yelled, "PRAY!!!!!" It was so funny! Sunday was awesome.
Sister Robinson and I have decided that we are getting real with Charity this transfer, we decided we're going to be the most charitable and loving missionaries in the mission.  Also, we're PUMPED for the 4th of July and are trying to get invited to as many BBQ's as possible. We're going all out.
Hope you had a great week! I love you!

Love, Sister Coltrin

P.S. Sorry, no pictures this week, no time!

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  1. Sounds so dang exciting and if you are anything like your mother Sister Coltrin I can imagine the laughing part. But then again it might be a trait we all inherited from grandma Perron. Sounds like you are enjoying your mission just a little too much. How much longer are you in the mission field for? If you ever get a chance to have dinner at someone's house in Boulder City please go to my friend Michelle and Cory Mikkelson's house. they are some of the neatest people that I know. Continue doing the awesome work that you are doing in the mission field. we love you!